Q and A-from Rory!

What really lights you up?
My dog! He always brightens my mood!
When do you think we become old?
When we lose our sense of humour!
What’s in your fridge right now?
Milk, butter, water, grapes, a portion of chicken curry, sandwiches, blueberries.
Never mind 3 wishes, give me one good fantasy which would be…
Living in the USa, its always been my dream to move there!

How do you think your readers see you as the writer of your blog as a person away from your blog?
I hope they see me as a genuine person, as I do like to think I come across that way.

How do you wish to be seen and interpreted as a person away from your blog by the readers of your blog?

See above, I wish to be known ad a genuine person, honest, compassionate, passionate about writing, and friendly too!
Do our fears start with our DNA?
No! My fear of wasps started when I heard their loud buzzing sound and when I thought I’d get stung! I’m afraid of being stung more than the buzzy noise of them!
What is the truest quality of life in your opinion?
Integrity! And honesty!
What do you think the secret is to you letting yourself go?
Well, I feel we let ourselves go when we neglect ourselves, but then you can let yourself go in a good way too, at a party, or in good company!
What stops you from being the truer version of you or are you the truer version of you already?
I like who I am…I’m happy with who I am.
What are 7 things you have learned about blogging since you started your blog that would be beneficial to other bloggers right now?
Be honest, comment back when people comment to you, Interact and engage, Write about what you know, Be real, Read other blogs and like and comment on them, Dont obsess over stats.
Should we care what other people think about us?
Nope! I dont! 😀