So last night I went to slimming world to be weighed in.

The good news is that I maintained. After two weeks of no weigh in, I wasn’t up, or down, I just stayed the same which is really good. I am pleased with that.

Now I’m going in, all guns blazing, for next week, so that hopefully I’ll have a loss next week.

A lot of us maintained last night. At least 5 people in the group came in with a maintain.

So I didn’t feel too bad about it.

There’s always next week. I can do this. So far I am down 31 pounds. That’s 2 stone 3 pounds for my US readers.

I’m thrilled with that. In one year I did that. It will be one year next week that I’ve been losing weight.

Here’s to the next year of losing!

Time too…

Its time to Charge up my apple watch! Tomorrow I start my exercise regime! I am going to aim to get 10 thousand steps in! I hope I can! I have some workouts that I can use on my phone, I got them from a friend, they are walk a mile in 20 minutes, I think I can do it!
Then on Friday I go to the gym! I am aiming to do 40 minutes on the treadmill! And 15 or 20 on the bike!
Its time to hit the ground, running!
If I charge up my watch, it will keep track of the exercise I do. That way I can log my activity which I really want to do!
If I do this and do it right, I can also get my body magic award in slimming world, for the bronze award, you need to do 3 15 minute sessions in a week, for four weeks.
I am also hoping to go to the gym on Saturday!

I know I’m going to be up!

I am so nervous to go back to slimming world on Wednesday! I know I am going to be up! I just know it!

I tried to weigh myself yesterday on my own scales, but the batteries ran out on them, don’t know whether that was a good or bad thing, but it meant I wasn’t able to weigh myself. Probably for the best since I am kinda obsessed right now about it!

I have eaten a lot of junk over the holidays, but haven’t we all? I don’t mind if I am up a little, but I’m afraid I’ll be up like 7 pounds or more! If I am I’ll cry! I cant handle that!

If I am up 2 or 3 pounds I wont be too bothered, as I can lose that within a week again!

I seriously am nervous though about going back in! In my support group on facebook, the one all of our members are in, one of them wrote that she was up 3 pounds, at weigh in. I was like, if that’s me I’ll be happy!

There was a weigh and go group last Friday, but I didn’t go, I figured I’d wait until the 2nd, to go! So I am hopeful, fingers crossed ya’ll that it is not bad news, or if it is, that its not a lot of weight I am up!

Meanwhile, I have stopped eating junk food! I am now being more mindful of what I put in my mouth! And more careful and I am making better food choices too!

Wish me luck for a good or kinda good, result!

Not a good wresult this week

so I had a pretty horrendous result on the scales tonight. I was up 1.5 pounds. Dont know how! I did everything right this week! I cant think why I am up! But I am! Unfortunately! I keep losing and regaining the same 1.5 pounds over the last 3 weeks! Its so irritating! I just want to get past this and start losing again. That sure would be nice if I did! I will have to take out my slimming world books and go through them. I am also going to go to iceland which is a local store here that stocks the slimming world frozen meals. I am also going to increase my water intake. I’ve been a little lax about it lately. So yeah with all that hoping I will start losing again and next week I will hopefully have a better result on the scales!

Weight worries!

So today I am worrying. I feel like the weight I’ve lost is good, but I have a ton more to lose!

I feel like I’ll never get there! Its taking forever and I’ve been kinda stuck at 2 stone 3.5 pounds for weeks now!

I just want to shift the weight! I want to start losing properly again! Like, losing 1 or 2 pounds each week like I had been doing.

I’m a bit paranoid that I will never make it! I feel stuck.

I hope its just a blip, though. I think it is. All my weight is in my stomach, and today I worried about having saggy skin when I am done losing it. I hope I don’t!

I would be so upset if my body looked all saggy! That is just something I am not hoping will happen!

I worry a lot about it. I worry about a lot when it comes to weight. Its a real struggle for me. Weight and weight loss and related issues have always been a huge battle for me.

I guess I should be looking and noticing all of the progress I’ve made in the last couple of months. I know I have made huge strides, and lost over 10 percent of my body weight, but I dunno, I just, I feel like I have a long way to go yet.

The battle hasn’t been entirely won yet, but I am slowly getting there. Its just taking longer than expected.


Just home from slimming world. I had a successful week this week weight loss wise. I was down half a pound, its not a huge amount, but its better than nothing, and I am going in the right direction, so I am happy. I got a few tips from my consultant to boost my weight loss for next week. Basically she told me to eat more speed foods, that’s fruits and vegetables, and fill up on protein as well. We actually spent the time in group tonight going through our books. We do this every couple of months as a sort of refresher course for all of us. I find it really good to do it. So another half a pound down now, I am nw down a total of 2 stone 3.5 pounds, or 31.5 pounds for my US readers. I have lost that much since febuary of this year. And I feel really great. Life is good. I feel good about myself again.

90 KG

So I just went to get my 3 montly shot of trevicta. They weighed me and they said I am 90 KG. When I got weighed at my last appointment 3 months ago I weighed 94 KG. That thrills me that I’ve lost 4 KG in 3 months. I am so delighted about that. Its great progress! The nurse told me that the next time I get my shot which will be in December, I’ll probably have to go down to the smaller sized needle. She said since I am losing weight they’ll have to adjust the needle size as well. She said they’d be weighing me again at my next appointment, and to make sure that they did do it if it was a different person giving me the shot. When I started losing weight back in Febuary I was 104 KG. Now I am 90. Wow! That’s just amazing. Its the lowest weight I’ve ever been well in a good couple of years. Probably its my lowest weight since around 2006. Here’s to losing another 4 KG over the next 3 months. For those who want to know what 90 KG equals in pounds, its 198 pounds. I’m smashing my weight loss goals, yay. 🙂 😀 ❤