Private blog

If you want to keep viewing my blog, send me an email letting me know. its going private and I will need to invite you.
in the email include your email address, or a wordpress username, and I’ll send you an invite.
a couple of you are already on the list. for those who arent though just shoot me a quick email
I’ll let you know if your on it and if you aren’t an invite will come your way.
my email address is

last call to my readers, the blog is going private within hours

hi everyone
so if you remember recently I said I was putting my blog to private. well I’m doing it later today.
I know some of you said you’d like to stay following. So what I am asking you to do is comment here with your email address so I can send an invitation to the private blog.. If you’d rather give your email address to me in private you can email me at

I really don’t want to lose any of my followers, but I need to do this because of the possibility that I may be getting a job, I cant afford to be public if I am working with others who have mental illness, I need to keep my private life private.
Please don’t be shy if you want to follow still you can…I just need an email address to invite you to the blog.
Thanks guys, comments are welcome!

A group I created to write more private updates, if you want to follow me please join

so i made a group where i can post privately to just the members i invite. the posts only go to the members in the group. it is done through email. i wont be posting a ton but i just thought i’d start this group so that if i need to write posts and i dont want the whole world to see them i can post them to my private group. people will still be able to reply to my posts just by hitting reply to the emails. they will go directly to me.
so if you want to join the group you can visit

and request to join. I already sent out emails to those of you i had email addresses for. so you should get an invite to my new group shortly.

I hope any of you who regularly follow me will join. I am not closing the blog, or stopping blogging. This is just another outlet that will be more private and where I will write about things that maybe I cant blog about.

Recordings of therapy apts

If any of you are interested in joining a dropbox folder, which I run, where I will post recordings of therapy appoinmentts, and other recordings, please email me with your dropbox email address and I will send an invite to you to my folder.
Email me at

with your dropbox email address info.
Please tell me who you are in the email, as I need to know exactly who is on the folder.
Recordings will be uploaded weekly.

Heads up to my readers, an announcement

Hi everyone
This is just a quick heads up post. In a couple of weeks I will be getting the report that dr. barry did up, the one we need to submit to the police. She will be giving me a copy for myself, it basically tells the police about me, my diagnosis, my symptoms, history with the psychiatric services, etc. I’ll be posting it to the blog but I will be passwording the post. And it wont be the usual password. So, heres the thing. If you’d like to read the report, send me an email or leave a comment here with your email address so I can send you the password. Probably the quickest thing to do though is send me a note and I can just reply with the password. As I said I wont be posting the report for a couple of weeks, so you have some time to contact me.
My email address is

Please mark the email “reading the report” in the subject line.
Thanks guys,
Carol anne