from allie. a review of mama mia 2, here we go again

so I went to the movies to see mama mia 2 here we go again on Tuesday evening with my mom and sister and my niece! and it was awesome. the best part of course was the popcorn and coke, but the movie was good too!


I wont spoil the movie by telling you what happens but its really funny, and it has the same actors and actresses that the first movie has in it and they all did a really good job well I thought so!

I hope we can go to the movies more often. I already asked my mom if we could go some time soon again. and carol anne wants to go see that movie adrift, she has asked mom and our sis to go with her too and they said they’d think on it.

there were lots of people at mama mia, a mix of people, some kids, teens, elderly people, and it was cool to see that.

I really didn’t think mama mia was so popular!

love, allie