a helping hand

So I am meant to be off work this week. But my supervisor called me this afternoon in a bit of a panic, one of the other volunteers was having trouble with her p hone. She had nobody to do the calls that that volunteer was doing. So she asked me if I’d step in. I was free, I wasnt doing anything at the time. So of course I said I would do it. So I ended up working in the afternoon for about 2 hours making calls. It was a pleasure to do it for her. I wouldnt see her struggling to find somoene to do the calls, if I can oblige I will. The calls were easy, all of the clients were ok, It was great talking to them all. There was this one client, she asked me if I was knew. I said no, that I’ve been working for friendly call for the past 2.5 years. She then said to me how she finds it so hard to talk to people who she doesnt know. I could appreciate that. Because, I also find it hard to talk and open up to people I dont know, well especially in real life. So I did my best to put her at ease. She told me she was 73 and I told her that she didnt even sound her age. That made her laugh and she told me I made her day. But it was so true. There was no way I’d have guessed she was 73 years old. So I think we clicked after that. I enjoyed working today and there is a chance I may have to work tomorrow also.. Not sure yet but my supervisor said she’d call me in the morning if she needs me to work.

The article that was written in response to my interview with the NCBI!

Here’s the article that the lady who interviewed me yesterday wrote. It is going to be on the NCBI’S facebook page. I think its fab. I am delighted with it. I hope you enjoy it.

Volunteering during Covid19.
NCBI service user Shirley Healy has been busy listening, supporting and encouraging hundreds of vulnerable people during Covid19. Shirley, a regular volunteer in Cork based organisation Friendly Call, has increased her time volunteering to five days week making daily phone calls to those living alone and are elderly, or have a disability or chronic illness.
These daily calls have increased since Covid19 due to the closure of day centres so it is really important that we check in on these vulnerable people and be able to listen to how their day is going and if they need advice or anything. I never know what response Ill get as everyones situation is different, some calls only last a few minutes while others are much longer if the person needs to talk.
I get a lot from volunteering with Friendly Call, I enjoy the social aspects with colleagues and giving back to those who need support. As a result of doing this voluntary work, I completed a Diploma in Mental Health and Community in UCC and have found this has helped significantly especially for those callers that require emotional support, said Shirley.
Shirley is blind and has been involved with NCBI since childhood availing of mobility training, online technology tutorials and also participates actively in the weekly peer support group.
For more information about Friendly Call, please call Brenda 087 6366407 or 021 4301700.

todays Busy work shift

i worked a lot today. i worked my own shift, doing my own calls, and then my supervisor rang me, one of the other girls who works was ill, and she was short so she asked me if I’d do her calls as well. So instead of calling about 25 people, I called 50 or so. I was wrecked by the end of it. talking to people is so hard, sometimes. most of my clients were ok, but a few were feeling down and depressed. it was tough to hear them so down and upset. I didnt really know many of them, as they were our morning clients, and I dont normally work mornings, but during the pandemic we are just given a list, and we have to work from that list, I knew one or two of them, but it was hard, as when I didnt know them I wasnt sure what I should be talking about with them. I had to take a nap after work finished. I was totally drained. I work again tomorrow but I will only have my own calls to do then, so thats good, its less pressure. I had last week off of work, because of Nitro being unwell, so I felt refreshed going back to work this week. Sometimes its good to have a few days off to rejuvinate.

I lost one of my clients today

I had some sad news today. I was working and making my calls, I had a new list of clients to call this week, so I got to one lady, we’ll call her R. I rang R’s number, and her son answered. He told me R passed away yesterday. She’d been very sick for a long time, and she’d been in hospital for about a year, but he said she came home last Tuesday from the hospital. She died peacefully at home. It was a huge shock. R was so lovely. She loved the chat and would always look forward to our call every day. I felt so sad upon hearing the news. I spoke a little to her son and told him what a character she was. I think he felt better talking to me. I told him I’d tell the supervisor and that she’d be in touch. Its going to be a big loss. I felt so sad all day after hearing this news. It really shook me up. Its part of my job, I mean its happened before that clients have passed away, and it never gets any easier to hear it. I hope R is at peace now. I’ve been thinking about her all afternoon, she’s been in my thoughts and I said a prayer for her family and especially her son who I spoke to today. Its just so so hard to lose one of my clients. It made Monday very hard for me.

Who won the week? March 15th 2020

I am participating in fandangos challenge of who won the week!
For me, this week, my supervisor from friendly call won the week!
Why? Because she’s doing so much work in the community to help vulnerable people!
Due to corona virus, we’re all self isolating, and working from home. My supervisor has asked us to ask all of our clients when we talk to them, if they need anything, and if they do, she’s asked us to contact her and she’ll get whatever they need to them!
So that means going shopping, braving the crazy lines, crazy stores to get whatever they may need!
She’s a saint, IMO!
She just wants to make sure the elderly and vulnerable people in our community are ok! I commend her for that!
We all need to try harder to be more neighbourly and less about me me me all of the time!


Virus-free. www.avg.com


In The volunteering I do, there is a lot of outreach work associated with it. So my regular followers know that I work for an organisation locally called friendly call, we have a client base, who are vulnerable, elderly, isolated and living alone, ill, mentally ill, etc. As part of our work, we do things sometimes for the clients, it isnt just daily phone calls we provide for them. We have also been known to cut their lawns, bring them shopping, do home visits, in fact today my supervisor brought a client to macdonalds for lunch. My supervisor is awesome. She goes way above and beyond what she is supposed to do, what her job description says. She really is a great community development worker which is what her title is. If we werent doing those things, our clients would have very little support, so its good we’re able to provide them with the extra support. It feels so good to be able to help someone out. I really do feel great every time I finish a shift at my volunteer job.


Flagging a little

i am so exhausted, i wish i was in bed! i am working though. i will be here for at least another hour. we’re really busy this afternoon.
i’ve got some extra people to call, there are some new clients who i’ve not spoken to before. so far, the ones i’ve spoken to are all ok.
i found out that one of the clients i used to call has died, he died just before christmas. but i’ve had a few weeks off, so i never knew he died. he was a lovely man, very chatty and always enjoyed our call. its always so sad when one of the clients passes away. especially if I know them well which I did know him well.