Vacation day one

we had a good first day of vacation. we left home at 11 AM. drove to Killarney. it took 2 hours. we stopped off at a local park in Killarney and had lunch. the kids played for a while in the park too. they had a great time. we put our picnic blankets out and had a nice picnic. we went over to the hotel at 3 thinking we’d be able to check in. the apartments we’re staying in are a part of the hotel. when we first got to the hotel the apartment wasn’t ready. the girl at the reception told us to go have a coffee, she gave us a complimentary ticket each to have a cup of coffee. so off we went. we sat and had coffee for half an hour and then we went back to check in. we payed and came over to our apartment. the apartment is beautiful. its a two bedroomed apartment. there’s six of us, 3 adults and 3 kids. the apartment can actually sleep more people though. we unpacked some of our stuff. then mom and my sister went grocery shopping. I stayed behind and babysat my niece and nephew. they were about 2 hours. I was just on my computer and my niece and nephew were playing around and on their tablets. when mom and my sis got back we made dinner. we had homemade burgers and salad and sweet potato fries. it was nice. I was starving by the time we got to eat. now mom and my sis are playing monopoly with the kids. my nephew is trying to win the game, he keeps asking for people to give him money, he has spent all of his. he doenst understand monolopy hahaha. neither does my mom but she’s playing anyway. its pretty funny listening to them play. I should record them lol. I did pretty good with eating healthy today. I did have a bag of crisps though with my lunch. I had roast beef sandwiches and some fruit for lunch too. I did also drink some diet pepsi with my dinner. i’m allowed diet drinks though on my food plan. the weather stayed nice for us all day. we had sunshine and no rain. I was so glad. tomorrow there is supposed to be a little rain. we’re planning on going to Tralee, to the aquadome, which is an indoor water park. its been a good first day here though. i’m enjoying myself.