Ug sigh!

Is anyone around? I cant sleep. I’ve had too much coffee! I am wired! I doubt I’m going to sleep much at all tonight.

I am hoping for at least a few hours, since I have a busy day ahead tomorrow!

I guess time will tell whether that will be happening! If not I shall read my book!

Sleepless night sorta

I had a restless night. I just couldn’t settle down. I stayed up until 1 AM. Then I was going to read, but I realised I couldn’t plug in my earphones into the case on my phone as its a juice pack and you cant plug earphones into it. So reading went out the window!

I tossed and turned for about an hour. Watched youtube videos on my phone. Listened to my dad, he was in a lot of pain with his bones, so was moaning in pain a lot. I asked him about it this morning and he said he doesn’t remember it. I honestly don’t know how my mom sleeps with him!

Eventually I fell into a deep sleep. I didn’t wake until around 9 AM! I feel better this morning, well beter than I felt last night!

I’ve no plans today. Its going to be a relaxing day. Its damp and rainy outside so I’m not going anywhere. I am just planning on doing a few things on the computer.

I think I’ll start a new book, too!

Wound up!

I’m not sleeping! 2 AM and I am wide awake!
No sign of sleep coming!
Even with my meds on board, I’m wide awake!
This isnt good guys!
I feel so crazy! My mind is racing!
I really wanna sleep but I just cant!
Ug sigh! I am so tired!
I hope I can sleep at least a little, maybe get 2 or 3 hours.
Pray guys! Please pray that I’ll sleep soon!

#Socs prompt: bad dreams!

I am participating this week in Linda G Hills prompt for socs!

Your Friday prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday is dream. Use it as a noun or a verb; use any way youd like. Enjoy!

My night last night was filled with bad dreams! Horrible nightmares! It was pure hell!
I sat up after each one, shaking uncontrollably, too scared to go back to sleep.
I thought to myself, this sucks!
All I wanted was a few uninterrupted hours of sleep! It wasnt to be though!
Instead I was wide awake, stressing!
At least there’s nothing on my agenda today. I can chill!
Happy saturday everyone! And, adios to nightmares and bad dreams!

A lot got done this morning!

My PA Frances just left! She got a lot done around the house today! In two hours, she did loads! I am very pleased!
We got the vacuming done, mopped the floors, did dishes, did some dusting, she also went to the store for me to pick up a few things!
I was only up about 10 minutes when she arrived! I just couldnt get out of bed today! I was exhausted! I had to get up in the middle of the night to let Nitro out, and I woke at 6 this morning, but couldnt face getting up so went back to sleep again!
Now I’m heading off to work, waiting to be picked up and will work for about 3 or 4 hours!
Looking forward to my shift, as I didnt go in yesterday. However I will work on Thursday this week, to fill in for some people who are out sick!
I’m taking Friday afternoon off, as I have to go get my nails done!
I’ll be on again later so will catch up with you all then!
Adios for a while!

whose gonna motivate me?

Cuz I need some ooomph!
I’m so not in the mood to do the rest of this damn learner log!
But then part of me is like, get it over with, dont leave it until tomorrow when you are busy with therapy and work!
Do it now come on come on!
Ok so come on you guys, I need a pep talk!
Whose got some good advice for me?
I’m all ears!
Maybe reading your comments will help me out here, coffee just isnt cutting it!
Lol ❤