Bonus question of the day, Inspired by tammy B

This bonus question I am asking was inspired by the blogger Tammy b from

She asked the same question on her blog! If you don’t follow Tammy I highly recommend you go check out her blog!
So what is the question?

What should be in a vending machine that isn’t?

Will love to read your answers!

Would you rather?

I got these from Tammy B’s blog, tammys reading writing life, so all credit for these questions goes to her!


Be stuck in a elevator with an elf or reindeer?

Definitely with a reindeer! They are such beautiful creatures!

Find Olaf in your garden or Jack Frost?

Oh Olaf! I love Olaf! So do our littles!
Have ham or turkey for Christmas dinner?

Turkey – I love turkey and all the fixinBoth! And we did too this year!
Grow a permanent Santa beard or permanent Antlers?

Antlers would be cool.

and lastly

Untangle 700 Christmas lights or Peel 700 Carrots?

I think I’d rather peel the carrots! I hate untangling lights! Plus, I’m just not good at it!

So what are your answers? I’d love to hear!