Hi guys. How are you all? We had pizza for lunch. That was cool.

We are leaving soon to go to the airport. It’s been nice seeing all our relatives. Looking forward to going home though to.

I’m glad we got to have pizza for lunch. We are thinking of coming back here in the summer. We are planning a trip again in August or September. I can’t wait.

Well I better run. Talk to you all later. Hopefully the flight home will be smooth. I’m nervous about it. I don’t like flying.

Lexi here guys

hihi everybudy
i wanna come say helo. i having gud day.
the bigs drink coffee, i no lik it.
it yuck. tasts awful.
i lik coke but we can only hav diet coke now
that ok but we gots none at ar hous
i drinked the las one wif diner las nite
is warm here in ar hous
the heat is on
i lik to be all tosty
and warm and i going ask carol anne to mabe mak me som hot choclat
dat wil be nise
we hav ta go ote later on tho
the bigs going voluntering
i not do that it jus somfin tha bigs do
i go play insid when thay go do dat
i need get a new book for eileen to read us
mabe i go look in ar books
we hav a lot of kids ones
mabe eileen can read some of them to us
that wil be neat i think
i lik wen her reads to us
it fils safe safe
she records herself readin to
i lik wen her do dat
cuz then we hav it if we need hear her voise
wel i gots go now
tok to yu al later
lexi six


i Filin sad sad sad

i filin so sad
everwhir hurts
i very sad today
not like be here at home alon
it skary
i siting wif liz now
her help me writ this
her is in a bad mood tho
grumpy liz i be callin her ahaha
ok i smild a litle now
but is skary be here
i be hear peple oteside
and i fraid
wat if someone com in here
in ar house
and someon go get me
no want that hapen
fraid fraid
fink i go colir now
mabe i can mak a art fing for eileen
miss eileen today
want her to be here
miss her voise and hugs
ok going go mak a picter for her
adelle im four

darina and I got hot chocolate

is me darina
in case yu dint kno
i be six yars owld
gess wat guys
i gots hot choclat
and marshmalows
i love it
carol anne maked it fur me
and im sharin wif lexi and taylor
thay ar both six to
taylor ben havin a hard nite
so me and lexi ben being nise to her
help her and be her frind
it fils hard when shes sad
i dont lik it
it maks me fel bad fur her
so mabe tha hot choclat wil help
i hope it does
it early mornin here
lik 6 am
we jus fed nitro
and let him oteside
hes all hapy now agin
a hapy puppy
darina ballerna im six

Emily, i feel as if I am gonna die

i woke up scared. i had a hard night. im not ok. i want need a hug. wish eileen was here. i feel so unwell.
my body is aching, all over. i feel hot and clammy and my head is burning.
and my chest is tight and it hurts. everywhere. it just hurts.
i feel like i am going to die.
butterfly hugs
Emily, age 12

3 things challenge 21st January 2019

Todays prompt is: superhero, washing machine, pizza

A little ramble this morning, because I have no good writing inspiration…
Our littles want pizza! They’ve been wanting some for weeks, but not the frozen kind, oh no. They want pizza delivered to our house! I said no! I dont want to chance it! I am still dieting, and that would really mess up our weight loss for sure!
I did get them a treat last night, it wasnt pizza, but it was fried food. We had fries with garlic mayo and chees on them. Darina was in heaven! She loves food! She’s six, and just loves having treats.
So they’re happy now. In other news, I have been washing clothes all weekend, my washing machine is constantly going because I was washing my bed sheets as well as some of my clothes, I must have used up a ton of electricity doing that! But now I have all clean sheets and clothes too so thats great!
And now its time to go feed my superhero Nitro! He’s whining at me, wanting his breakfast, he’s standing looking mournfully at me, as if I never fed him!


taylor i feel scared

it taylor. i fel sad. i scard. i no like nite time.
my hart is hurtin. is pounding. no like that. fels bad.
i got tok to eileen today. i like tok to her. it good.
we tok bout the growned ups cuz thay werent ther today
i brot us to therpy
but eileen says i shudnt do dat cuz im only six
so she said shed find the growned ups wif me
and she did
i bringed her insid wif me
and we found liz and jade
and dat was gud then cuz i was able to go inside then
to my room and not worry bout them all
eileen said she was sorry i dint getta be a kid
a litle girl like i shoulda been
she said that wasnt fair
i gess it wasnt
tonite i feling sad about remebering things
not like memories
i snuggle nitro
hes fluffy and warm
yay love him lots
taylor six