My weight loss, the plan during the coronavirus lockdown

So I heard today that slimming world are organising for their consultants to run their groups via the zoom app, thank goodness I got familiar with it through my therapy sessions. We are going to use it to have conference calls, and there will be a reduced charge for them while we’re in lockdown from the coronavirus. We have to weigh ourselves at home, then text our weight into our consultant, so she can update the system, so that when we do return our weight and history will be there. This seems like a great idea to me. I’ve been struggling to stay accountible and to stay on plan. If this goes ahead it will be easier. We are going to trial it for 2 weeks, so for the first 2 weeks we can go on zoom and do the conference calls for free. This also seems like a good idea, to see if everyone is comfortable with the set up. I know I will be, so I said yes and signed up to it. I’ve told my friend Norma that she’s welcome to come over to my house, and weigh herself on my scales, and do the group chats with me since she’s not computer literate and she wouldnt be able to use zoom herself. She said she’d like to do that. I just need to get back on track. Go back to basics. I’ve started now. I am back on plan again, had wheetabix for breakfast, fruit and a sandwich for lunch, and I’ll be having chicken curry with rice for dinner today. From today onwards I need to be super good, and focused, that will be easy now since most take aways are shut. I dont feel so bad though, since even my consultant is struggling, and she admitted to eating all around her over the past few days. She said she knows when she weighs herself she’ll be up. I’m up a bit, but am hoping to lose it over this coming week, if I can go in next tuesday with a maintain or a loss I’ll be chuffed. Heres hoping…fingers crossed.


I didnt lose!

Well, since the bookies is shut for two weeks, and it might be longer, I didn’t do my usual lotto this week.

I just watched the lotto draw with my dad. And we didn’t lose any money! Our numbers didn’t come up.

I got a couple of numbers, but I only got one number on the line, and I needed 3 to win.

So I’m not out of pocket, yay!

Doubt we’ll be doing the lotto for a while now though. Which is fine with me, I really don’t care.

Yummy dinner

yummy food for dinner to eat
chicken curry
what a treat
Full of veg
Nutritious, sweet
With Naan bread
So awesome to eat
Now I am so full
am stuffed
to capacity
Doubt I’ll eat for a while
Think its time
To rest, asI digest


Lets journal prompt from em at earthly brain

Em of earthly brain has challenged us to journal to get through these tough times, so I thought I’d participate in her prompt today.

Whats the story of a time when I was brave?

Well there were many times, but one such time is when I had surgery to have my ovaries removed, they’d found cysts on my ovaries, and I had to have both of them removed. I didnt know whether the cysts were cancerous. Thank god when they went in to remove them they werent. I was so afraid going into the hospital to have the surgery. I was afraid something would go wrong and I wouldnt wake up after it. I was afraid of the results, I was afraid I’d die of ovarian cancer. I had to be super brave and face my fears. Which I did. 7 years on and I am ok. I am incredibly lucky. I didnt end up having any sorta cancer. So thankful for that. I did end up spending months healing after the surgery though as my wound broke when the staples were being removed. I had to spend weeks in hospital with them trying to figure out how to best sort it out so the wound would heal up. Eventually they did a thing called vacum suctioning and that helped it to heal. It did mean I had to go around with a machine onto me for months though and a nurse had to come to my home and dress the wound. But it all worked out and it did eventually heal.