A day in the life fall edition!

I thought I’d do a little a day in the life, in my life, post!

For autumn! So here goes! This is a day in my life, today October 25th!

I got up at 8 AM. I did not want to get up! I wished I could have stayed in bed longer!

I ate wheetabix with pears in it for breakfast. This is quick becoming a fave cerial choice for me! I just love it! I love the sweet texture of the pears in it!

After breakfast I got dressed. Mom helped me organise my outfit that I’d wear. She was goingn out so I needed to get dressed before 9 AM, as she was leaving at 9 AM.

At 9 AM I went online. I had 90 mins to spare before I was going out to the basement clug. So I went on and checked my emails.

At 9:45 AM I had a cup of tea. I spent a little time talking to my dad. At 10:30 my taxi came.

I went to my ffriends house to pick her up. Then we traveled together to the basement club. We got there at 10:40.

On going in to the basement clug I met some of the members and staff. We chatted for a while. Then one of the members made me a cup of coffee. I drank that while I chatted to the members.

At noon I went to a meeting about forming a social committee for organising social outings at the basement club. The meeting lasted for an hour. I enjoyed being there. We discussed a lot.

At 1 Pm we went across the street to have lunch at a little café. There were six of us. We ate lunch and chatted for an hour. The basement club was closed for lunch. The atmosphere in the café was really lovely. I enjoyed eating there. Their panini’s are yummy too!

At 2 Pm I went back to the basement club. A recovery group was going on which I was attending. It was a lovely group. It lasted about an hour. We just went over the group structure as the real group starts on November 8th.

At 3 PM we got a taxi home. I dropped my friend off and then I went to my parents house. I got back to their house around 3:20 PM.

I then ate dinner. I had a chicken curry with rice. Scrumptious. It was sooo good. I really enjoyed it.

After dinner mom asked me if I wanted to try on some new tops that an aunt gave me. I said I did. So I spent around 20 mins trying them on. I ended up decided that I was going to wear one of them tomorrow going to the gym.

At around 5 PM I went online again. I checked email and I read blog posts. I’m still online now writing this post.

The day isn’t over yet but for the remainder of it I am going to watch tv. Read maybe. And just relax and take it easy. I may have a shower later on too.

I plan on staying up until around 11 PM. I will probably read when I go to bed for an hour or so. I plan on trying to be asleep by midnight or there abouts.