A very good Friday

Things are a lot better for us today. A lot calmer. We had a terrific day. The weather here was beautiful today. I spent the day at my parents house out in their garden. Nitro was in his element, he really enjoyed being out in the garden running around. My sister came with the kids and we all had a fun time. Tomorrow mom and us and our sister and the kids are going to the beach and doing a BBQ on the beach. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a long walk on the beach, and a big 99 icecream cone on the way home. I promised the kids I’d get them an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake in it. The BBQ should be fun. We’re going to BBQ sausages. The weather for the rest of this weekend is supposed to be fabulous. Its my cousins birthday tomorrow, I got her a card and am giving her some money and a lottery ticket. Mom and me and my sister were going to go to my aunts today to drop her presents and cards off to her but then my sister was too tired so we never ended up going. My other aunt whose moms other sister called this evening and I spent some time chatting to her and mom which was cool. I’ve also been burning cd’s all day onto my computer. I am trying to rip all of my music and rip all of my movies and its going to take me forever lol. I have so many you see. My new dvd’s and cd’s i got on ebay havent arrived yet. I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Maybe they’ll come on Monday. I hope you’ve all had a good day today. What are your plans for the weekend?

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Enjoying the sunshine!

Me and Nitro are enjoying the sunshine today. Its roasting here. Yesterday was nice as well. One of the staff showed me an area outside where Nitro can go and its all walled in so he cant get out. I brought him out after his dinner for half an hour. I sat on the bench and he ran around and it was wonderful. Feeling the sun on my face was so refreshing. It made me feel so good. Its almost dinner time now. Its spaghetti bolognes tonight. I napped for a while in the afternoon today. I napped for longer than I thought I would. Hopefully I’ll still sleep tonight.

Musings on a saturday night

so the rest of my saturday evening was good. Did not get up to much. Had a little me time, ran a hot bath and enjoyed that. Read my book for a while and watched some more tv with my parents. We watched the voice UK which was good. We also watched a quiz show where they give away cars, holidays and cash. I’m tired so think I will have an early night. Ending my day on a happy note which I love.

Mid weekend

I’m having a very low key and quiet weekend. I’m at my parents, and have basically been either sleeping, or reading all day. Since I havent slept great all week, I needed to catch up on sleep. I am reading the new Cathy glass book called nobodys son, and will review it once I’m done.
Mood wise things are ok. I feel happy and havent been struggling that much with low mood or feeling triggered which is a huge relief to me.
The weather is crap wet and windy and just icky so I havent been able to go out walking like I’d planned to do. I’ll be going home to my own house tomorrow though so can use the treadmill and get my exercise in that way.
Eating wise I am eating very healthily, drinking plenty of water, eating a ton of fruit and vegetables and I am pleased with how things are going on that front. Even yesterday, while I was at the basement club, someone brought in chocolate and biscuits and I didnt have any, I was able to say no to them.

Wendesday is looking up

so the day hasnt gone too badly. i got a call from the agency that is providing a job coach to me. they want me to come in on friday at 2:30 in the afternoon to meet them. its a guy, tony. he seems nice. he said its just an initial meeting, to see if i am right for the service. he said i do qualify because of my dual disabilitys but he said he needs to figure out if its a suitable service. i am excited. maybe, just maybe this is going to work out and i can finally get a part time job.
mom and my sister just left. They were here since about noon. we had breakfast together me and my sister and then both of them did some housework. it was good to have them here with me, keeping me company. i like it when they visit.
i am going to a womens group this evening from 5 until 7. its run by the basement club. its a planning group, it will be to plan what we want to do in the womens group for the rest of this year. i am looking forward to it, I hope a lot of people will come.
Will write about my dr. Barry apt in a separate post later tonight.

Update for Tuesday

Im having a good day. My PA kristen came this morning. She got delayed because traffic was so bad near where I live. She made me bacon and toast for breakfast. It was really good. Then she cleaned my house, mopped and vacumed, did the dishes, put on a wash, emptied the bins, and made the bed. By the time all that was done it was almost time for her to leave. She wasnt feeling very well so I let her go half an hour early. She had a bit of a flu thing going on. I went to the basement club and that is where I am now. We arent getting up to much here, just chit chatting and I had my mentoring and I just ate lunch. I got Kristen to make me a sandwich for lunch and I also brought an apple with me. If I dont lose any weight this week Ill be so disappointed. I really hope I am down a couple of pounds at least. I went on the treadmill this morning for about 15 minutes. I plan on going on it again this evening.