Just watched

so I just watched an interview on tv with two women who have pschitzophrenia..

It was really good. One of them was on meds, the other wasn’t. The one who wasn’t on meds did not agree with taking medication at all.

I found that to be really interesting. The two women were part of a documentary that aired on our tv recently called schitzophrenia the voices in my head.
I think its on youtube if anyones interested in watching it.
Anyway. I found the two women to be so honest. They talked about their experiences of hearing voices, and being psychotic. I related to them a lot even though I have did and Am not pschitzophrenic.
I felt I could still relate to the things they spoke of.
I do recommend you watching the documentary if you can. The two women who I saw tonight on tv are named Nicola and michelle.
They were both in their 20’s.
My mom and dad watched the interview also. I was glad they did. I think it opened their eyes.
It showed how people with a severe mental illness are just very normal everyday people.
I’m glad I got to watch it.