Found out

Just got back from therapy. I found out that it was Eileens husband who got ill while she was away. It was serious, he got very ill. He’s on the mend now though. They got home last week he got transferred to a hospital here in Cork. They were taken home from Spain by ear ambulance. I need said that was a really daunting experience, I am Arjun it would have been. It was a shock to find out that it was her husband. I’ve spoken to him a few times on the phone before. He’s a very nice man. Just to know that it was someone so close to her who got sick, that was shocking. It’s good to know he’s going to be okay. She is taking another few weeks off work but she will continue to see us. She’s also taking a break from college she lectures at college she’s taking a break for a few weeks while he recovers. It was so good to see her today. Such a relief to have her home. Missed her like crazy really really missed her a lot.

Therapys resuming on monday yay!

Eileen is home! She rang me this morning! She’s finally home! Yay! I am sooo thrilled!
We’re having a session on Monday at 10! I am delighted! Its so good to have her home!
She only got home at the end of this week! Things can go back to normal now yay!
Normal service can resume!
This good news has made my weekend! 😀
I am on cloud 9 to have her back home!


check in with Eileen

So finally we got to check in with Eileen!
She’s in good spirits!
She said she still doesn’t know when she’ll be home though! She’s waiting on her relative to be transferred to a hospital in cork. They are waiting on a bed. So far though there are no beds in the hospitals here. So its just a waiting game now!
She said as soon as she knows more she’ll text me!
We arranged to have another phone check in next weekend! In the meantime if she gets home sooner than that she’s going to text me to let me know!
We talked about how we’ve been, and she was able to reassure the kids that she’s committed to our work together, she told us to try not to worry about her and about our sessions, that she is coming back and we will definitely continue our work together!
I am so glad to know that!
It was reassuring to talk to her!
I’m glad we did.

A surprise phone call

A weird thing happened today. I was napping and my phone rang. It was my landline, that is unusual, most people phone my mobile.

I answered it, and a lady from the organisation that funds my therapy was on the line. She told me she was phoning me to check in.

Eileen had to tell them that we hadn’t been doing any therapy for a few weeks because of her being stuck in spain. So they were ringing me to make sure I was ok, and that I wasn’t struggling.

I got a big surprise as I wasn’t expecting that. She told me that they have a helpline I can ring if I am struggling and need extra support. I knew about their helpline but I never thought to call it.

Its good to know I have that option. I am glad to know its there.

We talked for about 15 minutes. Just about everyday things, like the weather, tv, dogs, not serious things. I felt much better after our chat. The ladys name was margo. She was extremely nice.

She said she’d phone again next week, and she’d continue to phone until I started back to therapy with Eileen.

No therapy, no therapist!

Omg! Eileen just called us. She’s still in spain! She called us to tell us a family member is ill. And she cant fly home! And she doesnt know how long she’ll be out there, it could be a week or 2 or three she isnt sure. She said we were in her thoughts, and she obviously wont be able to see us on monday now. And she wanted to make sure we’re ok! Of course we arent! We’re very worried now. And sad and overwhelmed.
She rang dr. barry last night. And they talked. And dr. barry told her she’d contact her the community psychiatric nurse sarah. And they’d offer us more support. I couldnt believe eileen did that for us! She Wanted to make sure we had support, how nice of her to do that for us! And how nice of dr. barry to get right back to her about us.
I am so lucky with my team! They are all so amazing!
Eileen kept telling us not to worry, that everything will be fine with her family member. She said we could keep in touch, I told her I’d text her in a few days, and she said she’d get back to me then and we could have a check in call. I told her I dont want to bother her when her family member is ill. It must be pretty bad though if she cant come home!
The kids are frantic. She told us to try our best to support them, and to be adult, to have the adults around if we can and not to let the kids run the show or to try not to do that.
I did tell her how badly we’re struggling with depression and suicidal thoughts. She wanted to know if it was because of her being away. I said yes, partly it is.
She told us that if needs be to go to the hospital to be assessed, that if things get bad, to try that, or know we have it as a backup plan if things were to get really really bad for us. I know that. To be honest if things got super bad I’d rather tell dr. barry about it and then she could admit us if she needed to.
So thats the update. I really feel bad that someone in Eileens family is so ill. But I also feel bad that we wont be seeing her on Monday. I’m torn. I feel torn in both directions.


Therapy breaks suck so much

well its gone 1 AM and I am still up! I cant sleep! Story of my life, right? To be honest, I am feeling pretty unsettled tonight. I miss Eileen a lot. I wish I was able to talk to her. I’ve been playing the recordings she made for us. I feel pretty sad tonight. I am not really ok. I’m trying to be, but it isnt really working. Therapy breaks are so tough. the attachment pain is bad. I feel lost. I feel alone. I feel like nothing I do is sootheing me. I even took out the empty bottle of rose scent eileen gave us and started smelling it, thinking that would help, and it did a little bit, but I still feel awful.
Its just not a good night. I am struggling to cope. Struggling to be ok. Thank god there is less than a week of the therapy break left now!


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