Wet Friday morning

its a wet day outside this morning. very very wet.
I woke in the middle of the night, and I stayed up for about an hour. eventually I was able to go back to sleep.
I got up at 7 and mom washed my hair. I have an apt with my cpn sarah at 10:15. was meant to go volunteering after that but I don’t think I will go. its far too wet.
we’re supposed to get the end of a tropical storm in Ireland this weekend. so there will be high winds and lots of rain.
my dad is gone to his gastroenterologist this morning. he’s hoping she’ll start him on some sort of treatment. he’s pinned all his hopes on it so I hope he wont be disappointed.
he also had physio this week to retrain his bowel. the physio gave him exercises to do and a chart to mark off each time he goes to the bathroom.
my mom went with him. she’ll go in to the doctor with him and ask questions because he never does.


What a great weekend I’ve had

so the weekends been great. i thoroughly enjoyed it.
yesterday I helped out at the food harvest festival. Its a local festival in cork city. The basement club opened its community garden for a couple of hours.
I was on the information stand, talking about shine, their work, and the work of the basement club. We had a good crowd of people coming and going over the 3 hours.
Another member was with me, and there were a few other members talking about vegetable growing, plants, etc.
The day was a great success. We had food and tea and coffee. I ate way to many chocolate eclairs lol. Afterwords denise the coordinator took us for food and a coffee. I didnt eat where we went though, instead I went to mcdonalds with one of the members, I wanted to treat the littles to a mcdonalds for being patient while I volunteered.
So I got them a double cheese burger and some chicken nuggets. That was the highlight of their day.
Then we came back to my parents house and watched x factor.
I went to bed early last night, and I fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I was so exhausted.
Todays been less busy. I went home to my own house this afternoon after we’d eaten dinner. My sister dropped me off. My sister made buttered chicken for me which I am going to have for dinner tomorrow. I love buttered chicken. In fact I love all indian food.
I’ve been face timing with my friend sarah this afternoon. Reading, and watching x factor again.
Tomorrow is therapy day. Then I’ll go to the basement club after that.
I also had to do some college work this evening too. I had to do up my journal of learning. I had it all done and then my computer froze so I lost everything and had to redo it all again.
Much to my frustration and annoyance.

todays the day

today is the day I start college. I am nervous. But I also cant wait.

Let the learning begin. I’m ready. Bring it on.

I only got 3 hours of sleep. I woke at 5 AM. The 3 hours I did get were broken. I was tossing and turning. Eventually I decided to get up and shower.

Now I am drinking coffee and going through email. I love early mornings…they are so peaceful. When the world sleeps and I am awake.

I have such a busy tuesday ahead. I’ll be on the go for the entire day.

I hope college is good tonight. Please send good wishes and support. i can do this. I know I can.

Have a happy Monday everyone

good morning guys

i am so happy this morning. it feels nice. i woke up feeling refreshed. i slept well. i went to bed really early last night and i slept. i must have needed the sleep.

i am looking forward to seeing eileen this morning. i am not anxious about my session, nobody inside is anxious either. we are all excited to see eileen. she is our safe base, our safe person. not sure what will come out of todays session but i am not worrying about it. i will just allow what comes up to come up.

i’ve fed nitro and let him out. he’s full of beans this morning. he’s bouncy and wagging his tail. he wolfed down his breakfast too lol. i’m just catching up on some blogs, and drinking tea. life is good.

saturday-visiting my friend, reading and a treat

so saturday was good. i felt better emotionally and implemented some of the things me and sarah talked about on friday. mainly i went to visit my friend norma, and i also read for a while. those were two of the things on the plan for getting through the weekend safely.

i spent 4 hours in normas house. it was nice. we hung out and chatted. when i got there her pa was there. her pa makes me laugh. she gets really animated about things. she was asking me about starbux coffee, and i was telling her its about 5 euro for a cup of coffee. she almost died of shock! she said she was going to barr her daughter from buying starbux, lol. her daughter is 21. she left at 4 so not long after i arrived. i did enjoy my visit with norma and it was good to catch up with her.

i rang a taxi when i was ready to go home. the driver who collected me did not have a clue where he was going. first he rang me asking me what colour house i was in. i was like, um i dont know dude, i am blind? finally he found me and once i got in the car i tried to give him directions to my moms house. he got lost. he spent half an hour driving around trying to find where they lived. in the end he didnt charge me because he said it was his fault he got lost. so that was nice.

when i arrived back at mom and dads i ate pizza and then i let the kids have an icecream. that was our treat for the week. it was chicken fajita pizza too which is yummy. the ice cream was honey comb kind. we sat munching and watching the x factor. i love the x factor its one of the highlights of my weekend to watch it. it was on for two hours last night.

after that i read my maggie hartley book for a while. i’m almost done with this book. its really good. i have about an hour and a half left to go and then i’ll be done. i only read for an hour last night because i got tired and sleepy. and when i finally turned off the book and lay down i fell asleep quickly. and i slept good. just woke up now at 7 AM.

no plans for today really. my sisters not coming over to our parents for dinner today. that means i’ll have to get my own taxi home. thats ok though i dont mind. i feel quite good emotionally this morning. i think the very chilled out weekend we’ve had helped. we are coping. that feels good.

Time spent with staff at respite

so one of the staff, elaine, came in and asked me if i wanted her to take nitro out. at first i said yes i did, but then i asked her if i can go down to the kitchen and have some tea and some fruit.

she said of course i could and so we both went down together and i actually let nitro out myself. i stayed outside with him for a couple minutes. the weather isnt too bad here this morning, its dry, there is no rain.

when i came in i sat at the table and ate a banana, and drank two cups of tea. it was nice, and so peaceful. i love early mornings. everything seems so peaceful then. you are able to think clearly, well at least thats how it is for me.

the nurse mary was there with elaine, and they both started talking to me. we talked about guide dogs, and then we talked about respite and i asked them if my being on the phone late last night had disturbed anyone. they told me no, that i am far away from the next bedroom and the sound doesnt really carry. that is good as i dont want to disturb anyones sleep.

i just came back to the room and fed nitro. its 7:40 now. I’ll go down for breakfast at 8:15. After breakfast I need to pack the rest of my stuff. I havent booked a taxi yet to take me home. I’m debating whether I should prebook it or just wait and book it when I am ready. I think I’ll wait.