nitro’s ear problems

nitros ears are still full of wax, despite me putting drops in every day, twice a day. its so annoying, that no matter what i do or try his ears dont clear up. its uncomfortable for him, and I wish I could sort it out for him. He is very good, he lets me put in the drops without any issues. I think he actually enjoys having me massage his ear for him. He stands and pushes his head into my hand, its just his left ear, the right one is ok. He has to go back to the vets next week for a top up booster shot, I might ask her to deep clean his ears for me. I also have an ear cleaning solution that I also clean out his ears with. The poor pup he’s such a good dog. and he’s so uncomfortable. I hate seeing him suffering. I love my boy so much and I’d never want him to suffer in any way. I wish there was a magic cure.
carol anne


Time to get weighed in 🙏😀😇

Well, another week, time to go and get weighed in.

I cheated this week, I weighed myself on my own scales. It says I’ve lost a couple of pounds so we shall see. Here’s hoping it’s right and I have.

Off I go, wish me luck.


Monday meet and greet on therapy bits

Hello fellow bloggers! 😀 how are you all doing today?
I thought today I’d do a meet and greet, I havent done one in a little while!
The rules are simple. If you’d like to participate, leave either your own blog link, or some links to posts on your blog that you love or are your favourite posts. You can also leave links to other blogs, or posts on other blogs that you’ve read and liked.
Please reblog and share this post too so that more people can get involved!
Lets do this, its fun to meet new bloggers, and also see some old familiar faces!
Let the party start! So get liking, commenting and reblogging!
You know you want to!

carol anne


Happy holiday to you sis

so my sisters off to spain today for two weeks. wish I was her, no, i really dont, as we already have very hot weather here, and if she would have known it was going to be so hot, she wouldnt have bothered going at all.
I keep telling her she has wasted her money. she said she’s going for the kids though, all their cousins on her partners side of the family are over there right now, and so she decided to bring her two as well.
she wont be home until the 18th. but the airline she’s flying with are on strike on the 12th, ryan air, so who knows, if the strike isnt resolved quicly, she may be there for longer than planned.
Our parents have her two pugs. So they are being spoiled.
I do hope she has a fabulous time there though. Its nice to get away from the normality of our daily lives too sometimes isnt it?


going on a day trip with my mom tomorrow

mom and me are going out for the day tomorrow. we are going to cobh, which is a town outside the city.
Its about a 30 minute train journey to get there.
we’re going to take a picnic lunch with us. we will also take a walk around the town, and then in the afternoon I promised mom a treat of a drink in one of the local pubs.
The town of Cobh is a touristy place, lots of tourists go there all year round.
it should be a nice day out, will be nice to have it be just the two of us. i’m looking forward to spending some one to one time with my mom.
carol anne


nitro is so happy in the sun

nitro is just loving the sunshine, well thats when he’s not exhausted from it, but yesterday, I gave him an empty water bottle, and he proudly pranced around the garden with it in his mouth, teasing our dads dog biggie as if to say, look what I got lol. Biggie tried to then chase him, but nitros way too fast and can easily run rings around him. Well biggie is 12, and a little bit on the chubby side so…no wonder nitro can run faster than he can lol.
but he really enjoyed playing in the garden, he loves going to my parents house, as there is another dog to play with, and he enjoys that, and today my parents will be taking on my sisters two pugs, while she’s off to spain for two weeks.