brain fog

we had the worst dissociative episode this evening. It was so bad that we missed our time to call eileen. We were supposed to check in with her at 7:30. When we eventually got back to normal it was 8 PM, luckily when I rang eileen she was still able to talk to us.
We had a good chat. She’s going to work with emily on tuesday, we don’t have therapy until tuesday because Monday is a bank holiday in ireland.
I told her that its been super hard lately, and all the littles are freaking out. They think when we get to her office on tuesday that she won’t be there. She kept reassuring them that she’ll be there, and we can walk around the office with her and familiarise ourselves with everything in her office again. Its been 15 months since we’ve been there.
Now I am on my recliner relaxing and watching the tv. So far I only have a sore arm from the covid vaccine, I havent had any other side effects, thankfully.