All my favourites

I’m being spoiled this weekend. I’m always spoiled when I go to my parent’s house.

Mom is making me all of my favorite meals.

She made steak for dinner today, sirloin steak.

She also made fried onions, broccoli, and baby potatoes.

It was a yummy dinner.

And now, for supper she’s making chicken wings with franks hot sauce.

Yummy! I can’t wait to eat them!

Tomorrow, for Sunday lunch we’re having roast pork with all the trimmings.

We’ll have the roast pork, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, gravy, turnip, peas, again, all yummy food!

I love my Sunday lunches!

Mom is a super cook too!

I’m so glad she’s well enough to make dinner.

She’s on another round of steroids and another antibiotic but she’s doing well.

Her lung that collapsed just got inflamed.

And her heart was racing a lot also.

So she thought it would be for the best to start the steroids and the antibiotic.

Thank god she had them already. She always keeps one in the house now.

Anyway, I’m so excited to eat my chicken wings!

Lol. Good times.