Dr. Barry…happy anniversary? And she says, with that confused look on her face, say What?

What a trip it was today with Dr. barry. A trip as in, A very funny session!
Me: to Dr. barry, By the way, happy anniversary?
Dr. Barry: with a confused look, huh? What?
Anniversary? What do ya mean?
Me: Well now, have you forgotten about it?
Dr. Barry with a nervous laugh, um no? but forgot what?
Me: Well, we’ve only been working together for six years! This month! So, happy anniversary to us!
Dr. Barry: Oh my god yes! You know Carol anne, I really think time speeds up when you get older!
Me: What’d’ya mean older? Your young!
Your not old not in the least bit old! Come on!
Dr. Barry: Well believe me Carol anne, with two boys who are now 7 and 9, I feel older every day!
And now it was my turn to gulp and say, 7 and 9? Omg! Are they that old now?
And after that the talk turned to the upcoming toy show thats going to be on our tv this coming friday. So will your boys watch it? I asked. No, she said, they both have plans on Friday night, they have hectic social lives, and, I am on call on Friday night, so the plan is to record it and watch it nearer to christmas!
And with that, we stood up to walk out and make my next appointment! Heres to six more years and then some, I said, squeezing her hand.
Yes! She said patting my arm. And by then we’ll really all be old! Well, at least me and you will!
Now now dr. barry, speak for yourself, I laughed, I plan on never growing up! Not if I can help it!


I have college this morning. I thought about not going, I woke up in a bad mood. But I decided I’d better go in.

I missed last week. I need to know what to do for the next assignment, and I kinda would like to get started on it as soon as possible, so as not to leave it until the last minute.

I have to leave college an hour early though. I am seeing dr. barry at 12 today.

I’d better start getting a move on to get ready, if I am leaving at 9, its 7:30 now already.

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So I canceled my apt on Friday to get my nails and waxing done. I am going to wait another week, before having them done.

I’m going away to Killarney for the weekend, the week after next, and i’d like to have my nails done for when I go. So I will wait another week to have them done.

I haven’t schedult the apt yet though. I tried, but the store was closed, well it was 6 PM. I think they close at 6.

I’ll ring them tomorrow and schedule it. I hope I can get one on the 16th.

Appointment with my resource worker at NCBI tomorrow

I have an apt with Catrina my resource worker at the national council for the blind in the morning. Its about employment, but I am not sure what we’ll actually be doing. I went to her a few weeks ago to do some work on job skills, and we did a personality test also. She didn’t tell me what this session is going to be about. all she said is, it will take an hour and a half. So I am wondering now what it will be all about.  I am a little anxious about it if I am honest.  I am still just getting to know her and its hard to open up to her.  I don’t know her well enough to be totally honest with her, although I do try to be as open as I can be with her. And I did tell her about my mental health difficulties.  I just hope that the apt goes well and is beneficial to me.  I guess we’ll see in the morning. I hope I can sleep tonight, but right now I am thinking I really don’t know if I will or not. I am hoping I do though.

Skills audit

I am supposed to go tomorrow to talk to my resource worker at the NCBI, she wanted to meet me to do a skills audit, to see where my job skills are and what area I’d be best suited working in.
I think I’m going to put it off though until next week. I just have too much on tomorrow. I dont think its wise to overload myself.
We have my cousins wedding on Saturday, tomorrow morning I need to get my nails done, get my eyebrows and lip waxed, and then I need to go to my parents, where mom is going to put a color in my hair and do my tan. I’m just having fake tan on my legs. So all that will take up most of the day tomorrow I’d say.
Best to put off the apt with my resource worker until I can give it the attention it deserves.

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appointment this morning with my resource worker at NCBI

So this morning, I went to meet my new resource worker at the national council for the blind. It used to be that I had a social worker there, but recently they changed their role and job description and its now called a community resource worker, I had one woman for years, but recently a new lady started and today was my first time meeting her. Her name is Katrina.
She was really nice. I had spoken to her on the phone a few weeks ago. The reason we met today is because I wanted to get mobility training, since Nitro is retiring at the end of this year. So I need to learn new routes using a long cane, as I am going to keep him and not get another dog just yet.
There is a process, an assessment process before you can get long cane training. So she needed to interview me to find out about me and find out my history and stuff. Plus also, she just wanted to meet me since she didnt actually know me at all.
The meeting went really well. We talked about a lot. I even discussed my mental health difficulties with her. I had told her most things over the phone but I hadnt divulged that I struggled with PTSD and did and so I told her that today. She was very understanding and I felt like she got it and I am glad I told her that I have mental health problems. It felt like I was being authentic and honest, real and vulnerable.
She said she was going to push my case up the list, and make it a high priority. There is a long waiting list for long cane training, but she said I should hopefully hear something within the next few weeks. So thats all positive. I am looking forward to getting started with the long cane training. Learning new routes, and building up my cane skills and confidence.
I’m glad we’ve met now. At least now I know her. And if I need her in the future I can call or email her.

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Mentoring apt this morning

I am seeing my mentor this morning. Its good to have that extra bit of support. I am not sure what our apt will be about yet. What we’ll discuss during it I mean. I am just going to go in with no agenda and see what happens.

I really like my mentor. She’s really nice. She’s very open about her own struggles with mental illness too which is nice as it means I can relate to her better. I am glad she’s not afraid to talk to me about her own history. That allows us to bond more I think.

I hope our apt today is good but I am pretty sure it will be.

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