Donations needed to help my little cousin Josh, who has downs syndrome, and is in need of meds, treatment, etc.

I have a big favor to ask. I know times are tough, and everyone is watching their pennies, but if you can spare a few euro/dollars/pounds/whatever currency you use I’d be so grateful to you.
I want to raise some much needed funds for my cousin Josh.
He’s 3 years old, he has downs syndrome, and he needs lots of meds, for his lungs, heart, etc.
His mom is struggling to pay medical bills, so I thought I’d ask the wordpress community if they’d donate if possible.
It doesn’t have to be a lot. Any amount will be a blessing.
All money will go towards his treatment, meds, equipment, etc.
To donate go to pay pal and my paypal email is

I’m forever grateful for all of you, and all of your prayers for Josh!
He continues to battle but he is a little fighter!
If you can help us out guys, that’d be awesome.
If you can also share this post on your blog I’d be so grateful!
Thank you!