missing our sisters bbq

im bummed. our sisters having a bbq tomorrow. and we’ll miss it.

carol anne says we’re going to the basement club instead of the bbq.i like the basement club, but i cant come out down there. im not allowed.

its not a place for kids to be out. well thats what our bigs say.

i wanted to have a bbq though. eat sausages and burgers. i dont think carol anne wants to though because of our diet.

we did get some crisps though for a treat, we’ll have them this weekend. on saturday night when we’re watching britains got talent, and carol anne says we can have a chicken burger on saturday for our dinner so thats good i guess.

i think chicken burgers are yummy. and carol anne said she’ll even make us cocktail sauce to put on it, yummy.

allie im 9


hi everybudy
it me lexi
ges wat
im playin wif nitro
hes so funy
he is diving on tha bed
and sitting on my lap
hes such a cutie
i had to put ar stufies out of tha way tho
cuz hed eat them
ar bunies ar stufie bunies they ar important
der nams ar misha and nibbles
emilia gave us misha
which we named afer her cat misha
and nibbles is the first one we had
shes a ty buny
shes purple
she always come to tha hosptal wif us
and wen we go see dr barry she comes
i love her
we sleep wif them two bunies
the news is on tv
i don lik hearin tha news
cuz it usuly sad
and somtims its scary
k i beter go now
we hav to take a shoer

me taylor

it 10 clock
i cant sleep
i posed ta be in bed
but im fraid
that purson who bang on ar door
thay skard me
i not likin when peple bang tha door
i tryin no be skard
i lisend to tha book eileen read to us yeserday
i lik hearin her voise
it mak me fel safe
i tryin memorise the book
i woner cuz nitro bark
if it meant danger
he never barks ever
or very litle anyway
it a scary thing that peple come at night
it was afer 8 pm wen thay knocked
is anyone up and abl to tok?

i saw fishies

i seed fishes
and otters
and crabs
it was so much fun
we touched a sting ray
he had no stinger tho
he was very frendly
he liked to be touched
he almos came rite ote of tha water
im glad he had no stinger
cuz i wuldnt lik ta be stunged by him
ther were big 10 foot sharks
i fink carol anne putted a video of them on here
im skard of sharks
but thay was inside glass and culdnt get ote
boy im so glad
i had a real fun day today
i wanted to buy a stufed pengin
in the gift shop
but he was 20 euro
and he wasnt that big
so carol anne said no
but she let me have some chocolate for a treat
darina ballerina, im six


it lexi and I’m super hapy
taday were goin to the beach
I’m so sited!
it gona bes fun!
igona collect seashells
and walk on tha sand
and maybe dip my feets in tha watr
we at bringin a picnic lunch too
samwiches and chips and cookies and fruit
hapy day everyon
lexi six

pet farm

it taylor
i hapy cuz kno why
we going to a pet farm
proly tomoro
but i cant wait
i jus lov tha aminals
specialy tha goats
and i want pet them
i think thay so funny
i going to get some pictures
of me petting them
it wil be sooo much fun
we ar havin a great vaction
my favorit things that we did were bolling
and the horse and cart ride
and the pet farm wil be my othir favorit
taylor six