A new book for Eileen to read to us!

Carol anne just bought us a new book for Eileen to read to us when she gets back from her work trip.

I cant wait! I love hearing her read to us! It feels so safe.

The book is about anger. Its called everybody feels angry. And its about dealing with feelings of anger.

Carol anne said it will especially be good for me to read this one with Eileen since I deal with a lot of anger. I love when Eileen reads to me cuz she explains things in the book, like pictures and stuff. And as she reads we talk about feelings!

Its pretty cool! Now I am excited for the 19th to come so I can read with her!

The book is gonna be delivered on the 15th! Yay!

So happy to have a new book to read!


I cant go on, someone help

hhihihihi everybody
im so sad. i realy wanna die. i dont feel i can go on. i feel so sad and my heart is hurting. i just feel so scared and so sad.

i cant take the pressure. everything is so overwhelming. my head hurts. my chest is tight. my heart pounds. my stomach is feeling puky. i feel like im going to be sick. it feels icky.

this is a awful time of year. i remember realy bad things. about rituals. and memories of abuse. and people who hurt us. and did real bad things to us.

the memories wont stop. they come at night. and now it is night time. its almost 9 pm. im scared. scared to go to sleep. scared of the dark. scared of everything.

someone make it stop. im afraid to go near the pills. cuz what if i take them all? i feel like i could. its hard to keep going on. its hard not to just give in. i am trying hard. trying to fight it.

butterfly hugs
Loves you,
Emily age 12

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How many pillows?

Another old #whatif prompt from october 15th, but our littles wanted to do this one!

Todays prompt:

how many pillows . .?

Feel free to respond in your favorite way whether it be a poem, short story, photo, video . . however you best relate to the prompt. Simply post your ideas, create a ping-back and use the hashtag #whatif.


it darina ballerna
im six in case yu forgoted
so how many pilow i can fro at you carol anne?
lots an lots!
i fink mabe six!
i wil fro them all at yu and den yu can fro them bak at me!
and we’ll hav a pilow fite
yay! 😛 I’d love that!
i love pilo fites
dems my favorit fing to do for fun!
1, 2, 3 go!
fro them!
pilow fite here i come!
hahahaha 😀
im gona win! it fun fun fun!
whose next to fro them?
darina ballerna age six

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it lexi

it lexi. hi everybody. I be so fraid. I fraid of rembering. I not like it. I not want to rember. rememberin the accident is hard. it so skary. so skary to fink bout it. I not lik finkin bout it. my hart pounds wen I do. and my head is hurtin. my nec is hurtin to. I jus not like it! I wish we never gon to the stor. den it wuldnt happen that we be in a accident.
lexi six

#write 31 days, introducing, allie!

hi. im allie. im 9 years old. my long name is alicia. i go by allie though always.

im not really sure what to write about myself. in our system i am a light. i am looked after by carol anne. she is my inside mom.

sometimes i have meltdowns. i get angry. i break things. i get really upset. i cant help it. sometimes it sucks to be a kid in a grown up body.

i love my therapist. her name is eileen. i want her to be my mommy. she says she cant though. i also love my psychiatrist dr. barry. i want her to adopt me. i wish i can go live with her. but she says i cant. she said thats not possible. i wish it was though.

carol anne says its my passion in life to have dr. barry adopt me and to be taken care of by her or eileen. i suppose that is true.

i like watching cartoons. i also like disney movies. i like the movies tangled, frozen, and the little mermaid. those are my favourites to watch.

i have a besty in another system. her name is rash. she is cool. i love her and we always get in a lot of trouble. we’ve been besties for a while now. she says i crack her up like a pestachio. ha ha!

well thats all i know to tell you! i hope you liked reading this little intro thing about me.
bye for a while!
love, allie!

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