Spam, damn!

god I am so irritated. I just deleted 44 spam comments, only 2 of them weren’t spam.
God these people who spam, or robots, or whateverthefuck they are, they’re annoying!
So many comments about Viagra, CBD oil, and a lot that just made no sense at all!
I try to check my spam cue once a week, to ensure I get rid of unwanted comments! But sometimes I will forget!
Does anyone else get a lot of spam comments to their blogs?
I guess I am rather amused as well as irritated! Because its clear the comments will go to spam, so why do they even bother trying to comment in the first place? Makes no sense!

Video courtesy of summer shines studio and blog…

Summer shines blog is spreading awareness of suicide and mental illness, by writing hand written notes of inspiration, to let people know they are not alone in their struggles, watch her latest 9 minute film for more details.

Oh I hate being in this position.

Colin is having a bit of a hard time, if you can help him please please do it. Take the time to share his post so that he can get maximum exposure, and if you can help then please please do.

Welcome to my world.

I never thought I would ever, in my life, write a post like this.

As I am writing this I’m not even sure if I will post it or not I actually hate myself a little for even thinking about this but here goes.

As anyone who has even so much as glanced at my blog over the last 18 months you will know that since May last year I have been unemployed.

I have spent the last year at home as a full time stay at home dad and I have loved every minute I have spent with my daughter but now things are getting tight with money and I’ve been trying to get a job, interview after interview and I keep getting rejected.

So I decided to train to be a driving instructor.

This is harder than I thought it would be, I am trying to pass my…

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Midmorning update

so dad and me are managing without mom being here. he’s not whining much thank god! I am coping. I am doing much better than I expected. I had breakfast, and showered, without any hassle from him, without any complaints. he’s gone out now. he went to the bookies to do his weekly looto numbers. he’s also gone for a drink. he’ll only be gone for about 2 hours. that’s his routine and he never strays from it. he’s a creature of habit is my dad. he is very particular about times. im heading out later this afternoon to normas house. but not until four pm. I already booked my taxi. i’ll have lunch before I go and then have dinner when I get back, but that wont be until around 7:30 tonight. im looking forward to spending time with norma. I might also go visit her tomorrow. was meant to be going to my friend rose’s house tomorrow but she’s ill so she canceled. she has some sort of virus. I hope she’ll be ok. so when I see norma today I will ask her if she’s free tomorrow and i’ll go over to her house in the afternoon after we’ve had dinner. mom is having a great time camping, I’ve been talking to her. twice this morning we talked. she said she’s having fun so that’s awesome. i’m happy for her.


thoughts whirling around in my head
as I sit
drinking my steaming hot cup of coffee
thinking too much
afraid of my mind
what it holds
frightened of where the thoughts are going
breathe in deep
slow things down
as my therapist would say
be in the moment
but oh boy
I am too scared
so back into the past I slip
as my head dips
tears fall
I call out
someone, anyone please take these feelings away
for today though
they stay
so I slap on a smile
pat my dog
stand up tall
be brave and off I go
to visit a friend
hoping against hope
that today I can make it

Love myself, day 8

I took a little break from this challenge over the last day or so. But I’m back to it today.

Today, I’m happy to say I’ve been able once again to come up with something good that I love about myself without too much trouble.

What I love about myself today is, my willingness to help others. I always try to help others where possible. I enjoy it. I enjoy the feelings it brings up in me.

Its a really good feeling to know you’ve made a difference in someone else’s day. Or life.

I’m really glad I am able to do that for others.