Snacking on a snack box

I was feeling lazy today. I didn’t want to cook. So I treated myself to a snack box. That consists of 3 pieces of fried chicken, and fries, and it was delicious! I just finished it. I’ll get back on my healthy eating kick tomorrow! Just for today I allowed myself a treat. Call it splurging, or call it being kind to myself, but whatever I did it and I’m ok with that. I’ve also had a bit of a clear out. I got rid of soome unwanted technology for the blind, I got rid of some DVD’s and some CD’S. I sold them, so I made a little extra cash. I was going to take an anti-anxiety med this afternoon, but I held off on doing it, and then the anxiety calmed down so I didn’t have to end up taking any. That is always positive when that happens. Well now that I’m fed, I’m off to read my book, and chillax.