Giving a Presentation in college tomorrow, wish me luck

Tomorrow morning I have to get up in front of my class at college and give a presentation. I am presenting on schizophrenia.
I am so nervous about it. I think it will go ok. It should be fine. I am going to write out some notes tonight that I can use, I am not using powerpoint, I am going to use braille notes instead.
Everyone else in my class did theirs last week. But I couldnt as I was in the UK so special arrangements were made for me to do it this week instead.
Please can you all send positive vibes, thoughts to me for tomorrow. If you pray please pray it all goes off ok.
Thanks guys,


Happy friday!

Happy Friday everyone! I am so delighted its almost the weekend! I love my weekends!
Although this one will be filled with doing college work!
I have an article review to do! Igts a review of an academic article which has to be 800 words in length.
I also have to sort out my presentation! I will be presenting on schizophrenia next week in class. I am so nervous!
I am going to do it all on Saturday. The weather is meant to be bad this weekend so it will be good that I am staying indoors and getting my work done.
Mom and her sisters are supposed to go out tonight for dinks, I was going to go with them, but I’ve decided now that I wont. I wouldnt be drinking if I did, and if I did I’d have to leave Nitro alone for a long time, about 5 or 6 hours, and I dont want to do that.
My PA is going to be here in an hour. The storm has passed, its not raining or windy outside, so I am going to walk to the ATM get my money out, and I am also going to go to the gym.
I havent been to the gym in a while. I want to start going again. I gained about 2 pounds while I was away. I need to lose that and some more on top of it by next week for my weigh in.
I am also going to go volunteering today. I will get in touch with my supervisor later and I will go in after lunch. I am looking forward to it.
I hope you all have a great friday!



We are leaving in 10 mins to go to the airport! I hope the flights go off on time.
I am so nervous. Mom is too.
She is nervous she’ll have a breathing attack. I hope she doesnt! I wouldnt know what to do if she does!
Our sisters dropping us to the airport. We have 2 hours to wait once we are there.
I just hope the flight is a smooth one.
Wish us luck!


Got a little sleep

So It ended up that I got a little sleep last night. A few hours. Its 7 AM now. I’m just waking up.

Still feel nervous. But I’m going to suck it up and just deal.

If I stay busy for the morning I wont have much time to think about traveling.

My sister is picking mom and me up later and dropping us off at the airport.

Mom just got up, I just heard her get up. So I think I’ll go talk to her for a while. Have some breakfast. A funny thing happened during the night.

I was hungry so went out to the kitchen to get an apple. I brought it back into bed with me. Then I forgot to eat it! I fell back to sleep instead! Lol!

Anyway, catch yall later!



I don’t see myself being able to sleep tonight. I feel wired. I am tired, but I doubt I’ll fall asleep. I think I’ll probably just stay up reading. I will probably be sorry I did that though. I should try to go to bed at a decent hour, as we’re traveling tomorrow, but well, when did I ever do that? Never! I’ll be ok, I’m sure I can go to bed early tomorrow night when we’re in England. I don’t have to stay up until everyone else goes to bed. Right now I am nervous about traveling. I am nervous about the flight, I hate flying. I am not the best traveler. My anxiety is very high. I’m sure I’ll be fine. I need to remember to buy some sweets for the plane, in case my ears start popping while we’re up in the air. I hate when that happens. Hoping to get a little sleep, even if its an hour or two only.

Rang my aunt. Sorted out about the alcohol problem

so i did it, i rang my aunt. mom asked me to do it as she felt unable to do it herself. i rang, and i told her we couldnt bring her any vodka, i told her that we were only checking in one bag, and we werent allowed to bring it on bord the plane.

she tried to tell me I could just buy it on bord, but I quickly told her we couldnt, that there is no more duty free now when you travel from ireland to the UK. I dont know if thats completely true or not, but I just told her that, just so she’d leave it be about the alcohol.

And she did. She didnt pressure us, she said it was fine, and she’d have to do without it.

She said she’s not coping. She said she’s suffering badly. Our cousins body is now in the funeral parlour, on respose. Our aunt said her husband and daughters went today to see her, but she didnt go as she felt unable to see her lying there in the funeral parlour.

She seems ok with the fact we arent going to do what she asked. mom said she was probably chancing her arm in asking us, as she knows she’s not allowed it in the house and if her husband knew there’d be war. he’d have a fit. she knows this and she probably thought with what happened and her daughters death that we’d just cave in and do what she asked.

i’m glad we sorted it now. we were both feeling weird about being there. just because she’d done this. now i feel much more at eas. i feel happier about going now. i feel like things will go off ok.


Volunteering today

so volunteering went well. i had a quiet shift today. i got all my calls done relatively quickly. all of my clients were doing well. one of them was ill, and one was in hospital, but other than that, they all seem to be fine.
some of them are so sweet. one of them said i was his favourite volunteer. he said he liked hearing the sound of my voice.
another one told me to have safe travels this weekend, and she said she was thinking of me last weekend when I had to do college work, the weather last weekend was bad and she said it was a good thing it was bad when I had to work.
the clients always make a point of asking me how i am, if I am busy, what I’m up to for the weekend, etc.
its so sweet. they love to know about me, and I enjoy sharing some stuff about myself with them.
Also today, my supervisor asked me if I could do some extra shifts, she said if she’s short staffed, would it be ok for her to call me, so I told her the days and times I could do, and that I’d be free to come in.
Its nice to know I am needed, and I dont mind having to come in extra days, I enjoy it very much.