when your engulfed in a memory
and you simply cant see
that its now not then
and you are safe
no one will hurt you again
when the pain overflows
and it has nowhere to go
your tears fall like rain
and you think you’ll go insane
then you reach out your hand
pat your dog
that right there is love
love and security
and so you can see
that it is 2017
you are safe
in another time and in another place


100 happy days, day 10 doggy lovins

my happy moment for today?

when your fluffy baby boy comes running in with not one but two nyla bones in his mouth, and tries to push them into your hand, to say, play come on mom lets play!


I so wish I’d have gotten a picture of him!

It melted my heart. I was feeling a little bit down when he came in, and what he did lifted my mood right away.

Yay for my furbaby and yay for doggy kisses and playdates!

Nitros aftercare visit

yesterday nitros trainer from our local guide dog school came to assess him. this is done every couple of years, just to make sure the dogs are still working well and that there arent any problems. usually they take you out on a short walk, just so that they can see the dog working and then when you get home you get feedback. natalie thats his trainer, she was really happy with nitro. she said he still shows a real willingness to work, he is walking in the centre of the pavement, and she said thats kind of unusual because most dogs walk to the right or left, and not dead centre, so she praised him on that. she said he is really good with other dogs, has no dog distraction but he never had that so its good he still doesnt. she said with the work I am doing with him now, I should get another 3 to 3 and a half years out of him before he retires. she wants me to learn a couple of new routes with him, so we decided I would try to learn the bus route into the city centre, and then walk to shine from there. That will be a challenging route, because I am not used to getting buses with him, but I am willing to do it. She’s going to come back in two weeks and teach me some more, in the meantime she told me to practice going from my house to the bus stop which is about a 4 or 5 minute walk. i will need someone to walk it with me for now, but it seems very doable on my own, there is one road to cross but there are traffic lights only they arent audible so that is something i may have to get on to my local city council about. i’m happy nitros doing well. it was a relief to hear as i know lately i havent given him too much work and i thought he may have gotten slower due to less work. however my boy proved me wrong and he proved he can still work and wants to work and that makes me so happy. when he found the bus stop for me i gave him a treat, and she told me to keep reinforcing it with treats so he will automatically find it then for me when we walk him there. she also cleaned out his ears when she was here, they’ve been super waxy lately and i’ve had him at the vet a lot he has gotten drops and all but he just seems to have ear issues all of the time. she said if i change his food from hills science plan to jame wellbeloved that might help so from next month on i’ll be doing that. she told me the james wellbelovecd food is hypoallergenic and has no added colors or dyes or no wheat and stuff in it. So its a better food for the dog. any way i am just glad he’s doing well and we had a good visit.

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