If we were having coffee…

So its late. Its 2 AM. I am up though so I decided to write.
If we were having coffee I’d tell you that tonight me and nitro we ate a huge tupperwear tub of fresh fruit all cut up. I was eating it and my boy was being his usual begging self, and coming over to me all nose and paws and wanting some. So of course I couldn’t resist. I ended up giving him a ton of mandarin orange slices. I gave him so much of the orange slices that I was thinking oh god what if he gets an upset stomach? But no, he’s quite happy and content on his blanket beside me fast asleep.
I would tell you that after our day today at the lake mom decided to spend the evening at her brothers house, her brother had also come to the lake with us. I decided that I wouldn’t tag along. Instead I watched the voice kids on tv. It was awesome. What a final! All the kids in the final were so talented! I didn’t expect the child who won it to actually win!
I would tell you that tomorrow my sister will come to our parents house and we’ll all have sunday dinner together, its a ritual for us, most weeks we have a big sunday family dinner. This weekend we’re having roast pork, roast potatos, turnip, peas, mashed potatos and gravy and Yorkshire puddings, yum! I must say I do look forward to our sunday dinners. My dad cooks them. He’s an amazing cook too.
I’d tell you that our weather has heated up again. We have had temps in the mid to late 20’s celcius for the past 8 weeks. Its been great. No rain at all in over 50 days! A tiny bit of drizzle the other night but nothing much at all. Its been great and we’ve had plenty of barbecues in this hot weather. I’ve also had to have my fan on constantly and while at my parents I leave my bedroom window open to leave air in.
I’d tell you that this week is a busy one for me with appointments. Especially on Monday, I have both my therapy session with Eileen on Monday morning and I will see my psychiatrist dr. barry in the afternoon. I am looking forward to both appointments. It will be my second last therapy session before Eileen goes on vacation. We have a ton to talk about, including preparing for her vacation.
So that’s about it for this chatty post, what would you tell me if we were having coffee?

Weekend coffee share. Busy week, self care day, poetry book, volunteering, and job hunting

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you that this week is going to be busy. Lots happening, lots of things going on places to be appointments to go to etc.

I’d tell you that on MOnday I will go to my stress managemtnt course. I am loving this course. This is the second week of 8 weeks. I would tell you that Monday is also therapy day. And Monday I also have a new girl covering for my home help, because there is something wrong with her car. I am very nervous about this new girl coming to my house. I don’t know her and that always makes me anxious, not knowing the person who is working with me. Still, its only for one day so I am sure I can manage.

I would tell you that on Tuesday I have mentoring and we are going to work on my poetry book. We are going to sit down and proof read my poetry and put each piece on a separate page. I need to sit down on Monday night and see what poems I have types up and put them all into one document. That will take some time, and is the part I am not looking forward too.

I would tell you that on Wendesday I see dr. Barry. I have a valentines card for her that one of my friends very generously made since I am so not good at making cards. I hope she likes it but I think she will.

I would also tell you that on valentines day, there is a self care day on at the basement club. For two hours we are going to watch some ted talks, listen to relaxing music, make a card for ourselves, eat some nice food and generally do self care and be nice to ourselves. I am excited about it. After all love starts with loving yourself.

Thursday and Friday are my volunteering days. I now have 42 and a half volunteering hours which is cool. I’m excited to meet Emily who is the new admin supervisor to see where we can take my role in the future.

I would also tell you that I went on indeed to look for jobs. I put in call centre in the search and boy so many jobs came up! I will need to start looking at all of them to see if there are any that I want to apply for. I also need to put office work into the job search to see what part time ones show up. I am going to email my CV to my job coach on Monday so he can look at it and let me know if its ok. Job hunting is hard work!

Well guys, thats it for this weekend. Thanks for reading.

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