Fibbing Friday valentines edition my responses

Here are my responses to yesterdays fibbing Friday, valentines day edition.
I am late with them,but here they are all the same!
❤ 😀
1. Which Hollywood couple met as Mr and Mrs Smith?
Arent they all Mr. and Mrs. Smith?
2. Who sang about Two Hearts?
3. Why are red roses associated with romance?
Red represents passion!
4. Why is Love all around?
Where else is it going to be? All square?
5. Roses are red, but why are violets blue?
A girl called violet hasn't a damn clue!
6. If you were wined and dined by candlelight, what would be your first thought?
This is not normal!
7. What was Rudolph Valentino’s job before Hollywood?
He helped santa in the north pole.
8. How did Cinderella lose her glass slipper?
Her ugly sisters hid it.
9. If you were in The Love Boat, where would you be?
Up on deck.
10. Why does Love hurt?
What's a little pain with no gain?

Hope you've enjoyed my answers!