morning post

surprisingly, i slept well last night. i didnt think i would. so when i did, it was a huge surprise.

I woke up at 6:30. My mom was also awake and she was getting up so I got up with her.

Its just gone 7:30 now.

Its a beautiful day outside. The sun is shining. Its so nice to see it.

I fed Nitro and let him out and spent some time chatting to my mom and stuff.

No plans for today really, other than maybe going to my aunts house this evening, if the weather stays good.

There is a game of bingo being played outside, with all the neighbours, so mom and me and my aunt thought we’d go and play. mom can play for me.

we’ll maintain strict social distancing while we’re there. but it’ll be fun. nice to get out and have a bit of a laugh.

the prizes are small but you do win some money if you win.

If it stays sunny I might take Nitro for a walk later on this morning.

Other than that though i have no palans today. I’ll just relax, and chill out.

My friend was tested last night for covid19

so my friend norma was tested for covid19 last night. the ambulance came to her house to test her. they arrived at 10:15 pm. thats pretty fucking late if you ask me, she was in bed and they rang her to say they were outside her door. so she had to get up and answer them and they came in all gowned up and did the test.  they also checked her blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels, and temperature. all were normal. so they said it is likely that she doesnt have the virus, but they couldnt say for sure.  she should have her results either late tonight or  if not then it will be monday.  she rang me after they left because I told her to call me once she’d been tested.  she said she felt headachy and weak, but other than the headache and some pain in her legs she is feeling ok today.  the ambulance guy said she may have another virus, not corona, but some other one.  she was worried that I was mad at her, i told her I wasnt.  she didnt know she might have it, if she did know she wouldnt have let me come over.  I know that.  she is just not that type of person that she’d put others at risk of becoming sick.  anyway. i hope she will be ok. and that the test was negative.  fingers crossed for a positive result.

Tale weaver-books

I love books. I read a lot. I got through a lot of books. Reading is one of my distractions techniques.

Right now I am reading a book by vikki phelan, an irish woman who is an overarian cancer survivor, her story is her life story before and up to her diagnosis of ovarian cancer, its a great read.

I am thoroughly enjoying it. She has a good writing style, and her story is captivating.

Before this I read exploited by Maggie Hartley, that book was sad, but very good, and it did have a happy ending.

I like a lot of authors, but some of my favourites are cathy glass, maggie hartley, shane dunphy, rosie lewis and casey watson. Those are all forster carers.

I also like danielle steele, cathy kelly, kitty neale, and joanne fluke.

I dont always read a lot of fiction though. Mostly I read memoirs, or animal stories, or inspirational stories of people overcoming the odds.

What about you? Do you like to read? if so what type of books do you like?

Today thursday May 21st

Its 5 AM here now. I woke at 4:30. Got up as I knew I wasnt going back to sleep. Had to let nitro out so I did that and made some coffee.
My Pa Frances is going to be here this morning. Although we are doing it a little differently, I am meeting her at the store instead of her coming here to my house, I’ll take a taxi there, and meet her there.
The store I am going to is lidal. They are getting talking weighing scales in, and I have to pick up two, one for my bathroom and one for my friend Norma. You have to be quick when they get stuff in, as it sells out right away as its at a bargain price.
This week they’ve gotten a lot of medical supplies in like blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, etc. I might buy a blood pressure monitor also. I’ll see if they look good. I think it’d be good to have one.
I also need to buy fruit, water, yogurt and a few other bits.
I told my friend Norma I’d drop her weighing scales off to her on my way home. When we get home we’ll do some housework before my PA has to leave at 11:30. I am going to wear a face mask to the store, so we’ll see how I do with that. Its the first time I’ve actually worn one when I am out. I havent been out much but we’ve been advised by our government to wear them now going into shops, and on public transport, so I have a cotton washable one which I will wear.
I dont think I’ll have time to take Nitro out walking today. I’ll take him out tomorrow instead.
Not sure how the rest of my day will look yet. I doubt it will be too busy. I hope you all have a great Thursday.

Acing my weekly weigh in!

So I had my weekly weigh in today!
I aced it!
I was down 2.5 pounds. Yay! Am sooo proud!
I’ve been struggling a lot, so to be down is so awesome.
I am thrilled!
I’m really going to work hard now to stay on track. I’ve been kinda lax lately. That needs to stop now.
I hope this week continues to be a good one!

A quiet sunday

Its been a quiet day here. I stayed in bed late. I had my breakfast and then decided to go back to bed. No need to stay up, when I could be in bed snuggled under the covers reading. So thats what I did.
I got up at noon. Made a cup of tea and then went on my laptop reading blogs. I have so many blog posts from the blogs I follow to catch up on, I am not sure I’ll ever get there.
We had lunch around 1:30. My aunt was meant to call to mom and we were going to sit outside in the garden, and social distance, but it started raining, so we didnt end up doing that.
Now I am just on my laptop again, and not doing much of anything.
I am going to have a nice relaxing bubble bath later on this evening. It is going to be part of my self care routine for today. I am looking forward to it.
I will probably phone my friend norma too later on this afternoon. The one who has the PA working for her that was my PA before, the one who is stalking me. Turns out she asked my friend yesterday if she’d given me her message, about me calling her. My friend pretended that she did, and nuala, the PA said, well, she never called me. And well, she’s not going to either lol!
I have better things to do with my time and I dont owe her anything!
She makes me so irritated and angry!
Why does she feel its her right to stalk me through Norma?
Not cool at all!
Anyway I am not going to think any more about her!
Nitro just had his dinner, I managed to give him his pain meds in with his food, and he took them, because they are brown like his food, so he didnt notice it in there.
Ok time for some coffee! I hope your all having a great sunday!