Woof, woof from nitro!

well here i am. its me, nitro in case you didnt know 😛 how are all of you my human friends and how are all of your animal companions too how are they?
i’m awake cuz mom is awake. she’s been awake for most of the night. like since 2 AM. i tried to cuddle up to her to make her go back to sleep. but she got up anyway. she let me out, in the rain! imagine that? i got all wet! that just wont do 😛
i ran back inside real quick and started chewing on my bone. its a smoky bone it tastes like smoky bacon but now its almost finished and I need a new one!
mom are you listening? you need to buy me a new bone!
i got in a little trouble last night. mom and her pa were cooking. and i kept coming in the kitchen and begging for food. her pa was not pleased, mom wasnt pleased either. she kinda got mad at me. she raised her voice a little. i didnt like that and I immediately sat down by her side.
i get scared of raised voices. nobody usually raises their voice at me. i think mom was just frustrated with me.
she doesnt like me to beg. but she gave me some melon and some pasta shells. she said she felt guilty for raising her voice at me. and she felt sorry for me. then she hugged me and called me cute. she always calls me cute!
I dont understand humans sometimes. they are funny to me.
What are all you dogs and cats doing today? Does your human call you cute? Do they feed you nice treats?
until next time
tail wags!


Carolannes q and a my answers

carol anne over at hello dearest hurricane set some questions for bloggers to answer. So I thought I’d give it a go.

  1. If you could be any place in the world right now, where would you be and why? I’d be in Illinois because my partner lives there and I wish I could be with her.
  2. What is the strangest compliment you have received? Not sure about this one. Probably something about my blindness? Like how i am brave or something because i get up every day and do things? Seriously people have said that to me.
  3. What is something that made you happy today? My dog, and going walking. The weather was beautiful, the breeze was nice, sunshine too was nice, and i just liked being in the fresh air.
  4. Do you collect greeting cards? If so, why? yes I do. I keep cards that people send me. I keep them as reminders that I am loved. And also I like what is written on them, sayings and things, i just like cards!
  5. If your pets understood human speech for one minute, what would you tell them and why?I would simply say, I love you, and, thank you for being there for me.

So there ya have it! Q and A!

Dog talk

woof woof everyone
its nitro here. mom is trying to make me go out. she must be mad if she thinks i’m going out in that cold weather! no way! i’m staying curled up in my warm bed! she tried to get me up and make me go out. but I refused! I sat down and then I lay down and I wouldn’t go out and so she told me to go back to bed! sometimes my mom is very silly! does she not know I don’t like rain? or wind? does she not realise I love my comfort?
today she gave me an apple. I munched it and it tasted so good. it was the second apple I got this weekend. last night she gave me one too. her pa tried to watch me eating it. but I stopped as soon as she looked at me. I don’t like people watching me eat.
tomorrow we’re going to nana and granddads house. I love it there. their dog biggie he’s a bull staff. he’s not vicious at all though. I think those dogs get such a bad rap. he sometimes plays with me, and I love when he does that. we play tag. we run around the bushes in the garden.
I wonder if granddad will give me biscuits? sometimes he gives me human food. mom doesn’t like him to do that though. she gets exasperated when he does it.
well i’d better go to bed. I hope mom lets me climb on the end of her bed soon. its more comfy there. and I can keep an eye on her, keep her safe. I know she likes when I do that.
woofs and tail wags

Happy puppy

nitro is a happy pooch tonight. i just spent the best 20 minutes cuddling him. he’s so soft. makes my anxiety better every time i cuddle him. and it was starting to get pretty bad for some reason not sure why though.
he was in my bad books earlier, because when i let him out he wouldnt come in, i was calling his name and whistling for him and he pretty much just ignored me, he was like, mom, i cant hear you, and the more I called him the less he listened. silly puppy.
then this morning one of my class mates dropped a cookie, and boy was he happy then, he was in for the kill and grabbed that cookie up quick as lightning!
he’s snuggled up on his duvet now, yes, he has a fluffy duvet, which he loves, I might add.
carol anne


ok so i got an email today from the insurance company that i have nitro insured with. the policy is up for renewal in february.
who thinks 233 euro is expensive for pet insurance?
that is a yearly rate. i’m reluctant to change companies, because he’s always been insured through this one company and I’ve never had problems with them.
i’ve also never needed to make a claim.
he’s 7 now and we’ve had 5 good years where he has not been ill or injured.
i’m reluctant to stop the payment too, because what if something happens to him?
i pay monthly. it works out at around 18 euro a month. i guess thats doable.
i rang up to renew the policy but they said i didnt need to call, they said they just sent me the email as a reminder, and that they’d automatically take it on the 26th february.
glad I love nitro so much lol as the insurance is sooo expensive every year!


when your engulfed in a memory
and you simply cant see
that its now not then
and you are safe
no one will hurt you again
when the pain overflows
and it has nowhere to go
your tears fall like rain
and you think you’ll go insane
then you reach out your hand
pat your dog
that right there is love
love and security
and so you can see
that it is 2017
you are safe
in another time and in another place