a quiet start to my Monday

Its 6 Am, Good morning everyone!
I slept ok, I guess.
I woke at around 4:45, ended up getting up then. Knew I wouldnt go back to sleep again. I had woken up around 12:30, and ended up eating something, as I felt hungry, good thing I did, as I was able to get back to sleep once I ate.
Its a lovely morning out there, the weather is beautiful, sun is shining. I let Nitro out, and when he came in he got a little bit sick on the rug, so I ended up cleaning dog vomit, not a nice way to start my morning off.
I should go make my second cup of coffee, I have therapy at 10, and I am all geared up for it, its going to be a hard session, i know.

Today thursday May 21st

Its 5 AM here now. I woke at 4:30. Got up as I knew I wasnt going back to sleep. Had to let nitro out so I did that and made some coffee.
My Pa Frances is going to be here this morning. Although we are doing it a little differently, I am meeting her at the store instead of her coming here to my house, I’ll take a taxi there, and meet her there.
The store I am going to is lidal. They are getting talking weighing scales in, and I have to pick up two, one for my bathroom and one for my friend Norma. You have to be quick when they get stuff in, as it sells out right away as its at a bargain price.
This week they’ve gotten a lot of medical supplies in like blood pressure monitors, weighing scales, etc. I might buy a blood pressure monitor also. I’ll see if they look good. I think it’d be good to have one.
I also need to buy fruit, water, yogurt and a few other bits.
I told my friend Norma I’d drop her weighing scales off to her on my way home. When we get home we’ll do some housework before my PA has to leave at 11:30. I am going to wear a face mask to the store, so we’ll see how I do with that. Its the first time I’ve actually worn one when I am out. I havent been out much but we’ve been advised by our government to wear them now going into shops, and on public transport, so I have a cotton washable one which I will wear.
I dont think I’ll have time to take Nitro out walking today. I’ll take him out tomorrow instead.
Not sure how the rest of my day will look yet. I doubt it will be too busy. I hope you all have a great Thursday.

Freaked out!

I managed to scare myself stupid!
its 3:55 AM and I let Nitro out and I was so freaked out!
I hate standing out in the yard!
I get so damn scared while I wait for Nitro to do his thing!
Its so eary out there!
Tonight its very windy as well!
I hurried nitro along, couldnt wait for him to come back inside!
He’s safely indoors now and so am I!

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Night terrors!

A weight
Lies heavy
On my chest
As I lie here
Wide awake
So scared
Bad dreams
Leave me feeling
So much fear
The intensity
Threatens to overtake me
I rise from my bed
Walk to the kitchen
and make a coffee
And decide to stay up
As I am wide awake now anyway
Hopeful the fear
Will leave me soon
I pat nitro
My sweet boy
Who knows I need him
So much right now
Sip on the coffee
And breathe deeply
Its a new day

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Nitro’s gone out for a walk with my PA. He loves going out with her.
She takes him out most days when she’s here.
They go out for about 25 minutes.
I usually dont go, well sometimes I will but today I didnt feel like it.
You should have seen Nitro. I kept saying to him, lets get the lead, and he was jumping on me and whimpering.
so cute.
I’ll get some pics when he gets back from the walk. He’ll be tired then I am sure.

A bit of a fright

This morning I got a letter from the insurance company that I have nitro insured with.
It said that I wouldnt be recieving the amount of the claim for the recent consultation which was for 34 euro, I wouldnt be getting it back because it was under the excess amount of 100 euro.
I thought to myself, hmmm this is so weird.
I knew I’d payed over 204 euro for the recent surgery. So I called to query it with them.
It turns out two claims went in to them, the vet did that, I had nothing to do with it, and anyhow, one of the claims was for 34 euro, which was the price of the recent consultation, the other was for the surgery.
So the nice lady on the phone told me that I’d be recieving 62 euro back from the claim which was for the surgery but that I wouldnt be getting the 34 euro for the second claim, since it was below the excess which I knew and am ok with.
So my 62 euro is in the mail, yay!
And my scare is over, I can stop freaking out now.