Anxiety is gone, for now

Shortly after I wrote the post last night about feeling anxious, I decided to go back to bed, I knew I could get rid of the anxiety if I slept.
And I did sleep, and when I woke it was gone! So yay!
Its 6 AM now and I’ve been up for half an hour. I woke up feeling really hungry so I ate a banana.
My plan this morning is to go out for a walk with Nitro. My PA Frances will be here at 9 AM. I will have breakfast and then go out. It will do me good to get some fresh air.
I am also working today on friendly call. That won’t be until the afternoon though.
I really hope my anxiety doesnt come back. I would love a day without any anxiety.
Eileen texted me yesterday. She said she’s planning her holidays, and she gave me definite dates when she’s taking them and when we’ll see her again. She is taking holidays from the 19th, until the 3rd of august. Well, she’s actually taking 4 weeks off but she said she’d see us after 2 weeks, so I am very grateful to her for that.
I hate therapy breaks, but I will try to stay positive. Its 2 weeks. Hopefully we can manage it.