Mom got accepted and is now on disability permanently

Well, on friday, mom got the letter, her appeal went through, she was accepted for disability, and she will now recieve a weekly payment and is on disability full time.I am so happy for her. This is a big hurdle that she’s overcome.
The letter said that she produced very good supporting evidence, from her doctor, as well as a supporting letter from herself, which we helped her draft.
she was so delighted that she finally was accepted. we all were actually.
at least now, if anything should happen to my dad, she wont have a run around to get money, as before now my dad was the one recieving a payment for both of them.
So all of my prayers, and the prayers from you all were answered.

Moms health is worsening

My moms health is worsening. As you all know, she has COPD.
She was scheduled to have an X-ray to see how her lungs are doing, but she rang today and she was told the x-ray department is closed now due to the pandemic. They told her they’d send for her when the pandemic is over.
But she is now having trouble walking a short distance. She gets really out of breath.
I told her to call her GP and make an appointment. I advised her not to let it go. The doctors are still seeing patients and they’ll see her if she cals. She may need an increase in her inhalers.
I am worried. She has been struggling a lot lately and she’s definintely gotten worse.
If you pray, please pray for her. Or send me positivity. I could use it.

The morning after nitro’s surgery

Nitro came home in the afternoon yesterday, his surgery went really well. He’s doing really well now. He has a few stitches in his ear, they have to come out in 10 days. He’s on antibiotics for the next 3 days. He rested for the evening after coming home, and this morning he’s right as rain again. I’ve noticed though that he’s constipated, probably after the anaestesia, but overall, he’s fine. I’m very happy. I knew this morning he was right as rain again, since when I was eating my breakfast he was begging lol. Staring at me hoping I’d give him some of what I was eating. I’m so glad the wart is off of his ear now. They shaved his ear at the vets so his right ear is bald now lol. He looks so cute. I just hope he wont be scratching at it because he’ll tear out his stitches if he does. He didnt even have to wear a cone on his head, because he wasnt at his ear at all, what a good boy! Anyway, thats the update, thanks to all of you for the continued prayers and support. I’m very grateful to all of you for it.

Started my antibiotic

My antibiotic ewaas delivered to me this afternoon, finally.
I took the first one at 4 PM and it knocked me out. I’m not sure if it was the tablet that caused me to feel drained, or if I was already feeling drained, but after taking it I went to bed for a few hours, and I fell into a deep sleep.
I woke about 6 and I said to myself I’d better get up. I’m due to take another tablet in a few minutes, I said I’d take it at 8 PM and then again at midnight.
I’m supposed to take the tablets four times a day for 5 days.
I hope they work. They probably will. I’m still in a lot of pain and I still feel like everything is burning and it hurts a lot to pee.
I’ve drank a lot of water today to try to flush out my kidneys.
It sucks to feel so bad.
All I want to do is rest, and read.
carol anne

Still feeling awful

The pain I am in is still really bad. I slept for a few hours which helped. Taking the painkillers helped a lot. I woke up so thirsty though. I drank two cans of pepsi max and now I’m on the water lol. I’m so thirsty, not sure why though. I woke up just after 11 PM. will probably be up all night now but well it wont matter as tomorrow dont have anything I need to do so can rest a lot if needs be. Will start my antibiotic tomorrow, all going well. My abdomen realy hurts. If I press on it it hurts a lot. I am not a good patient either. I dont do pain. Being sick also really triggers us. I am glad that I got an antibiotic though. I’m hoping taking that will get rid of this awful infection.
carol anne