I skard? someone help?

it taylor. i skard. i no lik dis nite. i bes havin bad memrees. it no fun! i so fraid. i want a hug! i need eileen! i need sumone! i need dis nite to end! i jus ned a hug and sumeone ta tel me i gona bes ok!
it bes windy oteside! i skard of the blowin winds!
is der sumeone around ta tok to?

A lovely afternoon

So the christmas party for friendly call was today as you all know. It was fab! I had so much fun at it!

We went to a hotel for a christmas lunch. The food was amazing!

We had turkey, ham, mashed potatos, gravy, stuffing, brussels sprouts and carrots. Then for dessert we had christmas pudding with cream. It was absolutely gorgeous.

There was music, nice easy listening music, and some of our clients even got up to sing. We also had a guest artist, a 15 year old girl who was a winner of the junior eurovision contest in ireland. She sang two songs and oh my but she was so amazing!

There was also a raffle and everyone got a prize! I won some hand cream! It smells so good! I enjoyed winning a prize.

It was a lovely afternoon of good food, good conversation and fun. I even met some of the clients who I hadnt met before. One lady even asked especially if she could meet me which was so nice.

I got home around 6 and have been chilling out since then. I face timed with my friend sarah, that was nice. She’s been feeling depressed and she said our chat helped her to feel better. Thats awesome. I’m happy I could make her feel good again.

A bad storm

We had a very bad storm last night. I was so glad to be snuggled up in bed. It started at around 7 PM. It lasted right through until around 4 AM. There was a lot of rain, and very high winds. There is a lot of damage around the city now because of it. Fallen trees and stuff. It was hard to sleep with the wind. But eventually I did sleep. And this morning its calm again. However we’re meant to have another storm tonight. The one last night was called atyia. Nice name for a storm, I thought.

Christmas gift list Completed and other updates

My shopping for Christmas is now 100 percent completed! I wrote out cards for my mom and dad today and I put the money I am giving them in them. Now I’m done and so happy to be finished!

I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot this holiday season already! I have bought for everyone on my list. I am organised, or more organised than I have been in a few years. Last year I wasn’t this organised!

I can now enjoy the lead up to Christmas! Next weekend mom and my sis and me and the kids are going to glow, which is a festival here in cork city, its on every year for the month of December, we’ll go and have some food in the food market, go on the big ferris wheel, and then go in to the Christmas winter wonderland that has been created in one of our city parks!

I am so excited about going! Its one of the highlights of Christmas for us each year!

Mom took my sister shopping today for clothes, she’s giving both my sis and me clothes for Christmas, but she will also probably give us a couple of little surprise gifts, she normally does. She wanted my sis to pick out her own clothes, I got to pick out mine last weekend.

I’ve also bought myself a new outfit to wear for the friendly call Christmas party, which is this coming Wednesday. That will be a nice get together. We’ll spend time with the clients, have a meal and some music and stuff. I am planning on getting all dressed up, putting on make up and having a fun filled day! The volunteers and staff from friendly call are planning on going out afterwords, once all of the clients get dropped home. I don’t think I’m going to go with them though. I am not drinking due to dieting, and so I don’t feel up to going into town socialising.

I’ll enjoy the Christmas party though! We’re having a raffle to, and each of our clients will get a gift. All of us the volunteers had to bring in a few gifts each so that there is something for every client.

So that is my little christmasy update! I am a very happy camper tonight! College done and dusted, Christmas gift list complete, what more could I ask for!

Relaxing in the bubbles!

in the bath
bubbles everywhere
sinking into this feeling
of pure bliss
soft bubbles
warm water
envelopes me
taking all my troubles
the anxiety disapates
its no longer there
all because
I got into
A nice, hot bubble bath