A Sleepy morning

Well, I went to bed late last night, was so tired. I think it was 11 when I finally quit being on my phone and turned over to go to sleep.

I woke again at about 3 AM. I did get up then, but I only stayed up for about 40 minutes. Tiredness overtook me and I went back to bed, and surprise surprise, I actually slept.

Didnt wake again until 8:40! I couldn’t believe it! We all slept in late as my parents only got up at 9 AM! That’s very unusual for them, normally they are always up by 8 AM.

Now I’m sipping tea, and snuggling with Nitro, he’s being so cute, coming over to the bed where I’m sitting with my laptop, and burying his head in my arm. What a cute boy he is!

❤ ❤

Insomniac at 4 AM

I am wide awake. I cant sleep. At least my headache is gone. Thank god!
I’m full of anxious thoughts. Full of awful anxious feelings. Anxiety is awful I am so over it and I wish it would just disappear.
I was feeling cold, so put my heat on, and turned on the radio, there is a repeat of this mornings talk show on. I have already heard it, but mostly I put the radio on for background noise.
My friend Norma said she’d come over this morning, she’s going to bring me some gloves, disposable gloves to use when I go to the ATM machine tomorrow, because well, you don’t know whose been using it before you so its a good idea to wear the gloves when touching it. Well I think so anyway.
I did sleep a little bit, but I wish I’d gotten a bit more sleep. I dozed on and off, but I couldnt fall into a deep sleep. I am too worked up. This coronavirus has me so anxious.
I’m worried about my sister now possibly having it, she’s been around me and so I am worried in case I will catch it too. Its a huge worry too in case my mom will catch it. Dont know what I’d do if anything was to happen to my mom. Will just have to hope that the lady who my sister worked for doesnt have it and so she couldnt have passed it on to her.
I’m gonna go make a cup of coffee, I need a caffeine fix. Lol. 😀

What day is it anyway? Monday March 23rd

Well I am mentally feeling much better now, I took a nap and that helped. In fact, I am still tired, and I am debating going back to bed and trying to get another hour, I know its late here now, I slept from around 5 Pm until 7 PM, but I could sleep longer as I dont have to do anything tonight…maybe, just maybe I will!

I’ve spent most of today so triggered, that I think the rest would do me good!

I’m so anxious in case we go into complete lockdown!

tomorrow morning I intend on taking Nitro out for an hour, my PA is going to be here in the morning so she’ll go with me.

Well I cant keep my eyes open any longer so…its back to bed I go!


Virus-free. www.avg.com

Insomnia 3:39 AM

Its only 3:39 in the morning!

I woke, well no, technically Nitro woke me, but now that I am up and awake, I cant go back to sleep again, ug sigh!

So what do I do? I make coffee. Yes. Coffee.

Turn on the radio and listen to a repeat of this mornings opinion line on our local radio station.

My mind is starting to race. I am having difficulty regulating my emotions. I just am starting to feel very panicky.

This sucks big time! Ga!

Nitro, why did you want to go out in the middle of the damn night!

I’m being so lazy

I went back to bed this morning, and I lay there for hours, I got so comfy that I actually fell into a deep sleep.

I just woke up and its 2 PM now. I needed the rest. Now that I’ve rested my body, I am feeling great!

I got up, made a coffee, and am about to start work. I am intending to work until around 5 PM.

Sometimes our body needs rest. I figure since I’m homebound that if I need rest I’ll just grab it. Why not?

Might as well make use of our down time, and be as lazy as possible!

Well hell

got a bad migraine this afternoon so I never went to Normas house. Instead I went to bed, and I slept. I slept for about 2.5 hours. Now my migraines gone, thank goodness. I hate migraines.
I needed the sleep anyway because I was exhausted after therapy, the being drained is probably why I got the headache in the first place. I usually try to sleep a little after my therapy session, so its probably for the best that we did that today.
I finally got up at around 7 PM! Now I’m just chilling out watching tv, and on my laptop enjoying my relaxing evening.

A few hours of good sleep

So I am feeling so refreshed at the moment, at 3 AM! I slept good tonight. So good in fact that I woke up at 2:48 feeling great.
I decided to get up. I had gone to bed at 9 PM. Turned off my phone, didnt drink coffee before bed, just went to bed and went right to sleep.
And I think the rest was badly needed. My sleep has been off for about 2 or 3 weeks now, I am grabbing sleep here and there. So it felt good to climb into bed and actually get a fantastic nights sleep without the help of meds.
I think I’ve learned that I shouldnt fight tiredness. I need to listen to my body more. I havent been doing that.
Now that I am up for the day I will make some coffee and shower and enjoy a leisurely morning, I have therapy at 10. And then later in the afternoon I have a mobility lesson.
Here’s to a productive day ahead!