Aine Carroll singing the new james bond theme tune

Hi guys 🙂
Today I am sharing a song by aine carroll, she’s a singer from cork in Ireland and she is really good.
She went to the same singing studio that I went to.
That is, voice works studio!
She was also a contestant on the voice Uk a few years ago. She has a youtube channel which you can check out, just search for aine carroll.
Here she is singing no time to die, the new james bond theme tune.
Enjoy 🙂

Song lyric sunday

Jim Adams, AKA newepicauthor, is hosting song lyric sunday and this week he has chosen the theme: LISTEN/HEAR/TALK/SPEAK

I found this one quite easy. There is a song I love by beyonce, its just called, listen and it is the most inspiring song, it comes from the movie dream girls, which is a great movie.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do! Beyoncé really can sing!

Love is in da blog for feb. 26th…everything I do…

Today’s theme for love is in da blog is:

A love song that charted in the Top 10 or better

This song was out a good many years ago. It hit number one in the charts. I loved it then, and I still love it now.

Love is in da blog Feb. 24th A love song containing a location

For todays love is in da blog prompt, we are asked to talk about a song, a love song, that contains a location. I’ve chosen a song from cork in Ireland, which is the city in which I live.

Enjoy this song 😀

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Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 24: A love song that contains a location & Prompt for Day 25

Love is in da blog, day 7

I’m late to this but thought I’d participate in bee’s prompt for day 7!
If you want to know more about Bee’s prompt, click the link at the bottom!
Bee has given us a challenge, to find the worst love song ever! A hard one I think!
Well here is mine!

For more on this great prompt check out Bee’s post below!

Love Is In Da Blog 2020 Day 7: Worst ever love song & Prompt for Day 8