I want apple strudel!

hi people! its allie! darinas here with me! we’re thinking about apple strudel. wishing we had some. I love that stuff! its so yummy! maybe we can make some this weekend! I am going to ask our mom if we can. I know how! I really want to bake something and apple strudel sounds like a nice thing to have! but maybe we’re not meant to eat it cuz of the dumb diet we’re on! But maybe we can have just a little? A teeny piece? I hope so! Cuz I love it and I am craving it now that I read Novas word of the day! Its late, I gotta go to bed! Its the middle of the night, and I should be sleeping! So good night from me and darina!
allie 9

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Elephants make me smile, from Emily

hi. its emily. for people who dont know me im 12. and Im an alter in our system. im going to write a little.  i hope all of you are having a good night.
i wanted to write about elephants. the prompt word for the word of the day today is elephant.
elephants are so amazing. they are so big. i wish i could ride on one. now that’d be neat. can you even do that? does anyone know if you can ride on an elephant? i like to visit the zoo and see the elephants at the zoo. thats a whole lot of fun.
i think they eat peanuts, i’d like to feed them peanuts, it’d be fun to see them suck them up with their trunks. Does anyone else know what elephants eat?
i like to watch programmes about elephants too. nature programmes. i like nature documentaries. i bet none of you knew that about me. you probably just knowed i liked butterflies. i like a lot of animals actually. i love nature and think its fascinating.
does anyone else like nature shows?
Elephants got big ears too. Maybe they hear real good cuz they got such big ears. I think they use their ears for something maybe its to cool them down? Im not sure. But I know their ears are huge.
I like the sound they make, too. The trumpety trump sound.
And I like the song nelly the elephant, does anyone know it? Its a kids song. I used to know all the words to it. But I forgot some of them now. We had a cd when we were little, of animal songs, and that song was on it.
So do you like elephants?
butterfly hugs ❤
Loves you,
emily age 12

We are getting a treat!

hi everyone
it is darina! guess wat? we’re geting a treat!
carol anne said we can get take away food!
yummy! im excited
we have not had any in a while!
we going to get food from a place called donatellos
it is a pizza place but they do burgers, wings and fries too
they do speciality fries
like chili cheese fries
and taco fries
and garlic mayo fries
and curry fries
and they do yummy burgers
and pita pockets
we are going to get a burger
a chili cheese burger
and chili cheese fries
and onion rings
that will be our dinner today!
the place isnt opened for a little while though
so we gotta wait until 4:30 then they’ll deliver the food to us!
carol anne said we can have a treat since we been real good lately
and she said we deserve something nice
thank you carol anne!
darina, im six

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song of the day courtesy of Darina!

hi hi everybody!
how ar yous?
you ok? I am ok!
I be postin dis song of tha day ok? it a cool one!
it one of my favorites!
I lik to sing dis and I knos all da words!
jus in case you bes wonerin I am six!
I lik rap music and I lik pop music to!
so here it is my song of da day!


yu fink dats cool?
I do!

darina ballerina!

I just miss eileen so much

its me allie. im really missing eileen a lot tonight.
i been listening to her reading to us. i love hearing her read to us.
when she gets home from her holiday i’m going to ask her if we can read a couple more books together, and record us doing that.
it feels nice to be able to listen to them and have them. it makes me feel safe. and it makes me feel happy and i like that.
i dont actually think eileen has left yet for her holiday, so i might email her to tell her i love listening to the books she reads for us.
elane emailed her the other day to ask her when she’s leaving, but she didnt reply to it. maybe she’s too busy packing.
i might also tell her we’re going to the beach at the weekend with mom. she told us to make plans, and we’re trying to do that.
allie, 9

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i not wana hav a therapy break

hihihi everbudy
dis is me elane
I no want to hav a therpy break
i miss eileen
no wan her bes gone
miss her alredy
want a hug
hered her readin to us
love her do dat
it nise storee
mis her want her soft voise tok to us
no like breaks
no like to hav break frum therpy
elane 5

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darina ballerina here guys!

its me darina ballerina! im writin this post!
in six in case yu dint kno
ges wat?
last nite befor we came home frum the party
we was in tha kitchen
eatin all tha leftover food
we was eating chiken nuggets
and ther was som left
so we took a box of them to tha car
and we was eating them on ar way home
it was so fun!
I love chiken nuggets
we also had potato wedges
who liks those?
we dint eat them all tho
we got too full
tha partee was sooo good!
ther was even a piñata
but I didn’t get to smack it
cuz im in a growed up body
and onlee tha kids was allowed to smack it
but I did get ta eet good food
and dance
and it was fun!
now im real tired taday
we not got to sleep till after 5 AM
even tho we was home at midnight
but its ok we not got to do anything taday or bes no where
so it all good
darina ballerna