Time to go get weighed

Okay well it’s time to get weighed time to step on the scale and see what my result is this week. Hoping the result will be good. I’m very hopeful so we shall see. Wish me luck everyone. Nervous wreck tonight for some reason.


Oh well here I go



My headache is gone thank god! I lay down for an hour but didn’t sleep. I just rested. I watched judge judy hahaha! Liz loves her! So we watched that and got a good laugh at how funny she is.

I’m so glad the headache is gone though. I used to get massive migraines, I haven’t gotten them now for a while though. This headache wasn’t a migraine but it was no fun. It hurt, a lot. I am grateful for mom and the paracetamol she gave me to get rid of it.

Now that I am feeling better, I’ll be able to go to slimming world tonight, yay. Heres hoping I have a good result on the scales tonight.

Fingers crossed!


I have the worst headache ever guys. I dont know where it came from. It came on me really suddenly about an hour ago. Mom came over with some tablets for me and I took those. Its not going away though. I think I need to lie down for an hour and rest. I have to go to slimming world tonight so hoping I can get rid of it by then. I feel so sick with it. Really nausious and just feel really yucky.
carol anne

Woman of the year

My slimming world consultant just emailed me. Here is what she said!

Hi Sthere

Hooe you’re excited about our Woman of the Year final in group tomorrow. Here are the questions I will ask you tomorrow. Don’t worry, I won’t ask all of them but have a read and at least you won’t get caught out when I do ask you one of these.

Q 1 how has your life changed since losing weight?

Q 2 how much have you lost and what difference has it made to you?

Q 3 how has the group helped you to succeed?

There you go. See you tomorrow and best of luck.

Ann Marie

So now i have to think up answers to these questions! Woohoo! I am so excited! Even if I dont win I am so excited to be nominated and be able to talk about how losing weight has made a huge difference to my life!

So yeah, bring it on! I am ready!

carol anne

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That darn dog…

nitro is not doing that great tonight. i think he ate something when he was outside.

his stomach is growling, and he is farting and stinking up my whole room. ewwww. darn dog!

i hope this wont last too long. hoping he’ll be ok by the morning.

nothing worse than a dog with a tummy upset, I just hope he starts perking up soon.

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Update on nitro

Well nitro is back to himself you’ll be glad to know.

He ate both of his meals yesterday and there was no vomiting. Yay.

I’m very relieved. Whatever it was, its gone now, thanks god.

He’s his normal bouncy self again today. Waiting now to be fed. Hungry for his morning meal.

❤ 😀

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Dads finally listening!

so well…yes! my dad is finally giving in after months of stubbornness. He’s finally listening to mom and me and tomorrow he says he’s going to have mom ring the hospital and ass where his letter for his last apt to see his consultant got to. He never got it you see. And so he never had a follow up apt since last October. He rang in april and the secretary said his case was being reviewed, and he’d have a letter with a follow up apt within weeks. Well he never got it and he didn’t do anything about it. He refused to listen to me or to mom. He just kept thinking it would show up. The longer it went on the more stubborn he got. The more he wouldn’t listen and the worse his bowel problems are getting. He’s in a lot of pain. Then the company that prescribes one of his meds, a rectile foam for pain and inflammation stopped making the foam. He tried to ask the pharmacy to get it brought in from somewhere, obviously they couldn’t because the company stopped making it. They managed to get him one bottle of it but they said he’d have to ask his doctor to prescribe something else. So finally he’s going to do it. Finally. And finally he’s making plans to go back to the doctors. The doctor had said he’d put him on injections to bring down the imflamation. But first he has to stop drinking alcohol. He hasn’t done it. He’s still drinking and there is no sign of him stopping any time soon. Mom and me keep telling him they wont give him any injections while he’s drinking, because they are steroids and there are nasty side effects to them. And alcohol is not going to help. Mom says he doesn’t want to stop drinking. I think I agree with her that he doesn’t. But well we’ll see. Now he may just have to if his doc says he has to. First though he has to get an apt with the consultant. That could take a while given the state of our health system. I am worried that tomorrow when my mom rings, they’ll say they sent the letter and he should have got it and now that he didn’t and gave them no answer he’s off the waiting list. He’ll go mental if that happens. I can see it now. He’ll go ape shit. So hoping it wont happen. I guess only time will tell. At least now he’s willing to be seen again and work on whatever his issues are. That’s progress.