#Socs: Chasing away the blues!!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is blue. Talk about the first blue object you see when you sit down to write your post. Have fun!

The object nearest to me thats blue is, my coffee mug!
And I’ve had a lot of coffee today already! I’m all caffinated!
I should be starting an assignment for college but, I’m procrastinating! Whats new! Story of my life hahaha!
I want to have my weekend free! I’m telling myself that I dont really know what I am supposed to do for the assignment, so I should wait until next weekend to start it. Of course I could go read the brief we got and then I’d know!
Thats too much like hard work to me though!
Ok, lets have another coffee? Yes?
In my blue mug to be sure I dont feel blue?
Coffee wards off the blues did you know that? 😀


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Rory’s daily 4!

I am participating in Rorys daily four! I love answering random questions, so here goes!

Todays Questions to the Readers are.

What are you truly passionate about?
Animal welfare, writing, reading, childrens rights, raising awareness of mental illness
Have you ever experienced or suffered from writers block?
Yes. Not too often but occasionally I do. I hate when it happens.
Are you happy?
Mostly I am. I try to be happy but sometimes life gets me down, I am a happy person though, by nature.
Do you ever experience stress?

I do. A fair bit. I think most of us do though dont we? You cant get away from it. Its always around the corner. Its what we do with the stress that counts.


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One liner wednesday

My sister has made me dinner! What an incredible sis I have!

She has made, from scratch, a spaghetti bolognes!

I love her! Now I have dinner for two days! Thanks to my sweet and oh so amazing sis!

And its a healthy dinner too!

Win, win!

I Made it out alive

As I lie in bed
My mind
And body
Unite as one
Rest comes
Slowly I start to relax
Slowly my mind stops
Switches off
My body follows suit
I turn over
Feeling blissful
Another successful day down
I can go to bed tonight
With the knowledge
I made it through another day
Thank you body
Thank you mind
Thank you for uniting
And helping me to make it out of this day alive
Win, win!

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Fibbing Friday my answers for this week!

I thought I’d do this, participate in this weeks fibbing Friday questions! Thanks to those who give us this challenge, I love reading everyones answers!

Some Guidelines:

Below are 10 questions, the answers to which are entirely up to you. The idea is to fib a little, or a lot, in your response.

Write a post with your answers and tag it Fibbing Friday or #FibbingFriday, then link back to this post so that others can also enjoy your answers.
If you use WordPress, ping backs are enabled, so as long as you link to this post, it should show up.
Bear in mind though that they are usually approved manually, so dont be surprised if the link doesnt show up immediately. If something goes wrong or you dont use WordPress, simply leave a link to your post in the comments.

As today is Friday the 13th, there may be some superstitious referrals here, or maybe youd like to consider your answers to reflect that accordingly. Whatever your preference, tell your porkies and have fun!

So, here are your questions for today:

1. If flower seeds give us flowers and tomato seeds give us tomatoes, what does bird seed give us?

Bird poop! 😀
2. How do you make a cat flap?

Put a mouse or a bird in front of him and he’ll start flapping like crazy hehehehe!
3. Why is Friday 13th considered unlucky?

Because it was the only day on the calendar when something else wasnt happening!
4. When is the Witching Hour?

Any hour when its pitch black!
5. Are familiars always cats?

What? Who knows! I think they can be people?
6. Where did McDonalds originate?

Maccurtain street, wihch is a street here in cork of course!
7. What was the first thing Sleeping Beauty said when roused from sleep by her prince?

Man, I didnt realise how absolutely hidious you looked!
8. Whats the difference between a sink and a basin?

Water drains from one and fills the other 😀
9. Why does the wind howl?

To scare us!
10. Why do we say swinging the lead?

Because we’re dumb? 😀

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You wanna see my grocery list?

The bag lady aka Sharyl challenged us to take a photo of our grocery list and post it. I don’t have a photo of mine to hand, so I decided to handwrite it out. So what did I buy this week? Well without furterh adieu here is what was on my grocery list this week!
Teabags! As I love hot tea!
Coffee! I discovered a new kind!Nes cafe smooth blend! Its heaven!
Fruit! Lots of fruit! I bought berries, peaches, nectarines, mandarins, apples, melon, grapes, kiwi’s, pears…the list is endless! And I ate it all in one week too!
Bread! I buy brennans be good bread…its lower in calories!
Alpan light cerial bars! I bought two kinds, cherry bakewell and chocolate fudge!
Pringles! I have to have a few pringles when I am eating a sandwich, so I buy two packets per week, of prawn cocktail flavoured ones.
Peanuts! I shouldn’t eat them but oh boy I love them!
Milk! I go through 3 litres a week!
Cerial! I buy wheetabix!
Crackers! Rice crackers are my new go to snack! I buy chilli flavoured ones!
Deodorant! I buy whatever ones on offer on any given week!
Chicken! Lots of chicken! I buy drumsticks and boil them and then put hot Korean pepper seasoning on them and I eat them for dinner with rice, or whenever I am hungry!
Baked potatos!
Rice! I buy boiled rice as I like to eat it a lot!
Stir fry! I love stir fry with noodles!
Eggs! Eggs are a great food and I eat a ton of them!
Baked beans! And peas!

Well that was about all I bought this week! Did you buy groceries? Do you buy a lot each week, some weeks I don’t buy too much and on other weeks I buy loads!

Fun Challenge #1