#whatif prompt 5th oct.

Today’s prompt:

Did you pray for him . .?

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.

Did you pray for him
that he’d die
have to say
yes, i did
each day
each night
i prayed and I prayed
as if my life depended on it
I prayed he’d meet a grusome end
the man who abused me for all those years
I prayed he’d die a horrific and painful death
justice was never served
so why not?
why shouldnt he die a horrible and very painful death?
He hurt so many
It wasnt just me
no, he hurt many
I was one in a long line
Today, as I write this
I am praying for him
I am praying
He’ll die, a lonely and broken man
He deserves that
For everything he’s done
And I, I deserve peace
Peace in the knowledge that he’s gone

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I’m fighting a battle. I’m not ok. This time of year really sucks for us!

I am so emotional. So fragile. I feel so raw, so unsure of myself.

I just want to run away! I am struggling so much right now! I cant do this!

I really am not feeling ok. I just, feel…overwhelmed!

Ug sigh!

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Our mood is better the sadness is gone now. thank god!
I am so happy we feel better again!
I am chilling out here at mom and dads, have felt so lazy all day!
Did not get up to much! Off to watch x factor now though. Feeling all warm and cosy! 🙂
Loving it! I love my weekends!

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thoughts whirling around in my head
as I sit
drinking my steaming hot cup of coffee
thinking too much
afraid of my mind
what it holds
frightened of where the thoughts are going
breathe in deep
slow things down
as my therapist would say
be in the moment
but oh boy
I am too scared
so back into the past I slip
as my head dips
tears fall
I call out
someone, anyone please take these feelings away
for today though
they stay
so I slap on a smile
pat my dog
stand up tall
be brave and off I go
to visit a friend
hoping against hope
that today I can make it

Slept all day!

Yes! I did I slept the entire day away!
Baaaad me!
But well, I am not really bothered. I needed the rest.
Sometimes you just do, right? Well for me I felt exhausted so I did need to just sleep, and sleep I did today.
I only woke up to eat breakfast, and dinner, now though, I’m wide awake. But I only have to go volunteering in the afternoon tomorrow, so it doesnt really matter if I stay up half the night.
And more importantly, I feel very rested, which is nice.
Have you ever slept an entire day away?
And did it help you if you did?

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Lindas SocS prompt for this week is “t, tea, tee”
And heres my take on it…

A cup of tea, its the bees knees. Always makes me feel good. I sware by it. I am always in a better mood if I make myself a cuppa. If I have a problem? I make a cup of tea. If someone else has a problem? I give them tea. If I am sad, I make tea. If I am thirsty, I drink tea. Yes, I drink a lot of the stuff. Probably too much. But I love it!
Do you drink tea? What type is your favourite?
Mine is english breakfast tea! And I do like apple cinamon and pumpkin spice and berry tea too though!

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