Update on Nitro

We’re just home from the vets appointment, nitro was a really good boy. He hated it there though and couldnt wait to get out the door! As I brought him in when the vet called us he ran towards the front entrance, it was very funny, also, before we went in when we were sitting in the waiting area he got all panicky and started pawing at me and then trying to jump up on my PA’s shoulders, well he was trying to put his two paws up on her shoulders.
The vet did give me a lecture about his weight. She said he needs to lose some. He hadnt lost anything since he’s been there 3 weeks ago. He’s still 40 KG which is about 84 pounds, which is waaaay too much as he should be only weighing about 72 pounds.
She gave me more eardrops for him, she said his ears do look cleaner but they are still a little mucky especially the left ear, so she told me to use them for another two weeks, and she also told me to also clean his ears twice a week. She also gave me flea and worming treatment for him.
Overall it was a good visit, minus that lecture I got. I had to come home and phone my dad, and explain to him that he needs to just cut out giving Nitro treats completely, as the vet said if Nitro doesnt lose some weight he’ll get slower faster, and his legs will stiffen up and he’ll go lame, and be unable to move around. I dont want that for him so I need to get the weight under control.
We have to go back in a month to check his ears again and also to check to see if he’s losing any weight. I hope by then he will have lost something.

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Follow up vet visit for Nitro

Nitro is going back to the vets tomorrow. He has a follow up appointment to check his ears are ok. He has recently been on ear drops for an infection. I think he’s doing a lot better, his ears seem a lot cleaner, he is shaking his head less often, he seems to be happy, and the infection seems to be gone. The drops did the trick. They were really good and if the vet wants to prescribe another course tomorrow I’ll take them. I want to keep his ears as clean as I can. I hate that he constantly has to deal with ear infections. It cant be very comfortable for him. Other than his ears, everything is fine. He’s healthy, and happy. I am wondering how he’ll be at the vets office tomorrow. He hates the vets office. He always tries to pull me towards the door when she calls us in. He is always nervous and panting a lot, and cant wait to get his paws out of there once she’s done. He literally runs for the door when we’re done. I hope he’ll be ok while we’re there. Fingers crossed. After tomorrow I’m hoping he wont have to go again for a few months. I need to buy his worming tablets and flea treatment tomorrow also. I never did that the last time I was there. If you could, please send nitro positive thoughts for tomorrow. I’ll keep everyone posted on how he does there and will update after we’ve been.

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Friday chatter!

I am so thankful its friday!
I got up very early. I had a fantastic nights sleep. I am also so thankful for that fact. I was up at 6:30, and I hopped in the shower! I felt so good after my shower! Its a warm day here, and it just felt so good to wake up and get in the shower right away!
I’ve had a nice chilled morning, its been relaxing. I ate breakfast, was online for a while, and am now drinking some coffee, before I get ready for work!
I’m also waiting for my meds to be delivered. My dads gone out for a while, and I am here with the dogs, but I think my dad will be back before I have to go to work.
I’m looking forward to going in to work today. I didnt go in on tuesday, so I am really looking forward to going in today. I’m glad I skipped it on tuesday, I just wasnt in a place emotionally to go in, so the easiest thing was to not go, and take care of my own mental health.
Now that I’ve done that, I will be able to be more available to my clients.
Eileen texted me last night, she’s still stuck out in spain. She doesnt know when she’s going to be coming home, she said she’d keep me updated, wich I am thankful for.

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So glad I didn’t go

I am so so glad I didn’t go camping with my mum and my sister. I just spoke to my mum. She said there are tons of wasps around. She also said there were tons of flies, York, I don’t think I would cope. I hate anything to do with bugs, flies wasps bees et cetera. I think I totally freak out.

She said the weather where they are as hot today and it’s causing a lot of wasps to be around when they are eating and stuff. Sounds horrible to me. I’m really glad I’m at home and indoors. This is why I don’t go out too often in the Sun especially in the summer months like August and September when the wasps and bees, well not so much please, but wasps or at their highest. They’re everywhere then.

They’re having fun though and I’m glad for them. I’m just delighted I’m not there with them.


I eventually slept, got about 5 hours, didnt fall asleep until after 6 AM. I woke up with a headache, but went back to bed after breakfast for another 2 hours, and its gone now thank god!

Mom has left to go camping this morning She left a few minutes ago. She’ll be gone until monday, my sister is also gone with the kids, and some of my sisters partners family are also gone. I dont go, as campings not really my thing. But I dd say I might try it once, just to see if I would like it. We’ll see. I didnt do it this time though.

I just texted Eileen to see what the update is, whether her family member is ok, and to see when she might be coming home. She hasnt gotten back to me yet, but she will when she has a chance, so when I know more I will update further.

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I wish the grade for my journal of learning was out, I’ve been waiting and wating for it to appear, my tutor had told me it might be out last week, if she got around to correcting the journals and if not, it might be this coming week.

So far there’s nothing though. I keep checking on blackboard for it. But nothing yet.

Its causing me to be more than a little anxious. I really want a good grade. I am trying to not think about it too much. I am a little nervous, because I was meant to have 1800 words, but I only did 1400 since I couldnt think of anything else to put in to it.

I hope that is not going to effect my grade too much. I am thinking it might though. I might lose marks for not writing the right number of words.

Oh well. It is what it is I guess. What will be will be.

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