Feeling so much better!

I am finally feeling well again! I feel so much more like myself!
Yay I am so thrilled to be feeling good again!
I still have a little bit of a cough, but nothing like what it was!
I am no longer taking meds! I am able to finally breathe again!
My nose isnt running like a tap any more yay!
Feels good to be better! ❤ ❤

Sick as a dog!

c I’m so sick. I can hardly move. My body aches. My head is pounding and my nose is running like a tap.

I went to bed at 7 Pm last night and I didnt surface again until 9 AM this morning. Thats totally not like me. I’ve been feeling so sorry for myself all morning.

I’m taking some over the counter meds for it. I’m also trying to keep as warm as I can.

Right now though I just feel awful! And I want this to go away and fast!

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I’ll just have to get my ear looked at

Well, remember the ear troubles I had?
They’re back, this time with avengence! I woke up with my ear full and hardly able to hear a thing. Its so uncomfortable.
I had put oil in my ear last night, before I went to bed. But no joy. It did nothing.
I should have went in to have my ears siringued!
Why didn’t I do it early in the week! I was too lazy that’s why!
Now it is going to impact my weekend!
I will definitely be ringing my gp on Tuesday morning, I cant do it on Monday as Monday is a bank holiday here.
I hope that when I go to have bloods taken next Friday, the nurse can do my ears then as well.
In the meantime I will just have to put up with the discomfort, and the disorientation of not being able to hear, its very disorientating.

Ear update

It looks like I wont have to go have my ears siringued!
yay I am so thrilled!
Becky of beckys mental mess gave me a home remedy and I did it and it seems to have worked!
Along with me taking some painkillers as well!
I am not going to go have it done for now, and I will see how I go!
I’d have had awful trouble getting an appointment anyway, so its good news that I dont have to try! I can save myself that hassle!
In the mornings I wake up with my ear feeling full, but a little oil in it, and some hot water with my head bent over it does the trick, loosens the wax and I am good to go!
And for now, that will do!

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I think I need my ear sirenged

My ear is all clogged up. I woke up feeling awful. It is painful and sore and hurts a lot. I think I will have to make an appointment to go see the doctor, he’ll probably have a look at it, and then tell me to see the nurse who will siringue it for me. Its been coming on me since Friday but I bought this over the counter oil to soften the wax and ease pain, but this morning it is quite bad, and I just dont feel too good. The thing is, its very hard to get an appointment at my gp’s surgery. Sometimes your waiting a week or more to get one. I am going to ring tomorrow morning, very early, and hope they’ll fit me in tomorrow afternoon. I was going to cancel therapy to go, but that didnt make a lot of sense, since I know when I ring up I probably will have a hard job getting an apt. If I cant get one tomorrow I’ll try for tuesday afternoon, and just not go in to work. Something needs to be done though. I am going to Killarney on Friday and I cant go with my ear like this. I can barely hear out of my left ear now. It is throbbing and hard to hear out of it.

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getting some blood tests

On November 1st, I have to get fasting bloods done at my GP’s surgery, the nurse will do them for me. They are routine bloods, usually I get them done once a year.
When I was diabetic I got them done every six months. They will check things like my thyroid, cholesterol, A1C for the past 3 months, etc.
I’m not too worried, I think I’m healthy, and they’ll all come out ok. At least that is what I am hoping.
I dont really like blood tests, mainly because they always have trouble with my veins, my veins have a horrible habit of collapsing when they try to find them.
So I hope this wont be the case this time!
I’ll be sure to post an update once I have results of the tests!

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Never new it was so hard to get my prescription

So my PA Frances said she’d pick up my prescription for me. Kind of her, as it was not part of her job, she was doing it on her own time.
So on Tuesday morning, when I went to get my flu shot, we handed it in to my GP. The receptionist took it, and told me it would be ready for pick up on thursday.
Thursday came, my PA went to pick it up, and was told, sorry we dont have it. Are you sure you dropped it off? To which she said yes, she dropped it off, I know because I was with her when she did it.
After much looking, it was found, but the receptionist then said, Oh, well, come back tomorrow, it will be ready then!
So my PA asked, are you sure it will be ready if I come back tomorrow? And the receptionist got snotty and said, I hope so!
And would you believe it, when Frances went down there today, it still wasnt ready! She had to wait for it, and she was late to work because of their carelessness!
I felt so bad that she was late to work and all because of doing a kind thing for me!
Anyway, in the end, I got my meds! Thank god!
Never knew it would be such a fiasco though to get them!

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