An update

I haven’t really been on here over the past few days. I’ve been super depressed.
I am not sure what is going on, all I know is that there are some insiders who are feeling really down and depressed, and that is rubbing off on me.
I spent the weekend at our parents and just got back home about an hour ago.
We did not get up to much over the weekend, we just had a quiet one.
Time to recoop and chill out!
We read a lot, and slept a lot!
I hope the depression doesn’t last for a long time. I am glad we have therapy tomorrow morning. We badly need it.
We also see Dr. Barry on Wednesday, well, we have a phone apt with her.
So we’ll talk to her more about how we are feeling then! Not sure she can do much though, without actually seeing us in person!

Moms health is worsening

My moms health is worsening. As you all know, she has COPD.
She was scheduled to have an X-ray to see how her lungs are doing, but she rang today and she was told the x-ray department is closed now due to the pandemic. They told her they’d send for her when the pandemic is over.
But she is now having trouble walking a short distance. She gets really out of breath.
I told her to call her GP and make an appointment. I advised her not to let it go. The doctors are still seeing patients and they’ll see her if she cals. She may need an increase in her inhalers.
I am worried. She has been struggling a lot lately and she’s definintely gotten worse.
If you pray, please pray for her. Or send me positivity. I could use it.