Its emily

hihihihii everyone
its me em. for those who might not know, i am an insider, i am 12.
i’ve been feeling real bad lately. i am very depressed.
i talked to eileen yesterday, and she helped me.
we talked about how much i hate my body. i hate how I look. I hate everything about me.
eileen said I am beautiful, precious, lovable, kind, caring, and she said she’ll keep telling me those things until i believe her.
that might be a while. but i am trying to believe her.
i want to believe her because i trust her, and she makes me feel loved and safe.
i’ve been throwing up a lot lately, becaue my body feels disgusting and awful and i feel fat and unlovable.
i know i shouldnt throw up but i cant help it.
eileen said we’ll keep talking about stuff and processing it.
she is going to hold some of my memories in a huge container and keep them in her office far away from me.
i just feel so sad lately. my heart is broken.
i have been suicidal too. thoughts about ending it are constantly in my head.
jade encouraged me to write here, she said everyone who reads our blog is very supportive and that you’d all be nice to me.
im just scared about the thoughts in my head.
im scared of myself. and of what I might do.
butterfly hugs,
love, em age 12

Party time for the littles!

the littles are pumped
As they tuck into their saturday night feast
Watching a movie
They munch on icecream
A twix bar
Their faces a picture
Of happiness
This is their weekend treat
A time
To enjoy yummy food
And a movie
Without fear
Without triggers
Without sadness
Watching them
My heart soars
With love


it bes so skary i so skard
i wroted eileen
i teled her i am skard
i holdin my buny rabit
her name is cupcake
i love her shes so soft
i liks her long floppy ears
i am four
i wish ican get a hug frum eileen
i miss her and her ofice
i wants go there
i no like the night time
i no lik da dark
i am sad and skard
lissy 4

frum darina ballerina here ar 2 joks

its darina ballerina!
ar frends little gina whose four tol us thees joks
i thot id shar them here wif yu all!
cuz they ar so funy!
so here goes k?
where does a 600 pound gorilla sleep?
give up?
he sleeps wherever he wants!
ha ha ha!
and heres tha oother one?
how do you know an elephants been in your fridgerator?
cuz he leave footprints in the cheesecake!
ha ha ha!
love, darina ballerina im six!


we gots choclat cake!

it is me taylor. and gess wat? we gots to have choclat cake, and it not our birthday yet!
yay! it was yummy!
it was tripple chocolat cake! mmm delicious!
and i think we gets to have a birthday cake tomorrow!
i cant wait!
cake is so good!
who thinks so?
love taylor age 6