#Socs 18-08-2019 sleep, therapy and smear test!

I am again participating in Lindas socs prompt this week!
I shall just see where the prompt takes me! πŸ˜€

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is co- Find a word that uses co as a prefix and use it in your post. Have fun!

Coffee! Of course you knew I’d choose that didnt you? Lol πŸ˜€
Its now 5:37 AM! I woke up a half hour ago. I didnt go to bed until after 2 AM. I was watching a couple episodes of a show called I survived. Its a reality type show, about people who survived horrific things, beat the odds, and survived despite everything.
It was a great show! I really enjoyed it. I love reality tv!
The little sleep I did get, was enough! I am not even tired now. I am so pleased because I have therapy this morning! I am so happy I will see Eileen again! First though I shall have a couple mugs of coffee. I need a pick me up!
I will be going home to my own house today after therapy. My sisters going to take me. I have some groceries to bring home, and of course there is Nitro too. What we’ll do is drop nitro off, and my groceries, and then I need to go back to moms for a bit, as I have my smear test today at my gp’s. I am so nervous, I hate having to have this done! But I know its necessary, I am just dreading it!
If you pray please pray I will get through it and be ok! I need all the prayers I can get!I am a nervous wreck!
Lets just hope its over quickly! And that its painless, mom said its just a pinch so we’ll see! Its not really the pain I am nervous about, its the actual having someone examine me down there!
I’ll post later to let you know how it went! If you can just keep me in your thoughts and prayers it will be so appreciated!
thanks! πŸ˜€


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A busy friday ahead!

I slept for a long time! I was just totally shattered!
I slept for the entire afternoon and evening yesterday! I only woke up to let nitro out and eat some fruit! Other than those few minutes I slept like a log!
I finally woke at 2 AM! And am up now for the day!
I am going to take a nice hot shower soon. I feel icky! I hate feeling so gross so a shower will be good!
My PA comes at 9 AM! We arent going out though. We’ll just do housework. I have a kinda busy day ahead of me today though
I am going to mom and dads for the weekend, like I normally do. But I am going to get my nails done today. I am getting shilac on them!
Mom is taking me! I am also getting waxing done. I am getting my lip, eyebrows and chin waxed!
I am also having a colour put in my hair, moms going to put it in for me!
So with all that the day will probably fly by!

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Good morning guys!

so I am a happy camper this morning! I slept great! I needed the sleep badly! I ended up going to visit my friend norma yesterday afternoon, I stayed there for about 3 hours. Then I came home, ate dinner, and decided to have an early night. I was in bed by 9 PM. And asleep by 10. And I only woke up twice during the night, for about 5 minutes each time. I am delighted. I feel much better this morning having gotten some good sleep. Im still feeling low though. I am trying to remember to take my meds every morning. I take my prozac in the morning, and my other mood stabiliser at night. I am trying hard to remember them. So far it is working. I have been taking them regularly.
My PA is coming in an hour. We’re just going to do some housework today and I need to get her to go to the store for me too. She’ll be here for 2.5 hours. I’m also meant to work today. Not sure yet whether I will go in or not though. I may just stay home today. I am kinda not really feeling up to going in but we’ll see, I may feel differently as the morning progresses.
Well going to go drink my coffee, and get dressed. Happy tuesday everyone!

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Not a wink of sleep!

5 AM and not a wink of sleep! I am so frustrated. Meds on bord, and still, nothing.

This is crazy. Thank god I dont have too much I need to do today. I can nap if needs be, but I am going to try not to do that. So then maybe I can sleep properly tonight.

Im still thinking I’ll go visit my friend norma today. spend a few hours with her. I need to pick some things up from her anyway, so maybe I will go do that.

It will keep me busy, and I’ll be less likely to nap then.

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#SoCs where oh where is nitro, and my meds, and my head?

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is β€œwhere.” Start your post with the word β€œwhere” and write whatever comes to you. Bonus points if you end your post with β€œwhere” too. Enjoy!

Where oh where is my silly puppy! He’s not on the floor near me. He’s not on the bed. He’s not in his bed, I’ve been searching the house, calling to him to come to me, do you think he’s listening? Nooo, that silly dog has a mind of his own! He is totally ignoring me!
When I catch him he’s gonna get a telling off! But then, how can I tell him off, he’ll probably lick my hand, or face, give me his paw, and how can you get angry then? I cant. I am a big softy when it comes to dogs, and especially my dog.
Im also having trouble finding my meds tonight. I know I packed them today when I left moms. I remember packing them. But now I am searching and unable to find them. Its a good thing I have spare ones here! Otherwise I’d be really screwed!
My head is not screwed on right tonight! I am off somewhere else. My thoughts wandering. Racing a mile a minute. Now the question is how to calm my mind? Any and all suggestions are welcomed! Anyone know some good remedies for calming ones mind and thoughts? I am all ears if you do!
I think its time for me to go to bed soon, hopefully I can get a couple hours sleep tonight! I can hope cant I?

The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS August 10/19

Saturday morning update

I slept well last night. I worked yesterday, I worked from home, except I was at my parents house. I made around 30 calls. That all went off ok, all of my clients were doing well. I ended up sleeping for 2 hours in the afternoon after working, I decided to sleep while I was waiting for my mom and dad to get home, they were at my dads best friends funeral, well not a funeral, but the burial of his ashes. They went back to a bar afterwords, for food, and drinks. they got home around 5 PM. I got up then, had dinner, and then went right back to bed. Read for a while, but could barely keep my eyes open.
I was meant to talk to Eileen last night, but we didnt end up talking. I texted her at 7 PM. She didnt text me back right away. At 7:25 PM I decided to wait to talk to her until today, so I texted her again and I told her we could wait, and talk today, so that is what we’re doing. I already texted her this morning, I told her I am free all day so to call me whenever it suits her.
I am not going to get up to much today. I will just relax, read, and enjoy a quiet day at mom and dads, my dad is going out for a while, so it will be just me and mom here.
Nitro started his ear drops this morning. That was a bit of an ordeal. He hates getting them put in. Mom did it for me. I held his head while she put them in. That was hard, as he didnt want to keep still. they are in now though and this evening I will have to put more in.
I am going to go make a coffee now. I hope your all having a good start to your day.

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Fowc with fandango: creepy night last night

My dreams last night were so creepy. I hate when that happens. I woke a few times, sweating. And very scared. The thing is, now this morning, I cant actually remember the dreams. I just know they scared me, and I remember waking, and feeling very frightened, and listening for any sounds, and hearing Nitro and thinking someone was in my house, and then realising it was just the dog moving around.
Is it just me, or do others who live alone have trouble at night, and feel scared? I seem to have a lot of trouble by night with that. Where I live, it is really quiet. You wouldnt hear much noise outside, but still I get so scared. I think I probably watch too many crime shows on tv, before bed. I am happy though that I did sleep last night. I actually went to bed around midnight, I made a point of turning things off, and going to bed.
And I am glad I did. I fell asleep pretty quickly, and even though I woke a few times, I managed to get back to sleep, and stay asleep until a reasonable hour this morning, it was 8 AM when I finally got up.
In response to fowc with fandango where the word was creepy