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To my followers, question time!

so wordpress tells me i have 1 thousand 155 blog followers. Thanks, everyone! I am in awe! Who would have thought my little blog would have so many kind and wonderful followers following it!
Another blog friend asked her followers some questions, so I thought I’d ask mine the same questions.
I’m especially interested in your answers, especially those of you who rarely or never comment! I’d like to get to know all of you and start some conversations!
So please answer these if you dare!

  1. How is your day going so far and what are you excited about doing in the near future?
  2. What is the most favorite aspect about yourself, and why?
  3. What is the biggest challenge you have faced thus far in your life, and how did you overcome it? And if you are still working at it, what’s your game plan?
  4. What is something you are a jack, master, or expert in/of?
  5. What was the subject of the last dream you remember having?
  6. Why is your best friend your best friend?
  7. What do your favorite pajamas look like and why are they your favorite pajamas?
  8. If you had a time machine (think TARDIS) and you can go anywhere in space and time, where would you go and why?
  9. Why is your favorite color your favorite color?
  10. What was the last thing that you laughed at — like hard core belly laugh, spewing soda out your nose, sides hurting, can’t catch your breath?

come on, I’m waiting for you guys to make me smile! ❤ 🙂

daily word prompt oozing

arm red raw
blood oozing
slowly trickling
down, down, down
to the ground, ground, ground
I sit
I contemplate
Should I treat it?
Or leave the blood dry
A voice inside my head says
Dont treat it!
You do not deserve to get help!
You did this to yourself!
You are rubbish
You are worthless
You are a freak!
I listen
cry silent tears
because I think
Its all true

I was just Nominated for the blogger recognition award

Thanks to kimberlyf over at this girls got curves for nominating me for this lovely blogger recognition award!

Kimberlyf’s blog is great. I highly recommend you check it out. She blogs about her experiences with being bipolar and living with mental illness, I find her blog to be truly inspiring and so will you!

steps to accepting the award

1. Write about how and why you started blogging.

well i originally started blogging in 2012. originally my blog was just called many of us’s blog. I had the first blog for 3 years. But my domain ran out and i forgot to reregister and so it went dormant and so i restarted a new blog over here at therapy bits.

I blog about living with did, complex ptsd, and what its like to go through intensive psychotherapy. I also blog about my daily life, and I throw a sprinkling of quotes, recipes, songs, and reblogs in the mix too.

I wanted to start a blog originally because there werent many did people blogging out there, on wordpress, that I could find. I wanted to dispel the myths about did and ptsd and I wanted others to know they were not alone on their journey.

2. Mention the person who nominated you and write a short description about them.

done see above

3. Choose 15 other bloggers for a nomination for this award.

I dont have all the blog URL’S here to hand but here are the names of some blogs I am nominating, a quick google of the blogs title will bring it up for you i’m sure.

all the little parts

girl in therapy

marci mental health and more

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diary of a recovering co-dependent

all around the mullberry bush

midnight demon

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therapy diaries

4. Write 2 different pieces of advice for new bloggers.

my advice to new bloggers would be

1 be real! be honest, be true to who you are and be authentic.

2 interact with your readers, feedback and likes are nice, but be nice back, comment to your commenters, and engage with them. And also comment on other blogs, its how you get to know like minded people.

5. Let the people you have nominated know about you nominating them and send a link to your blog post.


Recipe share. Chocolate truffles

Chocolate Truffles

1/4 cup whipping cream

2 tablespoons Grand Marnier liqueur

6 ounces sweet chocolate, broken up

4 tablespoons sweet butter, softened

Unsweetened cocoa

Boil cream in small heavy pan until reduced to 2 tablespoons. Remove from heat. Stir in liqueur and chocolate. Return to low heat. Stir until chocolate melts. Whisk in softened butter. When mixture is smooth, pour into a shallow bowl. Refrigerate until firm, about 1 hour. Scoop chocolate up with a teaspoon. Shape into 1 inch balls. Roll the truffle balls in the unsweetened cocoa. Use a cool working area. Store truffles, covered, in the refrigerator. Let truffles stand at room temperature for 30 minutes before serving.


If you don’t mind using liqueur, there are many types of spirits you can use in this recipe for different flavors. In place of the Grand Marnier, try kahlua, Framboise, or Amaretto liqueurs.

Makes 20 truffles.

Daily word prompt-delivery

Its so so important when you have a mental at
of services happens efficiently.

Consumers, the patients, need to advocate, and keep advocating. You and only you know what you need. No one else can tell you that. You know your body. You know how you feel and who can help you.

We are very lucky. We have a great team behind us. With a did diagnosis and with complex ptsd, things can be complicated. With these conditions, you do need a good team behind you in order to improve.

Our psychiatrist dr. Barry is wonderful. She is empathic, she is validating, she gets it, and gets us. She listens, that is the most important thing. She questions how things are for us, and then, she listens to the answers we give her.

She’s been our psychiatrist now for almost 5 years. Wow, has it been that long? It sure doesn’t feel that long. It seems like it was only yesterday when I was first introduced to her and it wasn’t under the best circumstances.

I was really ill. I had come into hospital in a bit of a crisis. I was very triggered. I remember telling her I didn’t know why I was triggered. She didn’t believe me. She said you must know, you are living with this condition daily. That was one of the most profound things she ever said to me.

I am living with did. I am the expert. Only I can know how I feel. Only I know my triggers.

I also have a wonderful therapist. I see her weekly and I’ve also been seeing her almost 5 years. She is truly a godsend. So amazing. She has saved us on many occasions and she has taught us much about healing and given us many tools to help us heal.

Its great that I have such a good
of services to help with my mental health. Without my team, psychiatrist, therapist, OT, community psychiatric nurse and social worker behind me, I am not sure I’d be where I am in my healing today.
I owe all of my thanks to them.

Milestone! 1000 blog followers

a couple days ago, I reached 1000 followers on my blog.
you are all amazing! I love engaging with my readers, comments, feedback, likes, I love them all and I love you all as well!
Thank you for liking my content enough to follow it. It means more than you know. I never thought when I started my blog that so many people would like reading what I have to say!
It tickles me that you do!
So thank you, everyone!