Looking after my mental wellbeing

I am feeling unstable at the moment, very much so, so in order to look after me, and my mental wellbeing, I will do some stuff to try to break out of the func I am currently in!
The first thing I will do is write a post answering laura of laura venturini’s weekly song challenge! Thanks for tagging me Laura!
After that, I will go make a cup of tea, because I am not able to sleep, and hot tea soothes me. And it soothes my alters, so tea it is!
Then, I might have a snuggle with nitro, if I can get him to wake up! He always makes me feel better. I am sure he wont object if I want to pet him and snuggle him! He loves pets and scratches!
After that, I think I’ll read a chapter or two of my book. Maybe have a shower, maybe put on some nice smelling lotion, I have my lovely rose scented one, that always reminds me of my therapist eileen, who I miss a lot right now!
I will be ok! I am not giving up or giving in to the darkness or dark emotions and thoughts!I can beat them! I got this! I can do it!
I am strong! I am courageous! I am a fighter!


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Working on us, week 8

I am participating again this week in beckys prompt working on us! This week the prompts really made me think! I am choosing to do prompt two and the prompt is a photo, which I cant include on my blog, but the description is below, becky kindly described the photos for us visually impaired readers!

Visual of the image is a field of flowers in the colors of a rainbow and above it is a bright rainbow against a beautiful blue sky.

I have chosen to write a poem! so here goes!

a beautiful rainbow
set against a really bright sky
oh how I love how it makes me feel
happy, content
a far cry
from the deep despair
depression and gloom
that I so often experience
a field of flowers
rainbow colors
cheers me up
every time i think of it
and just like a rainbow
I am
not whole
but not broken
many fascets
many alters
all roled into one
like that field of flowers
shaped like a rainbow
we soar
spreading our wings
fly free


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Proud of myself, I am beating my depression!

I am so proud of myself! I went out this weekend, I didn’t just sit at home! And believe me I felt like it late last week, I felt like I wasn’t able to do anything go out anywhere or be with anyone!
But I pushed through it! I went out with my mom and made wonderful memories. And I am so happy I did that!
I will beat this depression if its the last thing I do!
Depression wont have the last laugh here, I will!
Making memories with my mom meant more to me than sitting alone at home wondering how to not be depressed!
Its tough going through it but it feels so good when you achieve something, even a small thing!
Be proud of those small achievements! I know I am!
Depression can rob so much from us! Its important to count the wins that we get!
So yes depression you can fuck off! I am winning, I won this weekend!