#Socs: Oh fiddlesticks!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is oh. Use it as a word or find a word that starts with oh. Bonus points if you start and end with oh. Enjoy!

Oh. My. God!
Can I say it again?
Oh. My. God!
I’m just like, will I ever get my assignment done?
Its Saturday! College work is not what I want to be spending my saturday afternoon on!
I’d rather be spending my time with friends!
Or relaxing with a good book!
Instead I am preparing a presentation! Ug sigh!
At least I have pepsi! I had to come over to my own house to prepare the presentation, and I have no milk, so couldnt even make a coffee!
Well as you can imagine I am not best pleased at that fact!
I need coffee! At least there is one good thing, when I am done and go back to mom and dads, mom will have my dinner ready for me!
We’re making cottage pie, topped with turnip! Turnip instead of mashed potato! The healthy route!
Its a slimming world recipe! I am looking forward to trying it out!
Well better get back to work now! Adios for a while!


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Book promo post! Bettina’s Bonus by Anna Fondant

This is a book promo post! A blogger friend, Paula Light, has written this wonderful romance novel, she writes under a pen name but she’s ok with people knowing its her that wrote the book!

Heres the description of the book!

Bettina meets Greg on a blind date gone topsy-turvy. He’s the wrong man who might just turn out to be Mr. Right. It’s not so simple though. Bettina has to overcome her preconceived notions about men and relationships in order to learn to love and trust again. Greg has some heart-healing to do himself as he falls for Bettina’s seductive charms. Will passion’s flame burn out, or can these two fragile hearts nurture that fire into something that lasts for a lifetime?

And heres the link to buy a Kindle version:


This book looks awesome! I recommend you go buy a copy right away!
Paulas writing is top notch!

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3 things challenge #24

Kate had an array of teddies. But miffy was her very favourite. As she sat on her bed, clutching miffy, her mom walked in, she smiled at kate.
Good morning, sweetie? She said.
Time to get up!
Awww mom, do I have to, kate groaned!
I’m afraid so, dear!
Kate’s mom spyed a piece of paper on kates desk.
What is this? She asked picking it up.
Mom, no! Thats private kate said! I’m writing a letter to my friend!
Yeah, and you cant read it, mom!
With that, kate jumped out of bed and snatched it away!
Well that was a good way to get you up, her mom quipped, now get dressed and come down for breakfast, ok?
You dont want to be late!


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#Socs: The taste of coffee!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is -tast-. Find a word that contains tast and use it in your post. Enjoy!


I’m wide awake at 3 AM. I didnt sleep well. Probably because I had a nap in the afternoon yesterday. Well I was not doing anything else, and I hadnt slept well the night before either. So a nap it was.

I got 3 hours of sleep in the afternoon yesterday, and tonight I went to bed at around 10:30 and slept until just after 2 AM.

I doubt I’ll sleep any more now. So what did I go do? I went to my trusted coffee. I made a brew. A cup of smooth coffee. Yum! It tastes delicious! I love how this particular coffee tastes! Its expensive, a jar of it cost me 10 euro but its worth it.

Its pouring down outside. Its so sootheing to listen to the rain. I love it.

I have therapy in a few hours. We’re looking forward to going. We have to tell her we booked our trip to colorado to see Sarah. And we also have to talk about other stuff, allie is going to have some time, as will liz.

Then I am working this afternoon on friendly call. My supervisor is off today so I hope there arent any problems. If there are I suppose I could ring her or just wait until she’s back in the office tomorrow because I work tomorrow also. I wont be on my own so if anything does come up I’m sure I can ask someone else’s opinion about what to do.

Well off to drink this coffee! ❤


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Fowc: Flippant

Dont be so flippant, Debbie said. Why not? Sarah chirped. Isnt everyone these days? No, not really, said debbie. You know, said Debbie, I cant help it. Everyone gives me good reason to be flippant.
Oh? Sara looked intensely at debbie!
You do make me smile, even when your being flippant!
I’m glad I make someone smile, debbie quipped!
Lets make our coffee, sit down, eat cake, and chat!
The two women were besties, and had been for years! Nothing could break their unbreakable bond.


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