Electricity problems

I’ve had problems with the electricity this morning. Frances came and I was making some toast, when we plugged in the toaster and turned it on the trip switch went in the hall. We didnt realise it was gone for a couple of minutes, we just thought that the toaster was broken!
Eventually we realised the freezer and fridge werent makeing any noise, so we knew it was the electricity. Frances went out in the hallway and turned it back on. It was ok for a while, but now it seems to have gone again.
I rang the emergency housing maintenance office and I asked someone to come out and take a look as if it is gone again all of my frozen food will thaw out.
They are supposed to call me and come out, we’ll see how long it will take them to actually call me, an electrician is meant to call at some point this afternoon. Meanwhile my freezer and fridge are on the blink.
I sware there’s always something!