Application for more PA hours

So the public health nurse came out to me yesterday, and she helped me to apply for more PA hours. We went through everything together, and she filled out all of the forms that she needed to fill. She went through all of my history also before filling them out, as she had never met me before. We decided to use my did as the primary disability, since I struggle more with that, and my other mental illnesses, than I do with my blindness. Of course, we did also include my blindness, and we also put down my other health issues, like epilepsy, diabetes and asthma.

We talked about what I wanted to use the extra hours for if I get them, and I told her I’d use them for doing housework, socialising and going to appointments, etc. So she decided to ask for 3 extra hours for me per week. I already get 7 hours so 3 extra would be great and if I got those I’d be very happy.

So we’ll see what happens. She was going back to the office to speak to her manager, and see what she would say. It will be up to her whether the forms need to go in or whether they can just call the agency who delivers my pa services, and talk to them directly without actually putting in the application at all.

She said they’d be in touch with me once they know more. I hope thats soon. I have a feeling I’ll be waiting a while, though.

Going on disability is a bloody nightmare

My mom is trying to make a claim and get on disability. She went to her GP last week, and at first she tried to just claim illness benefit but things have changed, and because she hasnt worked for the last 2 years, she cant claim illness benefit.

So the GP gave her a form, and told her to fill it out. Its a form to apply for disability. Her COPD qualifies her, its one of the top disabilities on the list. But still she has to fill out all of this paperwork which is so complicated.

She’s very stressed right now trying to fill it all out. It has to be filled in by Thursday when she goes back to see her doctor. Then, once its filled in, and sent off, she’ll have to wait about six months before her claim comes through, which I think is just ridiculous.

In the meantime she is getting a payment, but still, six months seems such a long time.

The government makes it so hard for people. I told her to go to her local welfare officer to get help filling out the form, but she refused, saying they just want to delve into all of your personal business, wich is true I guess.

So right now, she’s at home trying her best to fill it out. Hope she is able to do it and get everything correct on the form. She told me she’ll ring the disability section of our government tomorrow if she cant fill it in or she isnt sure about something on it.

All this just to get a little more money, it just doesnt seem worth it.

Update on mom

My mom is doing a little better, but she has a long way to go. The infection she has is really bad.

She’s still taking the course of steroids and lots of different inhalers, plus, the doctor also gave her special nebules for her nebuliser with ventolin plus something else in them.

She’s exhausted from her cough, she’s been coughing like crazy all weekend, and she said she feels totally drained from it.

This morning, she was vacuming the bedroom that I slept in, and I had Nitro in there with me, and he’s moulting like crazy so there was a ton of dog hair everywhere. She told me she really struggled to do it, and she wouldnt ask my dad to do it since she says he doesnt vacume the way she does.

I feel that over the last few months her COPD has gotten a lot worse. She’s just not able to do as much now as she used to be able to do.

She even told my sister a few days ago that she wouldnt be going camping with her in the summer, as she feels she isnt up to it any longer.

I know her COPD is incurable, and wont get any better, but the fact she’s slowly worsening over time worries me.

I guess all I can do is make life easier for her where I can. I told her that if it was too much that I can stay home on the weekends and just call to my parents house for a few hours on a Saturday and Sunday afternoon, and that I’m perfectly ok with that.

For now she said it was ok for me to keep staying there on the weekend if I wanted to. We’ll see, as I may not. I dont know yet. I’m just unsure of what I’ll do. I’ll think on it over the next few days.

Results of my bllod tests!

I called my GP’s surgery for my results of my blood tests this afternoon. I didnt get very far.
The nurse gave me a few of the results, but she said I needed to come in for a diabetic review.
I will be going in on December 9th!
She did tell me that my sugars are up a little and my cholesterol is a little high.
Thats all she told me though.
I really dont know how this is possible since I am losing weight. I know the A1C is for the last 3 months.
Its a bit frustrating. My mom said she’d take me in there on the 9th.
Until then, its a waiting game!

Irritation at the doctors

So I had an apt this morning at my gp’s surgery to get my bloods taken. A nurse I didnt know was doing the bloods. She’s new to the practice. She said I had to have a diabetic review. I was like what? But I am not a diabetic, I reversed that diagnosis, and I was told last year that I am no longer a diabetic. She wouldnt believe me. I was so frustrated. She said I’d have to come back in 2 weeks for a full diabetic review, she told me to make an appointment, but I didnt do it. I’m not going in for a review, when I told her my sugars are normal, she looked on the computer at my history, and low and behold yes they are normal, and in the normal range. That to me says you arent a diabetic. So why do I have to go for a diabetic review? It makes no sense. I will just ring up next week for my results, and that will be that. I’m not going to waste my time going in to be told well actually your A1C is normal, and your not actually a diabetic, she said something about me being in the prediabetic range, and that they were just keeping a close eye on things. I call bs. Its just so irritating. Either I am a diabetic or I’m not. You cant be both ways. Its one or the other. I didnt say anything to her after she started giving me the speech about keeping an eye on things. I just let her think I was going to make another appointment. I was glad to get it over with though. My PA came in with me and when the nurse was putting the needle into my arm my PA couldnt look. She almost fainted. The blood was coming out of my arm so slowly, I thought she’d never finish, I hope the results of the bloods are all good. I guess we’ll see next week how they turn out.

I’ll just have to get my ear looked at

Well, remember the ear troubles I had?
They’re back, this time with avengence! I woke up with my ear full and hardly able to hear a thing. Its so uncomfortable.
I had put oil in my ear last night, before I went to bed. But no joy. It did nothing.
I should have went in to have my ears siringued!
Why didn’t I do it early in the week! I was too lazy that’s why!
Now it is going to impact my weekend!
I will definitely be ringing my gp on Tuesday morning, I cant do it on Monday as Monday is a bank holiday here.
I hope that when I go to have bloods taken next Friday, the nurse can do my ears then as well.
In the meantime I will just have to put up with the discomfort, and the disorientation of not being able to hear, its very disorientating.

Ear update

It looks like I wont have to go have my ears siringued!
yay I am so thrilled!
Becky of beckys mental mess gave me a home remedy and I did it and it seems to have worked!
Along with me taking some painkillers as well!
I am not going to go have it done for now, and I will see how I go!
I’d have had awful trouble getting an appointment anyway, so its good news that I dont have to try! I can save myself that hassle!
In the mornings I wake up with my ear feeling full, but a little oil in it, and some hot water with my head bent over it does the trick, loosens the wax and I am good to go!
And for now, that will do!