Nitro and aftercare

so next week we have aftercare with nitro, remember we were meant to have it before christmas? well the guide dog school just called me, and a trainer will be coming out to my house next Monday afternoon at 2 PM to review nitro, see how he is doing, and possibly chat about retirement, as he’s 8 now. I am so nervous. I am glad though that its actually nitros trainer who will be coming out, I know her, and she’s really nice. I know she will be kind, and I am delighted that it is her, and not someone I dont know doing it.
So this time next week I will know more, wish me luck guys!


3 things challenge 21st January 2019

Todays prompt is: superhero, washing machine, pizza

A little ramble this morning, because I have no good writing inspiration…
Our littles want pizza! They’ve been wanting some for weeks, but not the frozen kind, oh no. They want pizza delivered to our house! I said no! I dont want to chance it! I am still dieting, and that would really mess up our weight loss for sure!
I did get them a treat last night, it wasnt pizza, but it was fried food. We had fries with garlic mayo and chees on them. Darina was in heaven! She loves food! She’s six, and just loves having treats.
So they’re happy now. In other news, I have been washing clothes all weekend, my washing machine is constantly going because I was washing my bed sheets as well as some of my clothes, I must have used up a ton of electricity doing that! But now I have all clean sheets and clothes too so thats great!
And now its time to go feed my superhero Nitro! He’s whining at me, wanting his breakfast, he’s standing looking mournfully at me, as if I never fed him!


JusJoJan prompt 21st jan. 2019 echo!

Your prompt word for today 21st january is echo!

I love my amazon echo. I have the echo dot. I love it because it makes things so accessible to me, being that I am blind!
Alexa is sooo cool! I know people might think its freaky, or weird. Or that its freaky that she’s always listening to you. I dont really think about it too much, otherwise I might not want to use it!
I love how I can ask her things like give me a quote, a joke, or a recipe! And she does it and she’s really accurate!
I love how I can ask her for the traffic in my area, the weather for anywhere in the world, or any question actually. There are also skills you can enable to make her more intelligent!
You can listen to music, read your books, set alarms, make lists, shop etc. Its amazing and awesome what you can do!
I have two echo dots now. One is in my kitchen and one is in my bedroom.
I am so glad I bought them! They have made my life much easier and I really enjoy learning about the different skills and each week alexa adds new skills too which is nice! She’s always learning to be more intelligent!



well my plan to stay home has changed! my friend norma rang me. she isnt going out now to her brothers house so she said if I wanted to come over she’d be available. so I am going to go to visit her this afternoon. at 4 PM. I’ll stay for a couple hours. She doesnt have many visitors or friends, so I want to try to be there for her. We are good friends. We actually have known one another for years, we went to school together, she’s a couple years younger than me though. We both have mental health difficulties, and we’re both blind, so we have plenty in common. It will be fun to go hang out. I’ll enjoy that. I wont bring nitro. I will just go on my own.


worry worry

I am so worried. I have so much on my mind. I feel so anxious.

I worry about volunteering, if I am good enough at it. I worry about whether my clients will be ok, I worry for them when I am not at work, I know I shouldn’t take my work home but I cant help it.

I worry about Nitro. He’s 8 now. He’s coming up for retirement. I hate that he has to retire. I mean I want him to live out his last years of life comfortably, but I don’t want to think about him dying, getting sick, etc. I worry constantly about that.

I worry about my mental health. I am very symptomatic right now. Very much so. I worry what if things don’t improve, what then?

I guess I am full of worries this morning. Its a lot to think about.

Ask me a question!

Ok guys, I am going to do a Q and A post!
Anyone wanna ask me a question? I am putting it out there, so ask away!
I am open to answering any and all questions from my readers!
If there’s something you’d love to know about me, just ask!
I promise to answer truthfully!


Morning ramble

I’m having a very productive morning. My PA amanda is here. We went to get my money out of the ATM, and while we were at the local shopping mall, we went to the butchers, and I got a nice stir fry, with steak in it. I will have that today for dinner. I also bought garlic potatos. I love garlic potatos. Amanda cooked the stir fry for me, and all I need to do now is heat it up later on when I want to eat it. I never got to the gym. My motivation to exercise just isnt there. I am going to push myself though to do a 1 mile walk later today, I have a 1 mile walk on my phone, which takes 20 minutes to do. I will try really hard to do that walk every day this weekend. I have to try harder. I am being far too lax about exercising. And I know thats not good for me. I know I need to be trying. I am wasting my gym embership, but I will get back there too soon. I’ll start with the walk on my phone first, and build up to going back to the gym. I am not going to go volunteering today. I dont feel in the mood. I still feel very impacted by the recent death of one of my clients. I need to try to text Eileen later on today and see if we can do a phone check in. I know I spoke to dr. barry on Wednesday about it, but I just feel I need to also talk to Eileen. I know if she is able to she’ll give me a phone check in. She knows I wouldnt ask unless it was urgent. And I feel this is urgent. I cant stop thinking about the client. I keep replaying the conversation my supervisor had with me over in my head. It freaks me out to know that she lay on the floor all night, possibly alive for some of th e time. I just feel that I cant help anyone today. I dont feel in the right mind frame to help anyone right now. I feel I Just need a break from it today. My plan is to have an afternoon where I do self care things, and chill out. Just sit at home, watch tv, read, etc. Mom is coming over tomorrow, and I am planning on going to my friend Normas house on sunday if she’s free. So I do have a few things planned for this weekend. I hope your all having a nice start to your friday.