Becky loved flying. she was a good air hostess.

a man sitting in the front row shouted to her as she served the food.

Help, he said.

Oh are you ok? she asked.

what’s wrong

He chuckled. nothing, he said.

I just wanted to see how quickly you’d respond to my call.

Becky smiled sweetly.

I hope I esceeded your expectations she said.

Oh yes, dear…said the man. You sure did.




word of the day: sand


slips through my fingers


slips by slowly

i cup my hands

so the sand stays in them

wish i

could cup time

in the same way

i wish that

time wouldnt speed by

zooms so fast

that i almost

cant catch up with it

and like the sand

slipping through my fingers

hours slip into days

and into weeks, months


make the most of time

for we dont know

when we wont have it any longer


Word of the day


Your 3 words today are:





Sarah did her best to get rid of the bugs that were in her kitchen. A nest of ants. She was so freaked out by ants. Afraid that they’d fly at her, or bite her.

Some idiot had left the sugar bowl open, and sugar had spilled all over the kitchen table.

Ants loved sugar, and had immediately come in when they smelled it.

Sarah hoped she could get rid of them.

She decided it was time to go to the store and get something to spray them with. All of the home made remedies she’d used hadnt worked.




Sue vincent is the host of writephoto, and this week she has given us a fabulous prompt.


For visually challenged writers, the image shows a rather oriental red bridge over a  pool covered with waterlilies and surrounded by trees.



as I stand by the red bridge

looking at the misty pool below

I feel so peaceful

water lillies

dance in the breeze

waving in the sunlight

the red bridge

so old

so beautiful

so inviting

its colors

dazzling my soul

i stand there

breathing in the scent

of flowers

bathing in the sunlight

peace and harmony

surrounding me



Di has given us the following 3 words today for 3tc.






The boy was very confused. His mom had to work so hard, why does she have to work so hard, he thought, whistfully, I miss her, I just want to spend some time with my mom.

His mom knew how it pained him that she wasnt able to spend time with him and she felt so guilty about it.

She knew though that working meant she was creating a better life for her son and that gave her a warm feeling inside.



thursday inspiration #56

On My street
Where I live
there are
Rows of houses
all side by side
Apartments, duplex’s
bungalows and houses
2 bedroomed
3 and 4 bedroomed
Over 150 houses in all
on the street where I live
And we all
Look out
for each other
There is comradory
Neighbourly love
On the street
where I live