Fancy a weekend quickie, thanks to rory!

Rory from a guy named bloke has asked us to answer these quick questions, so here is my answers to them!

If you were to star in a raunchy movie what part would you be playing? Lol do I have to answer? I’m really not sure! Probably someones sexy wife!
In your eyes, what do you consider to be a deep thinking question? Anything that evokes a lot of thought, so, something about planets, or stars, or something about the environment.
When was the last time you used a juicer? Not in a long time, I dont own one, but I did in the past, mine broke, and I never replaced it.
How lost would you be if suddenly all makes of intelligent mobile devices were banned and replaced with regular mobile phones? I’d be very lost! I love my smart phone! I doubt I’d be able to cope without it!
When was the last time that you were completely and utterly dehydrated and what caused it? When I was sick with a UTI, I got very dehydrated, plus I am also type 2 diabetic, so I do get thirsty a lot, but when I had that UTI I was very sick, and no matter what I drank I was still very dehydrated.