Trying out yoga

I am going to try out yoga. I am starting a yoga group in two weeks time, it’s chair yoga. So gentle yoga for beginners. There is some standing involved but it is mostly sitting poses. I’m looking forward to taking up the challenge. Has anyone with a trauma history ever tried yoga? Even those of you who don’t have a trauma history, did you ever try it and if you did how did you find it?

The lady who is going to be teaching me used to be a psychiatric nurse so she is very familiar with people with mental health issues. I think she’ll be a good teacher.

I am feeling very positive about this new venture. It should be a good group and I am looking forward to doing it.


Your prompt for JusJoJan January 19th, 2020, is gobbledygook]

What to write, what to write. This gobbledygook post is brought to you by me, Carol anne!
My day was full of rest, and relaxing. I had a nap this afternoon. That was nice. I did really enjoy it immensely.
I had leftovers for dinner, which actually tasted really good, and were better second time around.
I’ve been playing spotify. I am playing the hits from the movies playlist and have been enjoying singing along to it.
I have my weigh in in the morning! I am so nervous. I just hope its going to be a good result.
The weather tonight is cold. Its only 3 degrees C here. There is frost on the grass. Nitro sure wasnt impressed when he went out. But he did go out for me.
I am trying to cut back on the amount of caffeine I am drinking, and so I am not drinking any coffee tonight. Well we’ll see how long I can last without it.
So from me to you, I hope you enjoyed my gobbledygook ramble!

A shocking story!

I am in complete shock! Something terrible happened a few days ago in Dublin, in ireland! A bag was found by a young boy with body parts in it! Body parts! What is this world coming to!

They’re saying it was down to gangland activity, the body parts belonged to a 17 year old boy. He was murdered and then his body dismembers and tossed on the side of the road! How absolutely tragic!

This world is an awful place. I cant fathom how people could just do that and then go on with their day just as if
nothing happened! Its ludacris!

Its all over our news. There is a big guarda investigation. I hope they’ll catch whoever did this. They’re saying it was down to the teenager oweing drug money. But OMG! Its just terrible that his life was cut short in this awful way!

5 things I love about me!

Cyranny did a post on her blog where she wrote about 5 things she loves about herself. You can read it here!

So I thought, why not do it too!

So here goes!

I am determined! When I want to do something, I do it! I dont give up easily! I keep on trying until I get there!

I am a good singer. I’ve always loved to sing. I enjoy expressing myself. Singing makes me happy.

I am loyal. If I am your friend, I will do everything in my power to support or help you. I am sometimes too loyal, but I wouldnt have it any other way.

I have a great sense of humour. I like to laugh. Laughter is good. We should all laugh more often.

I like to learn, and I enjoy learning new things. I am good at retaining info! I think reading has given me more of an insight into our world! You can learn so much from books!

So there you have it, my 5 things I love about me!

What are yours?

#3TC challenge

It was a secret that she liked to eat marshmallows. She just adored them. With any luck, nobody would find out, because, if they did, then she’d have to share the bag with people! And she didnt want to do that! Sharing is caring? No, I dont think so, she thought! She wanted the whole lot to herself! Marshmallows were her comfort food!

3TC challenge

Your three words today are:



There was a lot of unrest in the house. The telivision was always on and jill was furious at her kids. You’ve got some nerve she said to them! I’m going to get rid of this telivision! Its causing your brains to melt. And with that, she plugged it out, and lifted it up and out of the room. Her kids didnt know what to do or think. No telivision? It was a tragedy! What would they do now! They would have to have a conversation with each other. And they just werent used to doing that.

My head its like a zoo in here!

There is so much noise inside my head! Kids chatting, some are excited, some are crying, some are scared, some are just chatting to each other.
Its like a zoo in here!
The teen insiders are just as bad! Some are complaining about how unfair their life is, some are in the midst of trauma and stuck in their own pain and memories, some are in their rooms with their music blaring, some are writing their thoughts on paper.
And here we are me and liz and sienna and the other adults, trying to manage the unmanageable!
And it does feel really unmanageable tonight!
Its always like that the day of therapy and the day or two after it!
We had a really great session yesterday, which I will write more about in the coming days. But Shirley came out for part of it, and our eyes were opened. Also Liz talked to Eileen about her own feelings and I know that really helped her a lot.
We came home last night from slimming world, ate dinner, and simply crashed, but sleep didn’t come easily, every time that we tried to settle, the kids were crying, afraid of having nightmares, so they were afraid to go to sleep!
We finally slept a bit, but woke at 3 AM! Got up, showered, and now we’re ready for the day!
I just gotta get our zoo in order! 😀