Working on us mental health prompt, week 4

This week I am again participating in beckys working on us mental health prompt. Becky blogs over at Beckys mental mess, I urge you to go check her out if you dont know her already! She is an amazing blogger, so kind, supportive, and caring!
This week she gave us two prompts, a questions prompt and a photo prompt. I am choosing to participate in the questions prompt.
Below you’ll find the questions, and my answers.

Prompt #1 Questions:

How do you deal with the Stigma surrounding your mental disorder/illness?

I write a blog to raise awareness! My disorder is rare, I have did, did is so misunderstood in the mental health community. So I write my blog to raise awareness of the disorder.

Does the Stigma associated with mental health bother you? If so, in what way?

Yes. People think those of us with did are monsters! I’m not saying everyone does, but the media has made sure that did is something to be afraid of, they either sensationalise it or else make us all out to be freaks and monsters!

I absolutely hate it!

Once again thanks to becky of beckys mental mess her post is below if you want to read and participate!


Writing prompt 23, from Sarah elizabeth moore

What I see in the clouds

Rain and stormy skies. That is what I see in the clouds tonight. My dreams are stormy. My mind whirs. It spins. I look to the clouds and immediately I fear a storm is brewing.
I hope I can contain it. I hope my clouds will turn sunny soon. I like the sun. I like fluffy clouds, a fluffy cloud feels safe. Its safe to say I am a child at heart. I havent lost that childlike wonder, that a fluffy white cloud can bring. I want to sit on that cloud and dream.


Interesting docuseries

I am watching a docuseries on R kelly. I watched surviving r kelly when it aired in january, it was very interesting, now this is a follow up to that. Its good. Its talking about the aftermath of surviving r kelly. They said after the docuseries that spotify put a mute button on their ap so that people could block artists that they didnt want to hear. They also said that there is a lot of convtroversary around the whole R kelly story. Did he do it, didnt he? Who knows if he did, but my gut feeling says he did. I mean all those women cant be lying? There are far too many women that have come forward for that. Its a pretty good documentary. Its a good thing that women are being able to have thier voices heard. Sexual abuse and rape is all too prevalent, its good that more celebrities are being shown up for what they did, just because they are stars doesnt mean they should get away with it. It just said on the show that after surviving r kelly aired, that calls to the survivors hotlines increased 10 fold. Sad I think that this is the case. But good that women are able to speak out now.


an overcast cloudy sky
a cool breeze
coming through my window
rain threatens to fall
no sun at this time of the night
just clouds, and dreary skies
and an even drearier mind
As my thoughts race
And I face
Another night
Where sleep evades me

The storm is over and I survived!

So I survived th e storm!

I didnt sleep too good, but its over now, and everything and everyone is ok.

It was a pretty bad one all things considered. The wind was really howling, and it rained a lot. There was a ton of damage, but my parents house didnt get damaged thank goodness.

I’d say I only got about 3 hours sleep last night, I just couldnt drop off, the wind was just too loud. Nitro slept though, he wasnt too scared at all.

This morning, its like really calm. Its definitely the calm after the storm.