Sister, sister!

Me and my sister are going to spend some quality time together this weekend. We are going to go into town, go into the christmas markets and have a browse around, each december, a christmas market comes to our city, selling crafts, all sorts of foods, drinks etc. Its a fun day out, and usually mom would go with us, but since she cant this year, we’ll still go and make some memories. There is a little christmasy village, too! And there is also a big ferris wheel.
We arent sure if we can get into the christmas village, you have to book it now, before covid, you could just go and get in and it didnt have to be booked in advance. My sister tried booking it, but it says its completely booked out, but we’ll still try to get in, who knows, they may let us in.
We’re going to go for something to eat afterwords, not sure where we’ll eat yet, we havent decided, but well, I am not fussed, I don’t mind where we eat.
It is going to be a lovely afternoon. Finally after the tough couple of weeks and all of the stress we’ve had, we can get in the christmas spirit.
I cant wait!