Dreaded weigh in!

Here we go! Weigh in day. That time, that dreaded time of the week. Oh god, please let me have a good result this morning. Please. I was so good this week. So so good and I didnt eat junk food. I ate loads of fruit, vegetables, and I drank a ton of water. So hopeful I’ve done enough. But we’ll see.

Wish me luck!

When I stepped on the scale today…

I was down 1.5 pounds! Woop woop! I was so thrilled!

I now weigh 14 stone 7 pounds! That means as of today I’ve lost over 2 stone, or 28 pounds for my US readers.

It has taken me over a year and a half, but I did it. I’m so proud of myself for sticking with it.

I’ve a long ways to go to reach my goal weight or 9 stone, but I’ll get there, even if it takes another 2 years, I’m not gonna give up.

I’m really going to try to cut back this coming week, as I’d like to see a big loss on the scales next week at weigh in. That means, no treats! Other than the slimming world bars. If I want something sweet, I’ll eat fruit!

I’m beyond thrilled that I had a fantastic result at weigh in today. It gave me a real boost of confidence.

Its weigh in day

Its weigh in day. And I am dreading it.
I wasnt totally on plan this past week. I only hope I have done enough and that I will be down when I get weighed.
I’m kinda thinking I may not be down. But you can never tell, you just never know how its going to go.
I’m leaving in 20 minutes to go to my group, be weighed in, and then stay for the talk. I cheated, and weighed myself at home this morning, but I cant go by that. I dont know if my scales is accurate, so I’ll go by the slimming world one instead.
Anyway, wish me luck!
❤ ❤

30 minute workout

I just completed my first 30 minute workout of the week! I feel fab now! I cant believe I did it! Exercised for 30 minutes! Yay! I am delighted with myself. I finished it, and then drank a bottle of water to cool down. I entered in the details on the app on my phone. I’m not sure how many steps I did as I didnt have my phone with me, but I’m sure it was close to 10 thousand. I hope it was. I am determined to work out each morning, for at least 20 to 30 minutes. Today was day one. And I smashed it!

Operation transformation, its time I got in shape!

So there is this show on our tv for the next 8 weeks. Its called operation transformation. It is a show where 5 people try to lose weight, get healthy and get active.

A GP, psychologist, fitness expert, and a dietician make up a plan and the 5 leaders follow it. All of Ireland gets behind this show. Its a fantastic way to get active and healthy.

I’ve decided to download the operation transformation app and follow along, and try to exercise for 30 minutes each day.

I even set a reminder on the app to remind me to work out at 8 AM each morning.

I am determined to get in shape and do this. I have to get my belly to shrink. Exercising is the only way to do it.

I already eat healthy, its just exercising that I am not accomplishing.

So heres to the start of me getting in shape and toning up over the next 8 weeks. Bring it, I’m ready!

I cant quite believe this but…

I cant quite believe it!

Biggie, our parents dog, has made a miraculous recovery!

He seems to be fine again! He is eating, drinking, and he’s walking fine!

I am so, so elated! He is such a trooper!

We’re all super happy! He might have another couple of months with us! Yay!

I dont know if it was a bug he caught, from something he ate while he was out in the garden, not sure, but whatever it was, he has recovered!

That dog is a miracle dog! Thank god and thank you all for all of the prayers!


I found out my graduation from college will be held in April. Not sure of the exact date yet but it will definitely be some time in April. I am away one weekend in april, the weekend of my birthday which is the 17th to the 19th. So I hope it wont fall on that weekend, as I desperately want to go to it. My tutor told me that we’ll recieve a letter in the mail shortly, with an invitation to the graduation in it. The invite is for me and two guests. I’ll probably bring my mom and my sister with me. She also said there will be instructions on how to go about hiring the cap and gown. You have to pay to hire those out. I really hope it falls on a weekend that I can do, so I get to go and wear the cap and gown. And get photos. Its important to me to make the ceremony. After all I worked hard in school for a whole year. Now I want to stand on that stage and recieve my certificate and be special for a little while.