Taking Ozempic

I was supposed to be starting a new med for controlling my diabetes, and for weight loss.

It is called Ozempic.

Unfortunately, there is a problem with the supply of this med.

Mainly the problem is that it isn’t available at the moment, it is in short supply.

This is because a lot of people, including celebrities, are taking it when they don’t actually need it.

They are taking it because it helps you to lose weight.

Some of the people taking it don’t even need to lose weight.

Talk of this med is all over our news lately.

I just phoned the pharmacy, and it still hasn’t come into stock.

So for now my GP wants me to keep taking Trulicity.

Just until it comes back in to stock, and the supply is more stable.

He doesn’t want me to start it and then not be able to get it a month or two after starting it.

I’m frustrated. I really wanted to start it.

I don’t think the Trulicity is helping me.

Oh well, not much I can do about it.

Just have to grin and bare it until the supply becomes more readily available.