techy stuff

so I’m having techy issues and its making me crazy.
I’m trying to change my email client to windows live mail. I had to read all of my email accounts, yes, I have more than one, in fact I have about 6.
I did that. now its downloading all of the messages from the accounts, its taking a while though and I am on limited data.
I hope all of my data doesn’t get used up.
I like computers and enjoy working with them but I hate having tech issues.

Music Monday blog party over at the bee writes…celebrating life and all thats good!

Its that time again, music Monday blog party time!
The bee writes has a blog party where you can participate by posting a song and celebrating your life! So come on what are you waiting for!
The rules for participating are…
•I invite you to celebrate your life and your work
•Do it in any way you like: cup of extra nice coffee, bake a cake, dance, sing or even have a party
•Write a post about it
•Add a song either with a video or a link to the song that makes you feel empowered (add the lyrics if you want to)*
•Leave your link here in the comments and I visit and post a shout-out-post on “The Bee Writes…”
•Party-End is Wednesday 30th of May 2018, 2.56 pm GMT (

Ok so, now that I’ve shared how to participate, its time for me to participate for this week…

My song for this week is…

Blog share. BPD mama lex

hi guys 🙂
Tonight I have another great blog to share with you all. This is a new blog to me and a new blogger. Her name is lex and she has been diagnosed with bpd, ptsd, depression and panic disorder. She is just starting out with blogging and I am sure she’d appreciate it if you took the time to visit her and give her a follow 😀
her blog link is

Go over and say hey! 😀
carol anne

Blog share. Young, dumb and bipolar

Hi guys

I have another new blog to share with you all today.
Its a blog written by a woman in her 20’s living with bipolar disorder.
the link is

Pop on over, say hi, give her a follow, I know she’d be really glad if you did!