Vet visit for Nitro, prayers needed

I have to take Nitro to the vet. The earliest I could get him in is Friday.

They did not have a sooner appointment.

He is limping, it’s his back left leg.

I took him for a walk today and he could barely walk on it, I think he’s in a lot of pain with it.

I wish I was able to get him in sooner than Friday but I am glad I was able to get him in then.

I spoke to the receptionist at the vets office, and he said if he needs x-rays it will be 150 euro for them as they will need to put him under to do an x-ray.

Hopefully he won’t need them. Hopefully when the vet feels his hips and legs, and looks at him he’ll be able to diagnose him.

I have pet insurance, if I need it though so that is good.

It’s a worry. I hate to see him in pain.

Please can you all pray he’ll be ok, and that it is just a slight touch of arthritis?

I am hoping he can get pain meds and something like a supplement for his joints and that will be all he needs.

Send up good vibes, and positive thoughts for him guys!

I’d appreciate it!