Fibbing Friday, March 15th


What would a Friday be without the chance to fib? So, put on your thinking caps and prepare your biggest whopper.

Here are this week’s questions:
1.What did the fox say? ” Who knows, I cant make it out, hehhehe!
2.What really ran Grandma over? Her range rover, she’s too old to be driving!!
3.Those aren’t elves in Santa’s workshop…what are they? Fairies! How else does he make hundreds of toys so quickly?
4.What were the milkman’s confessions? I deliver more than just milk 🙂
5.The Mad Hatter wasn’t really a hatter, what was his occupation? Psychiatrist!
6.What is your favorite sandwich? Ham and pineapple, lol, oh that’s a pizza! Haha!
7.What do you like to curl up with on cold winter nights? Some things should be kept private. 😲
8.Davy Jones doesn’t have a locker…what does he have? ahem, I cannt say, its too rude!
9.Blackbeard was a not a pirate…what was he? A zookeeper!
10.What are the real directions to Neverland? I’ll never tell.
11.Why do people in old tv shows and movies spend so much time sitting on their front porch? They’re so bored, and they cant figure out what else to do!
12.What really happened to the three little pigs? one went to market, one stayed home, and the other went wee wee wee all the way home!
13.What really is Trump’s Space Force? The space between his ears.
14.Who brings the Easter eggs? Oh now, that would be my Nitro furbaby! He loves chocolate!
15.What is down the rabbit hole? Bunny Poop!

If you’d like to fib, head on over to “The Haunted Wordsmith” –

S.Y.K time!

Its so you know, S.Y.K time over at revenge of eve! So I thought I’d participate today!

Her questions that she is posing are below…

•Have you ever wet your pants or the bed as an adult? Ages 18- current age? I have wet my pants from laughing a few times. The bed, on occasion, if I am having a nightmare, but not a lot.
•Who is your all-time favorite comedian? How would you describe the style of comedy you enjoy? My all time favourite irish comedian is Brenden O’Carroll. He is so funny, well I think he is anyway. He has a tv show now, Mrs. browns boys. I love it. He can be crude, but I think he’s hilarious. The style of comedy I like is stand up.
•Do you and your friends and/or family have a funny person in your circle? Yes, that would be me! Haha!
•Are you good at telling jokes? I am I think. People always laugh, whether its because I am funny or well maybe they are just humouring me, but they always seem to laugh at my jokes!

I hope you enjoyed my answers to Eve’s questions!

Question of the day

What is one special memory that you cherish?

For me its anything I’ve done recently with my family!
We do a lot of activities together, and I cherish all of them.
I love spending time with my relatives. They’re all half crazy hahaha but I love them all.
How about you?


Fibbing Friday

Teresa over at the haunted wordsmith has posed these questions to us, the object is to come up with as many fibs as you can to answer the questions!


  1. What was the strangest thing you ever caught? A dolphin but I let her go again
  2. What was something you once found at a road side stand? A shark!
  3. What is the greatest book of all time? Now that is going to have to be, something the egyptians wrote!
  4. Who deserves to win a Grammy? Me!
  5. And the winner for Best Actor goes to? My dad! Hes such a whiner, hed make a terrific actor!
  6. What is something you have won an award for? Standing on my head!
  7. If someone looked on your phone, what would they be shocked to find? Directions to all sorts of places!
  8. What is something you always look forward to when eating out? The bill!
  9. What is the first thing that runs through your head when you see a squirrel? Awwww cuuute!
  10. What is something you have always wanted to try? Octopus! Now that would be fun!
  11. If you could only have one food for the rest of your life what would it be? Broccoli!
  12. How much wood would a woodchuck chuck, if a woodchuck could chuck wood? If I get there first, hell be a dead woodchuck, Ill use him in the fire!
  13. All the geysers in Yellowstone drainedwhat do they find? Dead bodies!
  14. Instead of King Tut, what did they find in his tomb? A whole lot of books with lots of egypian secrets in them!
  15. Who is buried in Grants tomb? Hell one of my many victims!
  16. Who really runs your country? Not the orange cheeto thats for sure!
  17. The best advice ever given was: Go fuck yourself! Ahahaha! ❤


Ask me a question!

Ok guys, I am going to do a Q and A post!
Anyone wanna ask me a question? I am putting it out there, so ask away!
I am open to answering any and all questions from my readers!
If there’s something you’d love to know about me, just ask!
I promise to answer truthfully!


Queen of questions, 24th december!

  1. Which fellow blogger do you consider the wise elder that you turn to for sage advice? my blog friend rugby aka Sharyl!
  2. Which fellow blogger is the younger sibling that you want to mentor? Definitely emilia of my inner mish mash!
  3. What is one activity that your family used to do as a Christmas/winter tradition? Go iceskating!
  4. Do you have a relative that is never invited, but always seems to show up at family events? yes, moms sister!
  5. What family activity do you wish people still practiced? chatting to one another no one does it now really with all the technology!
  6. You can take your family anywhere in the worldwhere do you take them? disneyworld in florida!
  7. Do you value family or friends more? Family, they’re precious.
  8. Is there a family member that you resemble more than your parents? my sister!
  9. Are there any interesting ancestors in your family tree? I dont know! I dont know much about it.
  10. What is one thing that shocked you about your family tree? not sure!
  11. How far back have you traced your family tree? not too far back, great great great grandparents maybe.
  12. What are your family rules at games (like Monopoly, Uno, etc)? we dont really play bord games.
  13. What is your favorite story about families (or that has a family in it)? I love all the little house stories.
  14. What Christmas/winter tradition did you start as an adult? Going to the local christmas market in our city.
  15. What is your favorite commercial or tv episode that featured a family? the full house episodes.
  16. Which tv family did you want to be a part of? The tanners of full house.


Queen of questions December 20th

  1. Smashed apples, peaches, pears, or bananas? Bananas!
  2. What body part (of yours) has been smashed the most (keep your mind out of the gutter lol)? My foot!
  3. What world record would you like to smash? I’d like to do something like eat the most oreos, or ice cream!
  4. Which two books would be better is they were smashed together? Hmmmm not sure maybe harry potter and a christmas book?
  5. What two songs would be good smashed together? girls like me by maroon 5 and little mix’s new song I cant remember what its called with nikki minaj.
  6. Which one would you smash together: US and Europe (wipe out the Atlantic Ocean) or US and Asia (wipe out the Pacific)? Wipe out the atlantic!
  7. What foods are best served out of a blender? Smoothies! Fruit smoothies!
  8. What is your biggest pet peeve? Ignorance!
  9. Its the Purgedo you participate? (If yes, what do you do?? Nope, not participating!
  10. You see a smashed window and an open storedo you loot? Nope, I’m too goody goody ha ha!
  11. Have you ever thrown something through a window? A chair! When I was super angry! And almost threw myself through a window once too!
  12. What movie would you like to see smashed into millions of non-repairable bits? Gone with the wind!
  13. Genghis Khan, Xerxes, Patton, Hitler, Stalin, Churchill, Alexander the Great, or Leonidaswhich one(s) would be most successful at smashing the alt-right back into the time-out corner? Hitler I think for sure!