The word of the week is disney. So I decided to write about my trips to disney world in florida. I’ve been there twice. Both times were so much fun. Disneyworld has now become like one of my safe places to go to when I feel stressed. I think of myself lying in the hammock at the carribean beach resort that is where we stayed and I feel grounded. Everything about the trip was cool. I went with my partner Jess. It was very expensive but well worth the expense. We booked the disney dining plan. You had to book all the restaurants in advance, I mean months in advance. We chose to do character dining so we got to meet and greet the characters and have pictures taken with them. It was so much fun going on all of the rides. And watching all of the shows. Like I said we stayed on the disney property, in one of their resorts, and every day we’d take the bus to the parks. One day we spent in downtown disney shopping and seeing a movie. The week went by so fast. The food was so delicious. I got to try a mickey waffle, and a mickey icecream. I got myself a charm bracelet and I bought tons of charms to go on it. All reminders of the lovely time I had while there.

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