hi its me allie. im watching the voice kids on tv. i love it. i love hearing all the kids sing. its cool. darina is watching it with me. she says she wants to be on it. hahaha. shes so funny. i think shed go on it if she could. she adores singing and i think shed do a real good job if she was on that show.


Coming up on 1 AM

we’re still up and awake. at almost 1 AM.
Shirley went to bed at 11, she did manage to fall asleep but only slept for a few minutes. woke up in a weird headspace. feeling kinda spacy. and anxious. nothing new there we were anxious for most of this evening.
should really try to get some shut eye but no point, doubt I will until I am absolutely shattered and even then I doubt we get much sleep tonight.
some of the kids in the system are up as well. something spooked a few of them. they wont tell me what it was though. they are just acting very skittish.
All I can do is keep reassuring them. I put on some relaxation music. I might also read for a while in a little bit.
I got a little bit hungry so I ate some fruit. Its so lonely being the only person in the house awake.


Courtesy of darina…she put this song in my head!

so darina, one of our littles, she is six, she’s been singing this song, this nelly song all day. And now its in my head. And now I cannot stop humming it. So I thought I’d drive you all crazy too, so I put it here. Enjoy.

WOTD squabble

Todays word of the day is…




so I have been dealing with a lot of squabbles from the littles today. they don’t fight with one another a lot but when they do it is not good.

they’ve been going at it all morning.

pulling one anothers hair, name calling, you name it, they’ve been doing it.

I’ve had to tell them that if they don’t quit there will be consequences, mainly no cartoons this weekend, no pizza, no diet coke. No time out in the body to just have fun and play!

I know I seem harsh, and mean. But I have to get the fighting under control. I don’t want them turning into little tear-aways!

Since I told them there would be consequences it has gotten a little bit better. Now its just adelle, Lexi and sydra who are going at it with one another. Adelle and Sydra are teasing lexi and lexi is not coping well with that.

As you can imagine, I do not want them teasing either, more bad behaviour to try to get under control.

Being a parental figure to a bunch of internal kids is just exhausting!



helo everybudy

Helo. It is darina here. How everbudy be?

I had fun at the beech yesterday

I didn’t get ta play in the sand tho

It was too cold

Well the sun did shine, but we didn’t hav towels so we culdnt get wet

But we did hav a picnic on the beech

Dat was fun

Yu lik picnics? Wats yur fave picnic food?

We had corned beef samwiches with hot sauce on them

And a bag of skips

And fruit and a drink

Mom brot a flask of tea

It was cool to drink tea I like tea

We saw a cave! That was cool!


We wen in ther


We weren’t even afraid!

I bet yu all wuld hav be proud of me!

I waned to collect shells

But nobody wuld help me do it

I did had a fun day tho it was jus so cool to go to the beech

I lik weekends wher we do things

I fink that’s so fun


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