Panicked dog?

Nitro is so agitated! He’s really panicking tonight! Panting and shaking like a leaf. I thought it was due to us eating, he started it around the time we were having food. But he’s still going! And we’ve all finished ages ago! He’s standing by my bed now panting and nudging me! I am wondering is it because a storm is coming and he can sense it? I really dont know what is wrong with him. I tried to let him out but he wont go out! He is refusing to come when I call him! Im just not sure whats up with him!


Aftercare with Nitro

well I just got a call from guide dogs. they want to come out and do aftercare with me and nitro. Its been ages since we had any visit from them. i’m so nervous. i havent really worked him a lot in the past couple of months. we just havent done a lot of work around where I am living. so I am going to be honest with the guy coming out and tell him that. nitros 8 now, so getting near retirement. well they retire generally at 9 or 10. but the lady I spoke to on the phone said its a process and can take a while. but to be honest I dont want another dog. I want to keep nitro when he retires and I couldnt manage two dogs. So I am probably not getting another dog. I’ll talk to this aftercare guy about it. But the likelihood is I wont. Not until nitro passes on. And even then I am not sure if I will. I love having a dog but I just feel like I may not be able to have another one. And I am definitely not rehoming nitro. Some people see their guide dog as a working dog only. I see mine as a pet and a companion too. So I am not giving him up. The guy doing the aftercare, I dont know him. He’s new to the guide dog school. I hope he’ll be nice. I have to get nitro’s vet record filled out. I was a little bit lax about it lately. So now I have to go to the vets on saturday so they can fill it out. The aftercare is next tuesday morning. Im just hoping everything will go well. I just will have to be totally honest with the trainer and tell him the truth. If you pray please pray everything goes well for us.


Long tiring day

its been a long tiring day. i ended up napping for most of the afternoon. i didnt even get to the gym. i feel so bad about that. but i was just too tired to go. i didnt go volunteering either. i wasnt in a good headspace today. so i canceled it. brenda didnt mind. she said it was ok for me not to come in. so this morning my pa came. we wrote some christmas cards, and i mailed those. we cleaned the house. had food. and went and got my money out of the ATM. I payed my mom back, I owed her some money since she did a few things for me when I didnt have the money to. after my pa went home i went to mom and dads. i didnt get up to much for the afternoon. it was a duvet day. i went to bed. napped on and off. tried reading but it wasnt happening either. i did text a couple of friends for a while. i heard from my friend denise that she also got a place on the mental health in the community course. so thats good. at least I’ll know someone now. We’ve planned to meet up next week on the day it starts. I feel a lot better now that I have a friend to meet up with on the morning. I had a nice dinner of steak that I’d asked mom to buy for me. I hadnt had steak in ages. It was delicious. I really enjoyed it. My parents dog is sick. He had some sorta stomach bug. He’s been feeling off all day. Poor guy. He’s 12 now so an old dog. I hope he’s going to be ok. This evening we watched the toy show. Its a show that comes on our tv each year where they talk about toys and talk to kids and kids demonstrate the toys. I love it. So do our littles. Of course now they want every toy they saw on the show. lol. Its 1 AM now so bed time. I need to try to sleep as tomorrow we’re going christmas shopping with mom and our sister. Then after that we’ll go for lunch. And then we’re going to glow, a christmas themed market and winter wonderland. It should be fun. I’m excited about going. So I’ll say good night and talk to you tomorrow.
Night, all!



I be fraid of the dark
I no want to go sleep
I fraid of bad peple
thay go get me
I kno it
I know they wil
I don wanna hav nitemares ether
im fraid of dem too
I emailed Eileen
I wish she cud hug me now
I wish she wus here
I lisened to her readin to us
that help me feel beter a little
I glad I hav some recordings of her readin to us
we ar getting som new books soon too
some new ones for her to read to us
thay haven’t com in the mail yet
I go pat nitro
hes sleepin rite now tho
I wil hav ta wake him
taylor six