My experience with the doctor

Well, I just got a phone call from a doctor at my gp’s surgery. It wasnt my GP. It was an african doctor. And he was a pig! I’m sorry, I’ve nothing against africans, but this man was horrible!
He basically just said how can I help you? I explained about my eyes being very sore, and asked him for drops. He was like oh, its probably allergies! Are you sneezing? I was like, no?
Then he goes, where would you like me to drop the prescription, in this patronising voice, which pharmacy? So I told him and he said he’d write it and fax it over.
Then he’s like goodbye! And hung up!
I was like what kinda manner is that, I sure wouldnt like him as a doctor!
Anyway the main thing is I am getting the drops. I’ve spoken to the pharmacy and the pharmacist said they’ll deliver them to me later on this afternoon.
I hope I can manage to put them in by myself! That’ll be the next challenge.