Morning ramble!

good morning
Happy wednesday! I am so glad its wednesday! half the week is over, yay!
How are you all doing?
I am doing very well! I slept well which was awesome! I am so glad I slept well last night! I was in bed last night by 10 PM and asleep by 10:30. I got a good solid 5 or six hours!
this morning I go see dr. barry! I am so looking forward to our appointment. I love seeing her, as we always talk about a lot. Today will be no exception. I need to tell her that Eileens home. I also need to tell her my sleep is a bit better. And I also need to talk to her about the prazosin, I have to come off of it since the wholesale supplier isnt supplying it any longer. I hope she can find an alternative for me.
I also need to get my trevicta shot from the clinic nurse. I cant believe its been 3 months already since I got my last one!
I hope the wait before I see dr. barry wont be too long. I hate all the waiting. I get so bored. Maybe I’ll bring a book and read that. Or go on my phone and go on facebook or something.
After my apt with dr. barry moms coming over to my place for an hour, she’s going to cut my grass, and she’s going to clean up the dog poop in my yard. My sisters going to drop her off on her way to work. I’ll probably just have lunch while she’s doing those things.
Then this evening at 5:30 my Pa comes. We’re going to walk Nitro. I’ll probably do the same walk that I did last week. That takes an hour to complete. Its a nice walk. Weather permitting of course. I hope the weather stays good so we can get out. I enjoy the walking and we talk as we walk which is nice. Nitro needs the exercise and so do I! It keeps me fit!
So thats my day in a nutshell! What does your day look like? Have you anything planned?


Relaxing at home today

I am having a quiet day at home. I am glad for the rest. I didnt go to bed until after 5 AM, I wanted to be asleep, but it just wasnt coming. So at around 3:30 I lay down, but I didnt fall asleep until well after 5 AM. I slept until around 8:30, then I got up and fed nitro, had a cup of tea and decided to go back to bed for a while longer. I was able to get another 2 hours of sleep which was nice. The phone woke me. It was the nurse who gives me my 3 monthly shot, apparently I was due to get it today but I forgot about it. It was fine though, I can get it next week. I cant believe I forgot about it. Mom came over to my house for about an hour. She cleaned up the dog poop, and did a few other bits for me. It was nice to see her. I had my lunch while she was here. Now I’m feeling tired again, not sure why that is. My PA will be here at 5:30 this evening. We’re going to take Nitro out for a long walk. He needs a good run. He hasnt been getting much exercise lately so it will be good for him to go out for a long walk. I might take another nap before she arrives. I feel like I need one.


My day, and, Moms so awesome!

Well I am home in my own house! I came home today. Mom came with me as she wanted to cut my grass. She’s so good to me. She does my front and back garden, cuts it, and its hard for her as she has COPD, but she still does it. I am so grateful to her for doing it for me. She said she’ll do it as long as she’s able to even though I told her she didnt have to. I told her I could get Brenda, my supervisor on friendly call to get one of the workers who work for the partnership to cut the lawns. Mom said no though. She said she’d prefer to do it herself. We went to my house very early, because mom said it looked like it was going to rain, she wasnt wrong. I checked with alexa, and there are thunderstorms forecast this afternoon. I hope that is not true though. I hope Alexas wrong about it. Our littles are terrified of thunder, and so is nitro, so I really hope there wont be any storms today. Mom just left about a half hour ago. I am going to watch some tv now. Then read for a while I think. I’ve already had my lunch, on the sleep front, I slept well again last night, which is brilliant, I got a good 7 hours of solid sleep. I am very happy about it.


I’ve had a really productive afternoon! I got all of my groceries, mom went with me to get them. So now I am all set for the week! And I dont have to go out with my PA on Tuesday. I spent the bones of 60 euro, mostly on fruit, chicken, and cleaning stuff for the house. I did treat myself to some pringles, as when I have a sandwich I like to have a few with it. I got sweet chili kind, and prawn cocktail flavoured ones. I bought some corned beef to put in my sandwiches, yum. The good stuff, what we call the real corned beef, not the stuff out of a packet. I also bought myself some salted peanuts, as I do like to nibble on them sometimes. Other than that though I didnt get any other junk foods. I did get rice crackers, which are my new addiction, I bought cheese kind, and salt and vinegar flavoured ones. My aunt drove us to the store, as she had to get a few things there too. I’m thrilled to have gotten the shopping done. I really prefer doing my shopping with my mom, as she knows what I like. I dont have to explain to her about what brands I want etc. I also got myself some sweet potato fries, and some quarn chicken nuggets, the quarn ones are really healthy. I love them. So now that the groceries are taken care of, I’ll be able to focus on housework with my PA on Tuesday. And I do have a few things that I need her to do for me. So we can spend the morning cleaning, and then my house will look fantastic. The lady who rang up our groceries for us was very rude, I was tempted to ask her what her problem was. But then I didnt actually do it. She was really ignorant, she didnt smile at us, she didnt make conversation, she seemed to hate her job. I dont know why people go into that sort of job where they are dealing with the public if they dont want to be in it. We wont go to her again if we can help it.


Starting my day

the house is so warm
feel like I am melting
go outside
play fetch with nitro
cool down
before coming in again
drink some water
feeling refreshed
time to take meds
and start my day
waiting for my PA
one hour to go
before she arrives
then its all systems go
as we tackle the housework
before my fun weekend starts


Happy Friday hallo to all!

Hallo guys!
I hope you are having a nice morning, afternoon or evening wherever you are in the world!
Its morning here now, almost 6 AM to be exact. I woke up early, I woke up at like 3 AM. Been up since, am showered, and ready to face the day now!
My PA is coming at 9 AM. I still have a relief PA. I still dont know what is going on with my regular PA amanda, I havent heard from her. Who knows if she’s even going to come back to work! Anyway Frances, the relief PA will be here at 9!
We’re going to go to the bank so I can do a bank transfer to pay for my new phone! I am going to get a taxi there and back. I would walk there, but Frances has to walk to my house, as she doesnt drive, so I am not sure she’d want to take another walk with me, so I will just take a taxi instead.
The weather here is beautiful today. Its dry and it looks like its going to be sunny too which I am glad about. Sun always makes me feel happy and it also makes me feel good!
When we get home from the bank I need frances to do some housework for me. She’s here until 11:30. Then I am going to go to my moms for the weekend. I am working today too in the afternoon. I will probably go in to work at around 2 PM.
This weekend mom and me are going to have a day out on Saturday. We were thinking we might go to Cobh, its a town close to where I live, its a 30 minute train ride away. We’re hoping that we can go there and enjoy lunch, and have a walk around and just enjoy each others company.
My sister goes on holidays tomorrow, she’ll be gone for 2 weeks, she’s off to the canary islands, I hope she’ll have fun but I am sure she will!
Well have a great day everyone!


Goals for the day!

My goals for today well I have a few!

First off, my PA will be here at 9 AM! My goal is to get my house cleaned. She’ll be here until 11:30. Hopefully in that time we can get the whole house spick and span!

I have a goal to go volunteering. I hadn’t been last Friday, or Tuesday so my goal is to actually go today. I need to get back to it.

Another goal is to take meds. I am doing well with taking them lately. I am remembering every day to take them and I’ve actually remembered now for an entire week, I haven’t missed any doses. I am very proud of myself for that.

I’m going to contine to read my new book, I’m reading the book pimped by Samantha owens. So far I like it. Its really good. Its a true story and has some grapic bits in it but I am able to read it anyway.

Those are my main goals today. Happy Friday!