It is 4:30 AM. I cant sleep. I’ve been up since around 2:30.

I am frustrated. I went to bed around 8 last night. I wen to bed early as I’d been up since 4 AM. It took me ages to fall asleep. Eventually I did, but then I kept waking. I kept tossing and turning.

Now I am up again. I am very dehydrated so am drinking a lot of water. I also was hungry so I ate some fruit.

I am supposed to go out with mom this morning. We’re going in to see about my computer. I am getting a new MacBook pro. We have to bring the cheque in to the store. Then it has to clear before I can get the computer and bring it home. So provided the weather isn’t too bad, we’ll go in today and talk to them at the apple store.

I dont have any other plans for my Saturday. I am just going to do this and then chill out for the rest of today at my parents house. I am kinda worried. I think I’ve put on more weight. I doubt I’ve lost any. I’ve been pretty bad and eating a lot of junk. I haven’t been too mindful of my diet lately. I don’t want to undo all my hard work but I think this week I have put up some weight. Oh well. It is what it is I guess. I just have to try not to put up too much weight over the Christmas.

Ok am off to read some more blogs. Talk soon guys!

Early night last night and what I am doing on this Friday!

So I went to bed super early last night. Like at 8:30. Thats unheard of for me!
I couldnt go to sleep for ages. But eventually I managed to get to sleep. Only to be awoken by nitro a few hours later, he wanted on my bed! I let him and we snuggled down and both fell back to sleep again!
I woke up at 4:30. I got up, made coffee…and am now online doing some stuff organising my media, downloading some books etc.
I am planning on taking a shower soon. I love the early morning time, when no one else seems to be up. I have the radio on. I am enjoying the music. My PA will be here at 9 AM. We’re going to the gym and I need to go get my money out for the week also.
Im also going volunteering today…this afternoon. Then I will be doing my normal thing, and going to my parents for the weekend. Im waiting on some cheques to come in the mail. Cheques for the things I got funded for, like my macbook, a new cooker, etc. They were supposed to come this week, the guy told me they’d be here before christmas, so if not this week then hoping for next week. I’d like to get my macbook for christmas!
Anyway. I hope your all having a good start to your friday!

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Sleepless night and plans for today!

well I had very little sleep. Went to bed around 1 AM. Couldnt settle. Eventually I did and I got around 4 hours of sleep total. Feel quite tired this morning. But I am up and awake and have had a couple mugs of coffee to get me up and going!
Just getting ready for therapy now. Booked my taxi. Finally got myself dressed too. Have an hour and a half before I have to leave! So plenty of time!
Am going to cancel my after care with nitro tomorrow. My week is just super busy! I can do it after the christmas rush is over! There is no hurry. I’m sure the guide dog school will be fine with me canceling it.
Other than therapy I have to go to my gp today. I have to get a medical done. You know a medical after the car crash, the solicitor is requesting that we all have medicals done so she can get reports on our injuries. So I have to go there at 3 today.
I plan on walking to the surgery, to get my exercise in! Thats if its not raining!
I hope you all have a fab Monday!

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I think its gonna be one of those sleepless nights

But its my own fault. I napped earlier for hours. Im not sure how long for exactly, maybe 3 or four hours in total though.
I doubt I get much sleep tonight. Its now almost 10 PM. I’m wide awake. I think Im in for a long one tonight. A long night where I am wide awake and just thinking. Ug.
Oh well. I have the radio and the tv for company. And there’s always my book if I feel like concentrating on it. For now though I am going to read blogs and email. Try to catch up as I am way behind.
At least I dont have too much to do tomorrow. Besides volunteering I have nothing else on. So if all comes to all and I dont sleep until the early morning hours, then thats ok as I can rest until late morning tomorrow.
carol anne

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Getting festive!

well i’ve been getting festive tonight! i’ve been writing my christmas cards. i have a ton of cards to send out this year! so i started on the writing of them tonight. i wrote all the braille ones. i’m going to send those tomorrow. then over the weekend I’ll do the print ones as I will need help to do them. I had fun writing them all! I put on some christmas music, ou r local radio station has a christmas station running and thats what I listened to while I wrote them and it was just so much fun! it took me about an hour to write all the cards. and now my agitation is gone! yay! i’m so delighted. i knew i could distract myself. writing the cards was just the perfect distraction! now i think its time for a cuppa! and then a little more reading of blogs before i turn in for the night! hoping i will be able to sleep. not sure if i will or not. right now its not looking good for me. but we’ll see i guess. i need to hand in my prescription for the fenergan tomorrow. the sooner i can reset my body clock the better! i hope i’ll get a little sleep as i am hoping to go to the gym in the morning! all going well I’ll be there working out!

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A rough night last night

Well my headaches finally gone. I’m so delighted. I had it all night. I wasnt able to get much sleep at all. I kept waking in pain.
Plus there was a huge storm where I live. The wind was very strong. Howling and whipping up outside my window. Plus there was heavy rain too.
Then my phone kept notifying me of text messages, of wordpress comments and likes, etc. I should have probably silenced it. But I didnt. My bad.
So I am pretty tired today. But I am volunteering this afternoon. I’m in the office now about to start my calls. I will be here until 5 Pm I’d think. I was debating canceling but now I am glad I didnt.

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Didnt go out today stayed home instead

well i never went volunteering today. i stayed home. i slept badly last night. i was tired this morning so stayed in bed late. I was too tired to function properly and be available to clients. so i texted my supervisor, i told her I’d stay home and come in on friday. she was fine with that.
so i’ve been having a lazy day. not getting up to much. just resting mostly. its cold here the weathers a bit cold. my amazon echo says its only 7 degrees c with mostly cloudy skies. she also told me the low today is 1 degrees c. so very cold!
I called Cara Nua about my application for funding. I’m waiting for a call back from my advisor. I hope he calls this afternoon. I want to get these items as quick as possible! So I hope he is going to call me today!

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