Dr for my dad

So my dad has gone to the doctor. He has a bad I infection and it’s going into his other I know to. He can’t keep his eyes open. He rang the out of hours service to get an appointment and now he’s gone with my mum to the doctor. I think he needs drops and an antibiotic so I hope the doctor will give them to him. I’m worried he might send him to the emergency room to the eye clinic out in the emergency room at the local hospital. I hope you won’t because my dad won’t be very pleased if he does. He didn’t even want to go to the doctor my mum and I had to beg him to go.

At least he’s gone now though. That’s good at least. Hopefully it will be sorted soon and within the next couple of days his eyes will improve.

If you pray, please say a prayer for him. Please keep him in your thoughts. I’d appreciate it. Thanks guys

Add me to Snapchat

I just started using Snapchat. I wasn’t able to use it before. My screen reader didn’t work with it but now it does. So if you want to add me please do. I’d love it if you would. Would love to have some new friends. So if you’d like to add me, my username is shirlnitro1980

See you there 😄😍💜

Early night last night and what I am doing on this Friday!

So I went to bed super early last night. Like at 8:30. Thats unheard of for me!
I couldnt go to sleep for ages. But eventually I managed to get to sleep. Only to be awoken by nitro a few hours later, he wanted on my bed! I let him and we snuggled down and both fell back to sleep again!
I woke up at 4:30. I got up, made coffee…and am now online doing some stuff organising my media, downloading some books etc.
I am planning on taking a shower soon. I love the early morning time, when no one else seems to be up. I have the radio on. I am enjoying the music. My PA will be here at 9 AM. We’re going to the gym and I need to go get my money out for the week also.
Im also going volunteering today…this afternoon. Then I will be doing my normal thing, and going to my parents for the weekend. Im waiting on some cheques to come in the mail. Cheques for the things I got funded for, like my macbook, a new cooker, etc. They were supposed to come this week, the guy told me they’d be here before christmas, so if not this week then hoping for next week. I’d like to get my macbook for christmas!
Anyway. I hope your all having a good start to your friday!

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Unstable emotional state

today I am feeling down. Thank god Eileen has offered me a phone check in later on this evening. I need it. I woke up feeling very off. I just felt like I couldnt do anything, go anywhere, I felt like I wouldnt accomplish anything today. And I really didnt. I canceled art therapy with Emily. I canceled going in to the basement club. I even canceled dinner tonight with friends. I just feel like I need to stay home. I need to do some sootheing activities. Some self care. I need to look after myself. Im not sure if its after effects from giving a statement to the police last night. It could be I guess. I felt like that went ok though. But I dont know, I just feel unstable today. I guess I just need some down time to recover. Thats ok too I guess. I’ve gone back home now to my own house, as I have my PA amanda tomorrow morning. So I need to be here for her. I am planning on going to the gym tomorrow morning. I havent been there in ages. I need to get back to it. Tomorrow seems as good a time as any to start going again.

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Thinking of moving house, a big decision

So I’ve been thinking a lot this evening. I am seriously considering moving. Moving out of my house I am in now. Moving to an apartment complex that is secured, that is gated, and that is nearer to where my mom lives.
I am really seriously considering it. For one thing, if I did that then it would be much safer, I’d be much more secure, there’d be no way any cult abusers could get in or contact us.
We’d be about 3 minutes from our moms house. We could actually walk there in minutes. I think I’d be a lot safer than I am now. Plus mom doesnt drive, and for her to get to me right now, she has to get a ride.
I am not sure if I can do it though. First I need to talk to my supervisor at friendly call. She knows a lot more about what goes on in the community than I do. She would know how I’d go about applying to the complex if I want to move there.
I also need to speak to dr. barry. If I move, then technically she wouldnt be my doctor any more as I wouldnt be in her catchment area any longer. Well as you can imagine I am not willing to lose dr. barry. So I would need to ask her if we could bend the rules a little and if she’d keep me on as a patient if I was to move. Of course I’d also be telling her my reasons for wanting to do this.
I would hope that she could. I think she could, but I’d need to make sure of it before going ahead with any of this.
Do you think I’m mad doing this? I’ve lived in my current house for 9 years. Its a local authority house, that means it belongs to our city council, if I moved to this complex, I’d be paying a little bit more rent, but it would be worth it for the extra level of security I’d have.
There are also community activities run there, there is a lot of community involvement, everyone knows everyone, etc. I grew up in the area, I lived there my whole life, the other thing is my neighbours would all be middle aged to elderly, I dont mind that at all though, in fact I’d almost prefer that.
So what do you think? Thoughts anyone?

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Low key therapy session

we had a low key therapy session this past monday. We decided we need to wind down. We have one more session before our christmas break, that, too will be a low key session where we’ll just have a general chit chat and wind down.
Eileen keeps reassuring us that we’ll manage the break. She said its ok to put things away, its ok to just reflect on the hard work we’ve done, and enjoy our christmas, that therapy will be there in january, and for now, for now its ok to shelve things and put them away.
Have fun, relax, chill out, enjoy time with family, friends, enjoy the holidays.
I hope shes right. I hope we’ll manage the break. I can feel some inside tensing at the thought of it. We talked about it with her though so that did help some. Its just some inside only feel safe in eileens office and nowhere else. Thats the hard part.
We plan on giving her a christmas card next week to end our therapy work this year. Emily made it for her. She is looking forward to giving it to her. We also have a card that we bought from a friend, which is signed by a lot of us in the system and which we will also give to her.
Therapy this past year has been really hard but also really good. Its been intense a lot of times, but so worth it, we’re progressing, we’ve done a lot of hard and very intensive work, which wasnt always easy, but then, when is therapy ever easy?
I’m happy we have one more apt before the christmas break. I’m also happy our last one will be an apt where we can reflect, where some inside can talk and chat in general, not have to worry about disclosing, or about doing anything too intense.

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