hapy darina

it me darina and i hapy
i hapy cuz i got to hav lots nummy food las nit
lots of turkee and ham
that wat we always hav to eat on crismas
did yu merican peple kno dat bout europeans
thay eat turkey well UK and ireland do
not sure bout everywher else
but las nit at the partee
we had turkey and ham
mash tato vegebles and gravy
stufing and roast potato
and thay even served fries on the side
hahaha that was funy
i like fries
i ate a buncha them
then for dessert we had crismas puding
wif cream and it was nise
i was so full i thot i wuld burst
i like food ha
i lik to tast all the yummy food wen we go ote
wat yu eat for crismas diner guys


littles. darina talking

liz sen me ote to tok
so her i be ha
put up wif me
rit guys
ya all lov me tho rit
cuz i am cute
hahaha everin says that
thay says yur so cute
cute as a buton
so yep dats me
cute as can be
im six in case ya dint kno
i usd to be four
but i growed to six
cuz i am smart
and cute smart and cute ha
i got to email my sissy tonit
my sissy innother system
her nam abby
she my bestest sissy
she liv far way tho in america
and im in ireland
very very far
big ocean got tween us
i visit her tho somtims
and wen i do we do things together
we go stor to get candy
and soda and we go on aventures
hahaha i like aventures

the book came!

it came, it came! our book came in the mail!

we got the book today i feel silly and other moods that make my day, to take to eileens office for her to read it to us.

i am so excited! we cant do it tomorrow but next week carol anne said we might be able to if eileen is ok with it.

we have to ask her first. i will ask her! im not scared to ask!

has anyone ever heard of this book? its written by jamie lee curtis about feelings! you can look it up on amazon that is where we got our copy.

also if you look on youtube you’ll be able to hear people reading it. bet none of them are as good as eileen though. im gonna ask her if i can record her reading it to us!


i am just so sad

i feel sad. i dont know why. i just feel sad. has that ever happened to you?

i dont like it. i dont like the way my tummy feels. or the way my heart feels so sad. sad and hurting.

i think i will cuddle my stuff tiger. she is a white bengal tiger. those are my favourite.

maybe if i cuddle her and wrap up in a warm blanket it will start to feel safe and i will start to feel better again.

allie 9

lazy sunday sleep, therapy and other random things

i feel like i have done absolutely nothing today. i’ve just been a lazy slob.

am I entitled to a lazy day? Rationally I know I am. I’ll be busy for the rest of the week. My weekend is my down time.

But I wanted to do college work this weekend. Its not like I dont have any to do, I have lots. I could be working on reading my two books, I have to review them, comparing and contrasting them. I am reading beautiful boy and tweak, beautiful boy is written by a father about his son who is a heroin addict, and tweak is written by the son, the addict.

I could be doing my community project review. Even though that has to be in on January 9th, and I have plenty of time to do it, I have none of it done. I should really get cracking on that. And or I could be doing my journal of learning for the addictions module part of my class. I am behind on that, too.

so yeah there is lots I could be doing. Instead I lay in bed late this morning…sleeping. It could be argued that sleep is important and I must have needed to catch up on my sleep. And yes technically I did.

It wasnt like I didnt try to wake up early. I got up at 6\:30 and showered. I fed and let nitro out. But then I went back to bed, I couldnt keep my eyes open. That was at 7:30. And I did not get up again until 10:30. And even then I didnt want to move from under the comfy duvet.

I pottered around the house, made a cup of coffee, check my email and downloaded some stuff a friend sent me. Then I got ready because my sister was picking me up at 1. We went to our parents for dinner. And I am staying here tonight. I decided after dinner I needed to go to the grocery store to get grease proof paper to wrap my xmas cake and tinfoil also to wrap up the cake. I also needed whisky as I decided to soak the fruit in alcohol before I put it in the cake. Overall it is costing me quite a lot to make the cake, the ingredients were about 30 euro for everything that I needed. I dont mind though and I am just so excited to make it and ice it. It feels like I am making a special contribution to our familys xmas this year.

I was going to go to my aunts tonight with mom, well that is if she is going, she doesnt know yet as she is waiting for my aunt to text her, but after thinking about it I decided I wouldnt go out, I am still tired and I just want to chill out and watch x factor and be lazy again, haha.

Therapy is tomorrow morning. Whatever happens I need to discuss the did reassessment with eileen. So I will plan on doing that, but I know some other insiders are needing time to talk also. Last night I ordered a book for eileen to read to the kids. Its called today I feel silly and other moods and its by jamie lee curtis. I think it will be good to have something new that she can read to the littles. The last book we got was called in my heart and was also about feelings and she recorded herself reading that to them and we have that and its very comforting.

She likes to read to the littles and they love it when she does that for them.

hi frum darina

hi hi evryone
i hapy today! kno why?
cuz the bigs got us pizza! and dat make me so hapy.
it is a meat feast pizza
it sooo good i had it before and i likd it
so we going have it dis wekend wen we wach x factor
dat wil be cool i fink!
i love x factor cuz i love singin
i wanna be famous some time all ovr yotube
hahaha i do mak videos so im alredy famous ha
dos anone else lik singin
or wachin x factor or the voice
darina i six