I had a maintain this week

So last night at slimming world, I had a maintain. That means, I didnt gain but I didnt lose anything either.
I’m happy with that. I am glad I wasnt up any weight. A maintain is not ideal, but its better than being up.
I am ok with it. I am just going to work really hard this coming week, to turn that around. And so when I go back next week I’ll hopefully be down som e weight.
I wasnt the only person who had a maintain either last night. So I felt good that I wasnt alone.
Heres to a better week next week!

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Its that time…weigh in time!

Another week, another weigh in!

Its time to hop on the scales!
I hope I did good this week! I really, really hope so!
I was pretty good, I did all the right things, I ate good, I exercised, I was mindful of what I put in my mouth! So we’ll see I guess.

Fingers crossed!
Wish me luck tonight guys!

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No volunteering, gym workout and phone therapy check in

Well I didnt go volunteering today. I got a call from my supervisor. the office is still closed. Its closed until next week. So I didnt have to go in. I was glad. I wasnt really in a space mentally where I could be there for others, so it helped that I didnt have to go in today.
I went to the gym this morning as planned. I did 30 mins on the treadmill and 15 mins on the bike. I was so tired after the workout. I only went at a speed of 3.5 on the treadmill. There was another girl there and she was running at a speed of 6.3. I was tired just thinking about it lol. I felt much better after working out, I felt much more energised.
I’ve just had a therapy phone check in with eileen. It was good. We talked for about 15 minutes. We basically talked about christmas, the therapy break, and about my worry over her not responding to us yesterday. She thanked me for thinking of her since I knew it was her moms 1st year death anniversary this week. She said she was very taken with the fact that I’d remembered that. I was like, of course I’d remember! Your important to me! I wouldnt forget such an important thing!
Now I can look forward to tomorrow night! I’m heading out with family tomorrow night. We’re going for a meal and to see a rod stuart tribute band. It should be fun! I’m so excited! I cant wait to get dressed up and go! I plan on not drinking though. I’ll be on the diet coke and nothing stronger 😀
carol anne

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Time too…

Its time to Charge up my apple watch! Tomorrow I start my exercise regime! I am going to aim to get 10 thousand steps in! I hope I can! I have some workouts that I can use on my phone, I got them from a friend, they are walk a mile in 20 minutes, I think I can do it!
Then on Friday I go to the gym! I am aiming to do 40 minutes on the treadmill! And 15 or 20 on the bike!
Its time to hit the ground, running!
If I charge up my watch, it will keep track of the exercise I do. That way I can log my activity which I really want to do!
If I do this and do it right, I can also get my body magic award in slimming world, for the bronze award, you need to do 3 15 minute sessions in a week, for four weeks.
I am also hoping to go to the gym on Saturday!

Weight loss update for this week

So I went to slimming world last night. I was down 1 pound this week! I wasnt sure I’d be down at all this week. So it was a real bonus that I was!
I’ll take a pound! Being down any amount at all is nice!
I’m now down a total of 2 stone 8.5 pounds! Or 36.5 pounds! I’m not sure how christmas will go, I might put up a few pounds, not sure if I will, but probably well its a possibility! But I dont mind if I do! I’m not worried! I can lose it again if I do!
Anyway, thats the update!

1 pound gain!

So well, after weigh in tonight I was up 1 pound! So not much. I can live with that. I set myself a target to lose 3 pounds next week, I hope I can. I’m going to really try my hardest to do that this coming week!
A lot of us in group had gains tonight. Not the end of the world I guess! I will just have to give it my all and hope for better results next time!
I am still down 2 stone 7.5 pounds! Or for my US readers, thats 35.5 pounds!
Happy days!

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Weigh in time!

Off to be weighed now. Another week gone by. Where did the time go!
I am thinking I wont be down any weight this week. I wasnt at my best. I didnt do all the right things. I did some, just not all. I ate some things I shouldnt have eaten. So if I do lose anything, I’ll be very surprised. But you never know, I might just surprise myself.
Here’s hoping.
So fingers crossed guys! wish me luck!

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