Freaking out a little

I am still up. Even though its almost 1 AM!
I am freaking out about money. I hate worrying so much about it. But I worry a lot.
My electricity and gas bills are due in any day now. I just heard last week on the news that both my gas supplier and my electricity supplier are hiking up their prices. Our yearly bills are set to go up a lot. Some are saying they will go up by at least 10 euro a month.
Thats all well and good, and I really have no choice but to pay it. But I also have a lot of other bills that I also have to pay. And I am on a fixed income.
I know you all have bills to pay too, I shouldnt complain, but I wish I was working. I wish I could live comfortably and have some money left over to do fun stuff.
I’m not mentally well enough right now to apply for a job. I’d have to seriously give a lot of thought to it if I did.
Then I get down because my mental health isnt good. Its no use. I am a failure. That is my thinking on it.
Rationally I know I’m not a failure, but when the awful anxiety hits me hard, my rational brain and thoughts go out the window.
I’ve got so many bills this month to pay. Cable, phone, pet insurance, gas, electric, bins, rent, as well as trying to save a little and I also want to try to start my christmas shopping.
I already got behind on my phone bill this month, and I recieved a late payment fee on top of my bill.
I guess all these worries are compounded at night, when its dark, and I’m alone, and unable to go to sleep.
Does anyone else struggle and worry about money?