My moms doing a lot better, here is a bit of an update on how she’s doing

Mom is doing a lot better. She had an angiogram while in the hospital, they found out her arteries werent blocked, so her symptoms were just a COPD flare up. She has quit her e-cig now, and she’s doing ok with that. She has some cravings, but the doctor gave her nicotine patches, and a spray that will help with the cravings, she was using the nicotine gum at first. she has found since she quit a week ago that she’s not as short of breath, and her breathing has gotten somewhat better, she also got a portable nebulizer for when she’s out and about, just in case she gets a breathing attack and needs to do a breathing treatment. She’s super glad to be home from the hospital. With the whole covid and all that she hated being in there. I dont blame her because if it was me in there I’d be so nervous also. I am so happy she seems to be doing a lot better. Its good news! Really good news!