Who won the week? 22nd March edition

Fandango has once again challenged us to tell everyone who won the week, it could be a celeb, a family member, a friend, anyone!


For me the person who won the week this week is my amazing and beautiful mom!
She did her best to ensure I had a good weekend, despite us not being able to get out, she cooked a nice curry for dinner yesterday, and we ate together.
She sat with me in the kitchen afterwords for 2 hours, we just chatted, scrolled facebook and it was so much fun!
My mom is my world! I am blessed to have her and I feel like the luckiest girl in the world that she’s still here with me!
So for me, she won this week!

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A bowl of fruit salad

Lovingly my mom
Prepares a bowl
Of wonderful tasty
Fruit salad for me
Chopping, dicing
The yummy fruit
Into pieces
Cover it with yogurt
and then I
Sit down and eat it
it tastes like Absolute heaven!
It is so delicious!
And a healthy snack too!
Everyone should eat fruit salad

What I am doing for my mom on mothers day this year

Mothers day here is on March 22nd. I’ve spent some time this morning thinking about what I will do for my mom on that day. I decided to book a spa day for me, my mom and my sister. So I rang a local hotel which has a spa and I talked to one of the staff about options. In the end I booked the day for all 3 of us. We’ll start off by having a treatment, we’re going to have a head to toe treatment, which includes massage, and oils, and other stuff, I wasnt sure of everything she was telling me as I’ve never had a spa treatment. But it all sounded great. The treatment lasts for 50 minutes. After the treatment we can go and use the hot tub and pool, which will be fantastic, I’ve never been in a hot tub before either. I am so looking forward to trying it out. After all that we go to the restaurant and have lunch, the girl said we can choose any main course from the lunch menu as part of our package. The whole thing was quite expensive, it cost 115 euro for each of us. So 345 euro in total for everything, I payed for us all, because I had the money and I wanted to treat my mom to something memorable and something really special with her girls. I hope she will enjoy it. I’m pretty sure she will though. I’m going to tell her later today when she gets home. I also rang a local florist, to ask about flowers for mothers day, and also to ask about delivery. I am planning on getting her some flowers, and am planning on having them delivered as a surprise to her house. I’m also planning on having chocolates and a balloon delivered with the flowers. I will do that nearer the time. She loves flowers, and I know she’ll really appreciate them. They arent cheap, but she’s so worth it. And since I have the money I will go all out. I normally wouldnt be able to do something so lavish but since I am able to this year I am going to run with it. I already told my sister about the spa day. We’re going for the spa day on April 5th. I am so excited. Will be sure to take lots of photos of the 3 of us together on the day. And when the flowers and balloon come I want to get pics of mom with them also. I think I’ll have them delivered on the friday, since mothers day is on the sunday. Making memories with my mom, thats what its all about. And while I can, I will do it.

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Word of the day: Whimsical.

Moms Whimsical laugh
makes me laugh too
when I’ve had a rough day
I like to sit
and talk to her
we share our thoughts
joke around
she has
such a Whimsical sense of humour
I love that about her
She always knows
How to cheer me up
For that
I am truly grateful


Moms health is worsening, prayers are needed

so my mom went back to her doctor today so that her doctor could give her a letter of support for her appeal to go on disability.
The doctor checked her blood pressure and said it was very high. She did give her the letter, but she wants her to come back in two weeks. When she goes back to the doctor, she wants to do some more breathing tests, since mom could walk about 250 metres before she was caught for breath last year, and now thats significantly reduced this year. So she wants to do further testing to see where she’s at now.
For the high BP she said she may put a 24 hour blood pressure monitor on her, she hasnt made up her mind on that yet though.
She hasnt changed any of moms meds for now, but in two weeks time, if her breathing tests come back saying that her COPD has gotten worse, then she may look at changing her meds a little.
I am so worried for my mom. Its a big worry for me. I want her to be ok but I know she isnt. I know her COPD is getting worse. Mom said she’s glad the doctor is going to do further testing. She said she knows since Jan. things have gotten a lot worse.
If you could, please send good vibes, healing energy or prayers up for my mom. I’d really be very grateful if you could.

Cooking dinner with mom

I’m going to cook with my mom today. We’re cooking spaghetti bolognes. Its a slimming world friendly dish. We are making the sauce for it from scratch. I will post photos later on when its done. There is a ton of vegetables in it. I am excited to taste it. I’m sure it will be scrumptious. I love cooking with my mom. We get to spend some quality time together, and then we get to eat what we’ve cooked. Yum yum who could ask for more!
Plus the food is good and syn free too! Yay!

Can you believe this? My mom was refused disability!

My mom got her letter this morning from the disability office. And, they refused her claim.

Can you believe it? My mom has stage 3 COPD. She only has 50 percent lung function. She cant walk hardly at all, only very short distances. She is in the gold category for obtaining disability, according to the website. And still they’ve refused her application.

She’s going to appeal it. I told her I’d help her over the weekend to write a letter of support.

Its absolutely awful that this has happened. I wouldn’t mind but a ton of supporting evidence went in with her application, from the hospital, from her GP, and from specialists and consultants.

I doubt however that any doctor looked at it. I think a person who works there came upon my moms application, looked over it and just said, well, I am going to not pass this one. That is what I think happened. She had a decision about it back within a month.

She’s appealing now, and she said if the appeal isn’t successful she’s going to go to a politician to see if they can do something. I hope her appeal is successful.

What are they waiting for anyway? For her to be too sick to even be on it?

I mean my moms never claimed welfare benefits in her whole life. This is her first attempt at claiming. She’s a very honest person. Even when I was a kid, she never claimed carers allowance for me. She worked for 12 years. Now they said in the letter that she was fit for work. That she isn’t medically sick enough to get disability.

The thing is though she cant work. How can she work when she cant walk that far? If she was to go to work she’d be out of work more than she’d be in work!

Its a bloody nightmare trying to get approved! I am left with my mouth gaping open at the fact they’ve refused her even though their website lists COPD as a gold standard category for qualifying.