What day is it anyway? Sunday july 5th

My day so far: 9:11 PM.
I’ve had a good day. I woke up early. I think I got up around 7 AM.
I slept ok last night, well I got a few hours, more than I’ve been getting which is good.
Mom and dad and me had breakfast together, and then dad started cooking the meat for dinner. I was just online for a while, and then I read for a while.
I was waiting for the weekend team to phone me, but the nurse Michelle was late phoning. She said she got caught on a home visit, so that is why she was delayed.
We had a good chat. Kind of the same as yesterday really. I didnt have anything new to report to her. Other than to tell her I’d gotten a fairly decent nights sleep.
After my phone call I had a shower, and we had an early dinner, as I was going back home to my own house this afternoon.
Mom came with me, and she stayed for about 2 hours. She did some cleaning for me, which was nice, I dont expect her to do it, but she said she didnt mind.
Then after mom left, I watched some tv, and then I decided to order the kids some cupcakes. They were so happy. I wanted to treat them since I know its been so hard for them lately. I ordered a box of six cupcakes. They ate two of them, I got six different flavoured ones.
We just chilled out for the rest of the evening. I have the radio on now and I’m just relaxing. I just took my night meds.
I see dr. barry tomorrow at 12:10 PM. I’m happy I’ll be seeing her. At least even with all thats going on, I’m managing to stay out of the hospital, that is progress, as before I’d have gone in at the first sign of trouble.

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