My dads doctors appointment

My dad also had a doctors appointment yesterday.
He was seeing his gp!
However his appointment didnt go great. Because, he is only telling her half of his complaints, giving her half a story!
He’s a typical man!
He tries to say things arent bad when actually they are!
So, the GP did take his bloods, but he had no x-rays.
She told him more than likely his issues with his legs are caused by artheritis!
If the stiffness continues he’s to go back to her but for now she didnt give him any meds!
I do think he’ll be going back to her!
He woke up this morning with sore legs, and he wasnt able to hardly walk on them!
So it looks like things will have to get very, very bad before he is going to listen and tell the doctor the truth of how bad things really are for him!