Food diary for Saturday and Sunday!

I had a pretty awesome weekend! I did well with my food! I was on plan 100 percent! I didnt even get any fish and chips in Kinsale, and I didnt get doughnuts or icecream!

Saturdays food log looked like this!

Wheetabix with strawberries on top!
Mug of tea!

Lunch was Some fruit, and I had lots and lots of fruit throughout the afternoon!

Dinner was a chicken breast, baked potato and some vegetables!

Sunday was good too. Breakfast again was wheetabix and strawberries on top.
We eat dinner early on sundays, today it was corned beef, cabbage, peas and potatos!
In the evening I had a corned beef sandwich and some fruit!

Drinks today included tea, coffee and coke zero!

Exercise on saturday was a 4 mile walk! And today sunday I didnt do any!

Hoping with every fibre of my being that I am going to smash it this week at weigh in and be down a lot of weight!


Curious about drinking water?

Does anyone know if drinking water makes you lose weight? I’ve been drinking a lot of it. But I havent been losing. Does having a lot of water in the day make you retain fluid?
Just curious. I guess its still good to drink it though right?
I drink about 3 or 4 litres of water in a day!
So a lot of it!


Weigh in time! I’m hopeful of a good result tonight!

Its weigh in time! I am off to get weighed in!
I am so hoping for a good result! I tried so hard this past week!
Heres hoping it payed off!
If I am not down tonight I am going to be so disappointed!
My own scales is telling me I am not, but I dont rely on it, as I know its not totally accurate!
I have been drinking a lot of water, and I know when you do that your weight fluctuates a lot.
Please send me good thoughts and vibes for a good result tonight!
❤ thanks, guys! ❤


Its coming out my ears!

Fruit, that is! I’ve been eating a ton of it!
I eat a lot of it most days. This week I got lots of different fruits to snack on!
I bought strawberries, as I love to put them in my weetabix in the morning!
I got grapes, peaches, nectarines, mandarines, apples, melon, you see? I got tons!
And I am enjoying it all!
Sometimes I put yogurt on my fruit, and I make a fruit salad!
Its delish!
Do you like fruit? Do you eat a lot of it?


going Back to slimming world tonight

I am going back to slimming world tonight, after having a break. Its a month since I’ve been to group.
I think I am going to be up a few pounds. I wasnt being very mindful of my healthy eating plan. I was doing ok, but sometimes I was going off plan a little.
So I guess we’ll see what happens. I wont be surprised if I am up a few pounds though. In fact I am expecting it. I’m expecting to be up around 5 pounds.
I’ll keep you all posted and let you know the results later on tonight.
I’m kinda nervous about standing on the scales, even though I know to expect a gain when I do.


Great result at tonights weigh in!

So I am on air! I had a fantastic result at weigh in tonight!

I was down 1.5 pounds! I am thrilled! I really wasnt sure I would be down! So it was a lovely surprise when I was!

I did have a good week though. I ate tons of fruit this past week. I have also been drinking tons of water. It was just so nice to step on that scales and have a good result. Especially after last weeks gain. I gained 1.5 pounds last week, and I lost that tonight.

I am now down a total of 2 stone 5.5 pounds since I started! For my US readers its 33.5 pounds! I am just thrilled to bits with my progress. If I can get a 1.5 pound weight loss next week I’ll be back to my original weight loss of 2 and a half stone. Thats what I had lost at christmas time. I hope I can do it!

I’m going to read my book tonight I think. My slimming world book. See if I can pick up any more tips from it! There might be something in there that I’ve missed!

I hope I’ll have another great week! Either way I am on air right now!


Weigh in time!

Its time for my weekly weigh in! I am nervous! I hope I’ve done enough and I hope I’ve lost something! Any amout will do! I just want to start losing again! I’ve been trying so hard! So we shall see! Wish me luck guys!