I didnt go

I didn’t go volunteering today. I just couldn’t.
My mood never picked up. I felt really really off. Just was feeling overwhelmed, very much so.
So I called the office and told them I wouldn’t be in.
And then I went to bed. And I actually slept for like 3 hours. And now that I did that I am feeling a little bit better.
Not 100 percent better, but a little at least.
When I woke up I ate something. And then I made a cup of tea.
I think I just have to be nice to myself today. Do a little self care.
Tomorrow I will see dr. Barry. I am thinking I really need to see her. I am actually pretty excited for my apt tomorrow.
Hopefully it will help and I will feel much better after it.


4 AM ramble

well its 4 AM. I’m not asleep as you can see.
I tried but couldn’t drop off. So got up again, no point to lying there thinking a million thoughts and unable to shut your brain up or off.
So I am up. I am just pottering around the house, and pottering around online.
I have the radio on low. And its very peaceful. Not a sound to be heard.
Just how I like it. Nitros fast asleep. He was dreaming in his sleep. He was whimpering, I think its so cute when he does that.
Is anyone else up?
Talk to me if you are?
❤ 🙂

triggers defused!

well ya’ll will be happy to know, I am no longer feeling triggered. Big sigh!
So thrilled, mostly I managed to defuse it on my own.
I watched tv, and later in the evening I took a hot shower.
I washed with my fave soap and glory shower gel, it smells soooo good!
It grounded me. I felt so much better after the shower.
Nothing like a hot shower to soothe your soul.
I cuddled with nitro, I read the blogs of some of you, I still have a lot to catch up on but I am slowly getting through the posts.
Its almost 1 AM. I doubt I sleep tonight. I think I got way too much sleep this weekend. I slept a lot. Its ok though if I don’t sleep tonight. I wont worry about it.
Tomorrow is an easyish day. I do need to go volunteering though. I’ll get there though. I’ll manage even if I don’t sleep much tonight.
Just happy I defused the triggers on my own.

Carol anne answers…

How do you relax after a hard day of work?

I take a long hot shower. I read a book. I blog. I drink some tea. I watch a tv show or two or listen to some music. And most Importantly, I try to have a good sleep.

Morning thoughts

i slept well. i eventually went to bed at around 1:30. it took me a while to fall asleep but eventually i did.
my phone woke me a few times because i never silenced it.
but overall i slept good. i still feel a little off though. i’m still sniffling a lot. at least now though i’m able to blow my nose, before i couldnt, but now i’m coughing a little bit as well. i think its just mucus in my nose breaking up. i know i know, TMI lol.
anyway. mary the nurse on duty came in to my room at 7 this morning and asked me if i’d like her to leave nitro out. of course i jumped at the chance to stay in bed a little longer so i told her she could.
i didnt get up until 7:25. i quickly dressed and fed nitro and then went downstairs for breakfast.
the sun is shining this morning. it feels nice to feel the sun on my face.
not sure what we’ll be doing in class today. there are only 3 of us in so probably not a lot.
i hope your all having a fabulous morning.
carol anne


well its 1:30 AM now. I just woke up. I dont feel too bad. I had to get up and free my nose again, it was all stuffy still. But once I did that I didnt feel too bad. We’ll see how long that will last. Hopefully for a while. I ended up going to bed at 8, and I fell asleep right away. I did wake a few times for a few minutes each time. But nothing substancial. I just ate some fruit because I felt a little hungry. I’m still going to go to slimming world tonight even though I feel sick. I wouldnt miss it for the world. I have to see if I lost anything this week. Hopefully I did.
How is your night going?
carol anne