frum darina

we jus had a yummy diner of spaghetti bolognes
it was realy nice
it one my favorits
i love spaghetti
and i think the peple wat live in america
they call it meat sauce
or do they?
is bolognes the same thing as meat sauce?
anyway i lik it and i glad we got to hav that today
ther were som left over to so our mom save it for us
and we going to have it tomoro
but not until we get home from ar weigh in
now i hav to go
carol anne wants to read
byby for a while
darina ballerna
i six


going to the movies

gess wat!
tomorow were going to the movies!
we are going to see mama mia 2 here we go again
i cant wait
mama mia is one of my favourites
i cant wait for this one
ive been looking forward to it tons since i heard it was coming out
our niece and sister and our mom are going with us
its gonna be so much fun!
and carol anne says we can have popcorn! and coke! yay!
so exciting, cuz popcorn is the best part of the movies!
i thot we wouldnt be able to go cuz we had volunteering tomorow but the movie isnt until 7 pm so we are able to go
im thrilled! im gonna have fun there!
allie 9


hi its me allie. im watching the voice kids on tv. i love it. i love hearing all the kids sing. its cool. darina is watching it with me. she says she wants to be on it. hahaha. shes so funny. i think shed go on it if she could. she adores singing and i think shed do a real good job if she was on that show.


frum lexi helo everybudy

dis is lexi
how everybudy bes
im gud
im sited to go see dr barry
i mit tok to her taday
ill see if der is tim mabe i can
i love dr. barry
shes so kind to us kids
she has a nise soft sweet voise too
i love to lisen to it
we be also see mark our OT
i no sure of him cuz he is a guy
i kinda fraid of men
i kno not all men ar scary
but i jus get nervos of them
but it ok cuz i don has to tok to him
carol anne or liz will do dat
we be going to the basement club then afer ar apointments
i am sited cuz i will get to see ar frends der
dats fun and will be fun
we going stay ther all day i tink
i hopin tha sun shins today
i like tha sun
k gots to go now gots to go to let carol anne make brekfast
lexi six


frum erika

me be so hot it warm here
real warm lik i not sure how hot but real hot
nitro drink lotsa water
so do i i had a big botle of it alredy today
i like wen its suny oteside tho
it make me feel good
do the sun make you feel good to?
we goin out in a litle bit
we goin voluntering
i put perfume on and nice body lotion
it ginger soufflet that what it called the lotion
it real nice it smells so good
ok well i gota go now carol anne gota make coffee yucky
erika i 7