Song of the day 100 like me

this is Stephanie rainie, a musician from cork where I live. this is one of her songs I love. Its really good lyrically and I am addicted to it.


Succumb to my emotions

I succumb to my emotions
and now I feel weak
Stupid even
How come I keep doing this?
What is wrong with me?
pain, hurt, sadness
Its all there
All encompassing
I succumb to it
Even though I try not to
Now its time
To make some tea
And breathe into the emotion
To just be
Be free to be me


SOCS prompt for this week is Well

The #SCOS prompt for this Saturday is well.
The Friday Reminder and Prompt for #SoCS Oct. 14/17

Well, its Saturday. And oh how I love Saturdays. Saturday I think it is my favourite day. It is usually a day where I can rest and recuperate after my busy week.
Today, I am doing just that. Even though I got up early, I am lazing around…not doing much of anything.
I definitely want to read some today. I’ve been online for a while this morning, and I’ve eaten breakfast, yummy scrambled egg on toast.
Emotionally I’m doing well. I feel happy. I feel content. I feel loved. And it feels so good.
Well, I must go make myself a nice cup of coffee. Bye for a while.

Exceptional, a daily word prompt from a few days ago

Things I am

1 singing
2 knitting
3 listening to others
4 reading books and taking in the storylines in them
5 being non judgemental
6 being kind to my friends
7 loving my dog
8 being sarcastic 😛
9 loving my partner
10 Getting along with others

Big feelings

I am cloaked in pain
swamped and sinking
under its heavy weight
it feels insurmountable
like i’ll never recover
why does it have to feel this way?
so big, so painful
feeling so alone
I start to panic
can I do this?
Will I survive?
Or will the pain win?