Cant sleep at all tonight

so i cant sleep. i’ve been wide awake, unable to settle. i was watching tv, was watching a true crime show, since I wasnt able to sleep. Of course it would help if I didnt nap yesterday afternoon, but well, I did. Anyway, I watched a show called worlds most shocking murders, it was good. About a british guy who poisoned his co-workers in the 70’s, fascinating story. After the show ended I turned on the repeat of this mornings talk show on our local radio station, the show gets repeated in the middle of the night, I had missed it this morning due to me going to slimming world. Then I got hungry so I made bacon and toast. It was sooo good! I enjoyed it. And then I started downloading some audio books. I will be seeing Dr. Barry today in the afternoon. I also have to get my shot. I’m due my 3 monthly shot. I cant wait to see Dr. Barry. Because I had to take Nitro to the vets on Monday, I never got to see Eileen, so we’ve had no therapy this past week. Before I go see Dr. Barry my mom is coming over for an hour. She will clean my yard and just spend the hour tidying up for me. My sister said she’d drop me to the hospital to save me getting a taxi, so she’ll pick me up when she picks my mom up. I’m thankful to her for the ride. I finished my shane dunphy book called bleak alley. It was a brilliant read. I liked that shane read the book himself. I think that gives a real personal touch when the author reads their own book. I’m not going to start anything now until Thursday, when the new Cathy glass book comes out. I’m excited for that to come out and to start reading it. I will do a review of the shane dunphy book soon for the blog.

Another blogging milestone reached!

This blog has just hit another milestone!

I have passed 400 thousand views!

Yes! Thats correct. 400 thousand visits!

I cant quite believe it!

It has just blown me away!

Thank you all so, so much for coming back time and time again. I wouldnt have a blog without your continued visits. I am so appreciative of them.

This news has made my day! I feel so blessed.

So heres to another 400 thousand! I’m sure I can get there!

Bonus question of the day, Inspired by tammy B

This bonus question I am asking was inspired by the blogger Tammy b from

She asked the same question on her blog! If you don’t follow Tammy I highly recommend you go check out her blog!
So what is the question?

What should be in a vending machine that isn’t?

Will love to read your answers!

Emilia of My inner mish mash sent us a christmas package!

So some of you may already know, Emilia of the blog my inner mish mash was doing a readership award on her blog. She awarded us the award, and she sent us a package with some lovely gifts in it.
So yesterday afternoon, we did a video of us opening her package. I will share the video here for you all to watch.