New blog feature for my followers!

Hello everyone! Carol Anne here!
I have made a group, an email list, to accompany my blog. What it is is an announcement list, where I can post to a big group of my followers all at once. So, for example, if I am out and about, and need to post something, or if we need extra support, or if we have a prayer request, or need to say something that is more private in nature that we don’t want to post to the whole world, but we still want our blog followers to know about, we can post it on the list. You will be able to reply to me, just as you’d reply to any email, by hitting reply.
You don’t have to do anything just subscribe. I will send out updates, and if you would like to reply to me just hit reply in your email programme.
to subscribe to my new blog group send a blank message to the following email address

I do hope some of you will subscribe!
I am so looking forward to building my group and cant wait to post to it!