I know I’m going to be up at weigh in

i get weighed in tonight. i just know i’ll be up. i feel very bloated. i dont think i’m going to be down, if I am I’ll be shocked. I hope I might, I need half a pound to get my 7 pound award, but its doubtful I’ll get it. A miracle would need to happen for me to get it. Im just not confident. I did a 20 minute workout on the treadmill this afternoon but I havent done much exercise this week. Plus I ate a couple of cookies and a chocolate bar and I had lunch out on saturday, even though my lunch was a healthy bowl of soup and a sandwich. fingers crossed I’ll maintain, if I am not down, but I’d really love to be down. We’ll see. If I’m not then I’m not, not much I can do about it now.

Family time

Mom, dad, me
Sitting in front of the tv
Dogs at our feet
Curled up
Sleeping soundly
As we 3
Watch the santa clause movie
Merry Christmas
One and all
Christmas begins in our house
At the start of December
Decorations go up
The Christmas music starts
And lots of Christmas specials
We will all watch
I love
That I still have
My parents in my life
At almost 40
I am blessed
And so grateful
To be able to
Spend quality time
Enjoying the Christmas season
With my family


My aunt just called to mom and dads. She hasnt seen me in a couple of weeks. The minute she saw me she said
“Oh my god! Look at all the weight you’ve lost!”
She knows I am losing weight, as I post updates about it each week on facebook when I get weighed in.
She said I looked amazing!
It feels so nice to be told how fantastic you look!
I am walking on air right now!
She was like, you can really see it! You look a million dollars!
It is spurring me on to want to lose more!
I have a ways to go yet to get to where I want to be, but I know I can do it!
I got this!

On my way to be weighed in!

c I’m off to slimming world to get weighed. I wasnt going to go tonight, because our weathers been so bad. But it has stopped raining now and has began to brighten up outside. So I thought I’d better get moving and go. If I dont go I’ll still have to pay for the week I missed next week. So better to go.
I am hopeful of being down at weigh in tonight. I was extra good this week. I dont want to say I am confident and jinx myself, but I am hopeful.
Keep your fingers crossed! Wish me luck!

Weigh in time again!

Its weigh in time for me again! Another tuesday evening, another week has roled around!
I’m hoping for a great result! I am nervous. You just never know how the weigh in is going to go! I think I did good, I mean I was good this past week, I didnt eat junk food, I ate plenty of fruit and vegetables. I really hope I’ve done enough and that I will be down!
Fingers crossed for me guys!

I did it!

I did it again guys! Woop woop!

I was down 2 pounds last night when I got weighed! I was so elated! Ecstatic!

That is four pounds I’ve lost in two weeks! Woot woot!

I now weigh 14 stone 7.5 pounds, or 203.5 pounds for my US readers!

Its just fabulous news! I am thrilled to bits!

Now to just keep the momentum going until christmas and on into the new year!

I have 8 weigh ins until christmas! I really want to keep losing! If I lost 1 pound or 2 pounds each week I’d have lost a significant amount of weight by then!

Thats my goal! I got this! I can do it!

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I’m done, I’m done!

Yaaaay! I’m done!
I got my assignment finished!
I got up early, at 6:30 and tackled it!
Now I’m done with it, and I feel elated!
So, so happy, think its time to do a happy dance! Anyone care to join in?

Now I can enjoy my week free from college work! For a little while at least!
This week in class this coming wednesday, we’ll be given our last assignment!
We finish in 5 weeks time!
Just in time for christmas!
Its wonderful to have this one finished now!
When your in the midst of it, you think you’ll never get there, but I always do!
Yay! Thanks everyone for all of the encouragement!
You’ve really helped me and inspired me!

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