Grocery shop

I just got home a little bit ago. I went to the grocery store with my mum and my sister. I had to do some grocery shopping. I got a lot of nice things so I have plenty of food for the week now. I’m even making fajitas this week, I got a fajita kit and will make chicken fajitas. I’m looking forward to having them. I also got a ton of fruit and some water and some Coke and other bits and pieces that I needed. My mum running to the store for me while I waited in the car which was nice because it meant I could rest and just be on my phone. The main reason she did that for me was because we had the dog with us. I didn’t have his harness with me so I couldn’t bring him into the store. So I just stayed in the car and was on Facebook and looking at email. My nephew stayed with me he’s seven. He was watching YouTube on his mum’s phone. When my mum got done we came up to my house and she help me put all the food away. Then she cleaned my yard. No I’m just resting for a little while. Mum left about a half an hour a go. We are under a severe weather warning tonight. There is a weather warning for snow and ice. There’s also a weather warning for wind and I think rain as well before the snow and ice. If it does snow I won’t be able to go to therapy in the morning. I also won’t be able to start my mobility lessons tomorrow if it snows hard. So we’ll see what happens. But for now I’m just having a nice relaxing chilled out evening at home.

Good afternoon

We’ve had a nice relaxed afternoon. I was meant to work today but I didnt go in. I figured I’d take a day off so I told my supervisor I wouldnt be coming in, and she was fine with it. I told her I’d work on Friday instead.

I napped for a few hours in the afternoon. It was good sleep and I feel much better now. I love when I can get decent sleep. Makes life a lot more bearable!

I’ve been watching tv and doing stuff online, uploading books, downloading books, and checking email. I can do all that while I watch the tv in the background.

I have no plans tomorrow. My mom is coming over for an hour in the afternoon, but other than that there isnt much going on around here. So I am not too worried if I stay up late tonight. I do have my PA coming tomorrow evening though. For 2 hours.

I’m planning on finishing up my current book I am reading tonight. I have 2 hours of it left to read. Its a great book, but it is a bit graphic, its about a girl who was trafficked, and abused by gangs of pakistani men, it is a good read.

Extra help

So I rang my public health nurse today. I left a message on her phone asking her to call me back. I need to speak to her urgently about getting some extra help around my house. My mom was helping me outa lot, but now,she’s just not able to do what she used to do so I need the extra support.

I’ll have a fight on my hands, I know that. Its not easy to get extra help. The services that help disabled people are already stretched to the limit. But I wouldn’t be asking if I didn’t need it badly. The fact is, I do need it urgently.

I’m hoping she’ll ring me tomorrow morning. I’m sure she’ll need to come out and do an assessment of my needs. That will probably be the first step.

Its so hard to get help nowadays. It shouldn’t be, but there you go. It is what it is. As it is, I have 7 hours a week of PA service, I used to only have six hours, I fought for an extra hour, but that took months to get.

I just hope this isn’t going to take months. I need the help now, not months down the line.

Going on disability is a bloody nightmare

My mom is trying to make a claim and get on disability. She went to her GP last week, and at first she tried to just claim illness benefit but things have changed, and because she hasnt worked for the last 2 years, she cant claim illness benefit.

So the GP gave her a form, and told her to fill it out. Its a form to apply for disability. Her COPD qualifies her, its one of the top disabilities on the list. But still she has to fill out all of this paperwork which is so complicated.

She’s very stressed right now trying to fill it all out. It has to be filled in by Thursday when she goes back to see her doctor. Then, once its filled in, and sent off, she’ll have to wait about six months before her claim comes through, which I think is just ridiculous.

In the meantime she is getting a payment, but still, six months seems such a long time.

The government makes it so hard for people. I told her to go to her local welfare officer to get help filling out the form, but she refused, saying they just want to delve into all of your personal business, wich is true I guess.

So right now, she’s at home trying her best to fill it out. Hope she is able to do it and get everything correct on the form. She told me she’ll ring the disability section of our government tomorrow if she cant fill it in or she isnt sure about something on it.

All this just to get a little more money, it just doesnt seem worth it.

Its disgusting

I’ve just spent 20 minutes unblocking my shower drain with my mom. It was so disgusting. There was so much hair down there. We used a whole bottle of mister muscle drain cleaner on it, it was that bad. There was even some of Nitros hair down there. How that got there I dont know! My mom thinks I brought it in to the bathroom on my feet. I hate cleaning the drain. The smell is awful. I hope I dont have to do it again for a while. It should be fine now for at least another six months. All going well I mean. What a horrible job though! I absolutely hated doing it but it has to be done!

Prayers for my mom

Can you all send my mom some positive juju and prayers?

She’s really sick. As you know, she has COPD, well, at the moment she has a very bad chest infection.

She also has a bad ear infection.

She went to the doctor yesterday and he gave her loads of meds, antibiotics, drops for her ear, stuff to put in her nebuliser, and steroids.

Its just gone 4 AM now and she’s been up since 3:15. She cant lie down as she cant breathe when she lays down.

I’m worried about her. Some supportive prayers and thoughts for her recovery would be much appreciated by me.


Well I ended up going out today after all!
I went with my mom and my two aunts, we visited their two brothers, to hand out christmas gifts to them.
While we were there we got chatting. Mom and her siblings talked about when they were kids. So many awesome memories! It was so awesome to hear about their childhoods. They dont talk about them a lot.
They talked about christmases past, and their parents. One of the best memories they had was of their father bringing in bottles of coke, and saying, happy christmas, when these are gone they are gone, and my mom and her siblings never got soda, or coke, so it was a novelty to them to get it.
I just loved hearing about all the things they got up to!
It was the best afternoon. Not only because we caught up with each other, and handed out gifts, but just hearing about their memories, now that made my christmas eve!