I muse, and muse some more!

Let me chit chat
about what
I muse as I sit here
well, lets see
Lets muse, shall we?
I could tell you
How my days been
Shall I?
Well, its been so boring!
What about the weather?
Hows that been?
Stormy, wet, windy
Musing about the weather is always fun!
I could muse about my latest read
I’m only 3 chapters in
and I am already hooked
On this new book!
Oh but wait
Oh my, oh my
Look at the time!
Night time already?
Will sleep come for me tonight?
As I sit here tea in hand
I muse on that thought for a bit
Suddenly before I know it
The tea is all gone
I drank it
Ooooo shit!