#3TC 24th Feb. 2020

I am participating today in the 3TC challenge, set by Di, Di’s words for us today are:

Bruno stood at the back door. He wanted to come back inside as it was pouring out there. He gave a big howl. He wished someone would hear him! He shook himself and his collar jangled. The bell on it made a lot of noise.

Frank sat up in bed and gave his eyes a rub. He was sure he’d heard a sound. He wondered what had woken him up. Then he heard it again, a low howl and jangling noise.

Oh well, he thought. That will be bruno. I think I forgot to let him back in earlier! He hopped out of bed, ran downstairs and flung open the back door. A sopping wet Bruno ran in as quick as lightning.

Frank quickly dried Bruno off, and then he gave him his breakfast, which Bruno wolfed down.


Being outside at 1 AM

As I stand at the back door
to let Nitro out
the wind howls
freezing my ass off
hurry up, Nitro
he’s sniffing around outside
not in any hurry to come in
its after 1 AM now
the rain splashes me
as I stick my head out and call
Nitro, Nitro
Come on boy
Time to come in
He runs up to me
soaking wet
Shakes himself all over me
As I turn to close the back door
We rush inside
Out of the biting wind
We sit
Me wrapped in my blanket
Nitro at my feet
I sip on a mug of hot chocolate
And begin to read
As nitro begins to sleep
And outside my window
The wind blows and rain falls

Update on Nitro

Well, I am happy to report that I’ve been to the vet with Nitro and everything is ok.
The lump he has is just a fatty lump. The vet drained some fluid from it and she said it was just fat and nothing more.
Thank god!
I am so relieved!
She said we should keep an eye on it as its close to his leg and could cause him to have problems with his leg if it gets bigger.
She said they could remove it if needs be but for now there is no need to do it.
So all is good and my boy is ok, yay!
What a happy start to my Monday!

Prayers needed, I found a small lump on Nitro

I am so worried. I was petting Nitro and I found a small lump on him. On his right side, near his shoulder, On the side of his body, its small and round and its moving, it doesnt seem to be hurting him, he seems fine, he’s not yelping or he doesnt seem to be in pain with it. I was just stroking him and I found it. Of course the minute I found it my mind went into overdrive. I was thinking all sorts. I’m going to take him to the vets first thing on Monday morning. I’ll cancel therapy to go with him.
I hope its nothing serious. My friend said it could be a fatty lump. I hope thats all it is. If its anything else I’m going to be so upset. My baby, my boy, he’s 9 now, almost 9.5 so he’s getting older and of course with age he’s going to get illnesses.
Please pray guys. Pray for me that its only something small and not serious.
I cant lose him, I just cant lose him.

Bad dream!

I just woke up from a nightmare. I’m literally terrified.

I was afraid to get up. I did eventually manage it. But oh man. the fear. Its awful!

In the dream, I was being chased. By someone who was going to kill me. They were just about to catch me when I woke up.

I’m so glad I woke up!

I hate dreams like that! So so scary!

I’m gonna be up for the rest of the night now I think. Its only 2:09 AM. I think Nitro needs to go outside, more reasons to be scared, I’m afraid to let him out but if I have to I will.

I think when I come in I’ll make a cup of tea. The littles are very spooked, and are wanting to reach out to Eileen so I think I’ll let them email her.

Nitro is retiring, soon!

so this morning i rang gude dogs. i wanted to see what the situation was about someone coming out to me to do some aftercare.

they were meant to come out in december, but the visit got canceled, and nobody has contacted me since then.

so i took it upon myself to call them. and i am so glad that i did.

I explained about Nitro being 9 now, and that I was just wondering about an aftercare visit. the lady said, the soonest anyone can get to me would be in march.

The staff are all out training dogs right now and will be for at least the next 2 months.

thats ok though. I can wait. I told her that Nitro isnt really working any longer, and that he’s slowed down considerably.

she asked me if I wanted to get another dog, because if I did, she’d have to start the process of me getting a medical and other stuff. I told her no, I didnt. That I’d be keeping Nitro and for now, I didnt want another dog.

So march it is then. I’m guessing they’ll come out towards the end of march, and he’ll retire then with immediate effect.

I am sad that he’s come to the end of his working life, but happy he’ll get to spend a few years just relaxing and having fun, and being just a regular pet.

He’s been a lifesaver for me. He’s been a super, super dog. A great little worker. I love him so, so much.

One liner wednesday Thats my boy!

Nitro decided he wanted to be a tiger!
He wanted to eat the caller to the door!
He’s so precious! 😛
He ran to the door all excited, as if he was going to bite whoever was there!
Then he wagged that big fluffy tail, and ran out to investigate!
Love that boy so much!