We can safely say that after an hour of walking, I am totally and absolutely exhausted.

I am not at all fit. I do need to change that so I plan on walking as much as I can, when I can.

I walked this morning with my PA to the local supermarket, I had to go to the ATM to get money. We went to the cafe there to have a drink too while we were there, we needed to rest our feet.

It took 30 mins to walk there from my house, and 30 to walk back again. I took nitro so he got a walk too. He’s wrecked now too.

We met another guide dog in the cafe. He looked exactly like nitro.

Walking is good for me though, that’s what I keep telling myself.



Just home from slimming world. I had a successful week this week weight loss wise. I was down half a pound, its not a huge amount, but its better than nothing, and I am going in the right direction, so I am happy. I got a few tips from my consultant to boost my weight loss for next week. Basically she told me to eat more speed foods, that’s fruits and vegetables, and fill up on protein as well. We actually spent the time in group tonight going through our books. We do this every couple of months as a sort of refresher course for all of us. I find it really good to do it. So another half a pound down now, I am nw down a total of 2 stone 3.5 pounds, or 31.5 pounds for my US readers. I have lost that much since febuary of this year. And I feel really great. Life is good. I feel good about myself again.

Good news. Tonights weight loss result

Well guys, I have good news!

Tonight I smashed it! I had a fabulous result on the scales.

I lost 2.5 pounds! I am so thrilled!

I’m now down a total of 2 stone 3 and a half pounds, and for my US readers that is 31.5 pounds I am down!

What a week! Am beyond thrilled!

carol anne


I took a nice walk

I just took a lovely walk in the park with Nitro. It was really nice to get out in the fresh air and stretch my legs. I needed it. I was feeling a lot after todays therapy session. I needed to clear my head.
I did a few laps of the park. There are 3 different trails you can do. I did the smaller ones first. Mom was with me and she was having difficulty with her breathing so we had to go slow but it was still very nice.
Now I am feeling great. My head is clear and I feel able to think clearly again. I asked mom if she wanted to go again tomorrow evening. I’m staying at my parents tonight and tomorrow. She said we could do that. It is a beautiful day here today too. The sun is shining and its just so nice, not too hot and not too cold, just how I like it.


Woman of the year

My slimming world consultant just emailed me. Here is what she said!

Hi Sthere

Hooe you’re excited about our Woman of the Year final in group tomorrow. Here are the questions I will ask you tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t ask all of them but have a read and at least you won’t get caught out when I do ask you one of these.

Q 1 how has your life changed since losing weight?

Q 2 how much have you lost and what difference has it made to you?

Q 3 how has the group helped you to succeed?

There you go. See you tomorrow and best of luck.

Ann Marie

So now i have to think up answers to these questions! Woohoo! I am so excited! Even if I dont win I am so excited to be nominated and be able to talk about how losing weight has made a huge difference to my life!

So yeah, bring it on! I am ready!

carol anne


Healthy eatings gone out the window

im not kidding. its so hard. i ate way too much bread today. and i ate less fruit and drank less water. time to focus. focus focus carol anne!

I have to do better! I need to be down some weight this coming week, if I am not it will be a tragedy!

I havent exercised again this week not since thursday when I did my workout on my phone. I have to try to motivate myself! It just has to be done!

At least only 2 days of this week are over. So I have another 5 to go where I can try to do better! Make healthier choices!

Whose cheering me on?



so i bit the bullet and went and did a work out on my app on my phone.
i only did half of the 30 minute workout as i knew it was going to be hard and i might not be able for the full thing.
it was super hard. the work out is a work out especially designed for the blind, the exercises are all described, in detail.
i have to say i enjoyed it though. and after doing it i feel much more energised and way better and not even really tired at all.
i plan on trying to do it every day. i plan on doing half of it for the first couple of days, then I will increase my time and hope to eventually do the full work out.
carol anne