Food log april 16th

Today had been a little hard. I didnt eat too much. I was too tired to cook. I havent been that mindful of what I ate, either. But I will log it anyway.

Breakfast was two slices of toast with some cooked bacon, and a mug of tea.

Mid morning I ate some fruit.

Lunch was just a bowl of wheetabix, and some fruit.

I didnt cook dinner yet, but I may have something in a while. If I do it will be some sweet potato fries with some chicken fingers and some baked beans.

No evening snack tonight, as its evening here already, but I may have some fruit later on tonight.

My water intake was pretty bad today, I only drank one 500 ml bottle. I’ve also had some mugs of tea and some coffee as well throughout the day.

I didnt do any exercise today either. I will have to get back to it tomorrow.

Hoping tomorrow things will be better. Sometimes you just have days like that I guess.


Food log april 12th

Another great day here! I am so proud of myself. One week in and I’m smashing it! Making great food choices every single day!
So hers what I ate today.

Two boiled eggs, toast, a mug of tea

Mid morning snack:
Fruit, which consisted of pineapple, mandarins and an apple

No lunch, since I was having an early dinner.

Homemade vegetable soup and a sandwich

Evening snack
More fruit, mixed up.

Drinks throughout the day included a couple mugs of tea, and a couple bottles of water.

I think I managed to get 3 litres of water in in total today!

I didnt exercise today. I took a rest day!

So that is how my day looked! Heres to a brill weekend as well!


Food log april 11th!

Today was another great day!

I made great choices with my food! I did everything right!

So heres what I ate!

A bowl of granola and a mug of tea!

Mid morning snack:
A slimming world bar, some fruit

No lunch, as I ate dinner early!

A baked potato, a southern fried chicken breast but I baked it in the oven, and some broccoli rice on the side!

A yogurt! Some fruit!

Evening snack:
A bowl of cerial, wheetabix and some fruit!

Drinks throughout the day consisted of mugs of coffee, tea and 2 litres of water!

Exercise for the day was 10 minutes in the morning on the treadmill, and 10 minutes in the evening!

So thats how my day looks today!



15 minutes, tops!
That’s all I can do!
Exercising, woohoo!

Never thought
In a million years
That I could
Do this, and do it well
But oh man!
My fitness level is going to be swell!

Now off
On the treadmill I hop
One, two three
I just cant stop!


It arrived, finally! It arrived at 12:30! Mom had come over to my house at 10:30. She said she was just sitting at home waiting for me to call her to tell her it was here, so she decided to just come over.

The box it arrived in was huge! There were so many parts to it!

My sister came over when she finished work, and its lucky she did! She helped mom to set it up! Luckily she was able to read the diagram that came with the parts. Between them they set it up.

And its great! I’ve already tried it out! I went on it for 15 minutes this afternoon.

I love it! I’m going to go on it for another 30 minutes this evening. Its pretty easy to operate too which is nice! The buttons are ones you can feel, which when you are blind makes a huge difference.

I’m so glad I got it. I’m glad I spent the money on it. Its going to really benefit me! I will hopefully lose a lot more weight from all the exercise. My plan is go on it every day, for anything up to an hour a day. I will start off at 30 mins though. Just to get myself used to it!

I can walk at a speed of 3.5 miles which is six kilometres!

I’m ready to start exercising! So bring it on!


Evening thoughts

So I went to visit my friend norma this afternoon. That was good. It was nice to see her. Nice to be able to catch up. We just chatted and hung out at her house. I enjoyed the visit. I’ve only just got back to mom and dads a few minutes ago. I was starving so I had a nice big bowl of homemade vegetable soup. It was delicious. I’m planning on going online for a while now. Reading some blogs, checking email, that sorta thing. I canceled my gym membership today too. I decided I wasnt using the gym enough to warrant paying 35 euro a month for membership. So what did I go and do? I bought myself a new treadmill for my house. That way I can exercise when I want to and in the comfort of my own home. It isnt being delivered until April 8th. I payed 350 euro for it. But I consider that very worthwhile. I think I got a good deal on the treadmill. I’m happy with it. Now maybe I can do more exercising and get rid of my stomach, I have some flab on my stomach area, I need to get rid of that. Heres hoping this will help in that area. My mood is better now too which I am so glad about. I dont feel as depressed. I am actually feeling positive after seeing norma and buying the treadmill. Feels good to feel so accomplished and as positive as I do. I’m happy, long may it last.


I had a gain this week

Well guys…it was a bad result tonight at slimming world.
I had a gain, quite a big one too. I gained 3 pounds. I was expecting it though. I knew I’d probably be up since I was eating very unhealthy when I was away in the UK last week.
I was very disappointed, but I am determined to turn it around. I set my target for next week to lose 3 pounds and if I can lose even more than that I will be ecstatic.
If I do all the right things this week, really pull back, watch everything I am eating, drink plenty of water, exercise, i can do it I think.
I can and I will! I am determined!
I’m still down 2 stone 1 pounds though since I started! Woohoo! Thats 29 pounds for my US readers!
More than half way to losing 50 pounds! I think thats really fab!