Decluttering my house

Yesterday afternoon I wasnt doing anything, so mom and me went to my house to do a bit of a clear out. We got rid of a bunch of stuff, like old braille books that I no longer needed, boxes that were sitting there collecting up dust, we dusted my bedroom, all the surfaces, tidied up my dressing table and bedside locker.
We went through our print books, I gave some of them away to my aunt, and some to my cousins kids, I still have a lot to go through but we decided to do them another day.
It felt good to get rid of stuff. I got rid of old cards too, cards that I had kept that people had sent me, I figured there was no use in keeping them any longer.
We spent a few hours at my house doing all that.
When we got done I felt so good. Little by little I will go through my stuff and see what I no longer need. It will take time but I’ll eventually get there and declutter my house completely.