Amazing author #A to Z challenge

Hi, everyone!

Welcome to my letter A post for the A to Z challenge 2023!

I am unofficially doing this challenge, therefore I am not using a theme to write my A to Z posts!

Instead I am just picking a topic for each letter of the alphabet!

For my letter A post, I want to talk about an amazing author.

The author in question is Maggie Hartley.

She is a foster parent, based in the UK.

Her books are totally amazing! I’d highly recommend them to everyone!

I’ve read all of her books, I just finished her latest one today!

Her books are all available on audible, and on kindle!

I suppose you can get paperback versions also. But I generally read them on audible.

I love how she writes, and tells the stories of the kids she’s fostered.

Some of the stories are heartbreaking, but all of them have happy endings!

If your looking for some memoirs, and inspiring stories about kids who’ve overcome the odds then read Maggie’s books!

You won’t be disappointed!