Worrying about my weight

I am a bit worried about going to slimming world this week. I weighed myself and it says I havent lost anything. I know all scales arent the same though. I know I probably shouldnt weigh myself at home. I should probably only do it at slimming world. I cant resist though. I just do it to make sure I am on the right track. I did have a couple of days this week of bad eating, or where I wasnt too mindful of what I was doing or putting in my mouth. I hate going and then not losing. It makes me feel so bad. I want to lose, even if I only lose 1 pound, or a half a pound. That will do. So if I go this week and I am down anything, I’ll be thrilled, I’m not expecting a big loss this week, if anything I will expect a tiny loss. I’ll be happy if I have any loss at all. I need to try to get more exercise in. I havent been too good about that either this week. I have until wednesday, as I dont go until wednesday evening. So tomorrow and wednesday I will be more mindful of what I am doing. I will eat healthier and drink lots of water. And hope for the best when I do go to slimming world on wednesday night

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More on dad and his eyes

well it looks like dad is going back to the doctors tomorrow. the drops he got from the emergency doctor arent working. of course this is a huge deal to him. he didnt want to go in the first place and be seen! so the fact they arent working now for him, just gives him more to whine at us about.
mom said she’d make an appointment for him to see his own gp tomorrow. he’s saying he told the out of hours doctor about the drops he always gets, the ones he’s always put on for his eyes, but he wouldnt give them to him since he said the infection is bacterial and they wouldnt work on it.
i dont know, but to be honest? i dont trust the out of hours service. the doctors there they dont really care, they dont take the time to really examine you or to see what might be wrong, and most of the time they misdiagnose you.
right now dad has to be in complete darkness. he cant open his eyes. he finds it hard to keep them open or to look at any sort of bright light.
i just hope they’ll sort it tomorrow!

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Dad update!

hi everyone

thanks for all of the prayers, good thoughts, good vibes, etc you sent my dads way!

He’s on the mend now! It was a bacterial eye infection that he had. Both eyes are effected!

He got two lots of drops which he has to take and if it doesnt get any better within a few days then he has to go back to the doctor again! I hope they will work! Im pretty sure they will though.

He’s very whiny, so not the greatest being around him at all tonight! But he went to the doctor, thats the main thing! After much coaxing from mom and me!

Just glad he’s doing somewhat ok! Heres hoping this double eye infection clears up quickly!

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I feel so lousy!

My stomach is playing up tonight. I feel like shit. I dont know what is wrong with it, I didnt eat a lot today. I ate dinner, and breakfast, I ate some fruit, and a sandwich tonight, and a few pringles. Now I feel so off. It feels like I have acid in my stomach. Its horrible. I feel lousy. I asked mom if she had something I could take. She gave me one of her antacid tablets. I hope it starts to work soon. I hope I dont have this for the whole night! There is no pain, no nausia or vomiting, just a horrible taste in my mouth and some reflux too. Ug this sucks!

Weigh in time!

Off to be weighed now. Another week gone by. Where did the time go!
I am thinking I wont be down any weight this week. I wasnt at my best. I didnt do all the right things. I did some, just not all. I ate some things I shouldnt have eaten. So if I do lose anything, I’ll be very surprised. But you never know, I might just surprise myself.
Here’s hoping.
So fingers crossed guys! wish me luck!

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3 2 1 quote me! Good health!

I was tagged to do this wonderful challenge, and as I love quotes, I decided to do it!
So here goes, quotes on good health!

Good health and good sense are two of life’s greatest blessings

It is health that is real wealth and not pieces of gold and silver.

“When a relationship ends, when divorce happens, and even when a death occurs, we are left with so many feelings. Feeling them is the first step toward healing

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