It is spring, but spring hasn’t sprung

I missed the start of spring. It was yesterday for us Europeans.

However, it is not very spring like outside right now. It is pouring rain. And there is supposed to be thunder storms tonight. We’ll see if they actually materialize or not. But the rain is supposed to fall for the whole day.

Great! Just what we need, well, I suppose the grass will grow, lol.

Frances was here this morning, and we got a lot of housework done. I also tried out my new toaster. It works great!

I have to work for the afternoon, so after I write this post I’ll probably make a start on my list of calls.

My CPN Sarah texted me. We’re meeting next Thursday at noon.

I won’t have to pay for taxi’s as the friendly call minibus is going to take me to my appointment.

I had some items to post to people, so Frances very kindly took them to the post office for me. She’s a gem!

I received a rent review in the mail this morning, so that means more documentation to fill out. I hope my rent doesn’t go up too much!

Other than that, my day will be a quiet one.

I am going to relax after work, probably read, and go through my email.

I hope your Tuesday is going well!