Update on mom, and clothes Shopping!

Mom is all better! She woke up feeling great! Well almost great. She is still a little bit weak, but overall she’s much much better.
We got showered and dressed and went downstairs and out of our hotel to a local restaurant for breakfast, it was really nice. Mom just had tea and toast, and I had a cooked breakfast, mine included bacon, sausage, hash browns, baked beans, eggs and toast and tea. It was so yummy and very reasonably priced.
I am not really meant to be eating hash browns or sausages, but I am away, so my diet has kinda gone out the window, well a little at least.
After our breakfast we went shopping as I wanted to get an outfit to wear at my cousins wedding which is in june. We looked in a shop I like, and I found a white pants, 3 quarter length pants, a summer pants. I also found a white and blue dress top, and a jacket to go over it, and a nice white pair of shoes, flat shoes with diamontes on them. After lunch we’re going to go to another store and get my accessories, my jewelry and a bag, and stuff like that.
Its been a nice relaxing morning. The weathers really nice. I even had to change my clothes as what I had on was too warm, so I changed into something lighter.
I’m really really glad mom is feeling better. That is such a relief to me. Thanks for all of the kind messages, support and prayers for her speedy recovery.

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Long night

I slept for a few hours, but I kept waking up because I kept hearing people in the hallways shouting. Mom slept all night. She has been waking a little for a minute or two but she’s been mostly asleep. I am hopeful tomorrow she will be fully better, she said she feels wrecked, and I’m not surprised at that at all. I think I managed to get about four hours of sleep. I lay down at around 9 PM, by the time I got to sleep it was about 10:30. I woke up again at about 1:45. I’ll probably stay up now. I dont think I can get back to sleep. 3 or 4 hours does me anyway, so I’m not too worried if I dont go back to sleep. I woke up so thirsty, thank god for diet coke! I had two bottles of it and have almost finished them! The room feels so warm, we have the wondow open but the room still feels very muggy. Dont really know what we’re doing today, it really depends on how well mom is. Its going to be a long night I think. All is quiet outside now though in the hallway I mean. So thats good at least.

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An update on mom

Mom is still very ill. We went out to meet our aunts. Then we all went to a restaurant so that our aunts could have some food. Mom and me didnt have any…well mom wasnt eating, and I’d already had breakfast so I just had a cup of tea. Mom kept needing the bathroom, she has darting pain in her stomach, and she kept needing the toilet, my aunts went looking in a few shops, mom and me just sat outside and waited for them. We were going to go to another shopping mall outside the town, to look for something for me to wear to my cousins wedding, but mom felt too ill. So I came back to the hotel room with her. We just made it back, and she went in the bathroom and threw up everywhere, I feel so sorry for her. Its a horrible thing to be so ill. I really hope she’s going to be ok. If you pray please pray this thing that she’s contracted goes away soon. Any and all prayers or positive thoughts and vibes are welcome.
Thanks guys,

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Food log, 15th april

Today was a huge success. Yay. Am so delighted!

For breakfast I had some pineapple, and a bowl of wheetabix cerial, and a mug of tea.

For mid morning snack I ate an apple and a plumb.

For lunch I had a chicken sandwich, a bag of low calory chips, and a yogurt.

For dinner I had a baked potato, some chicken, and some broccoli rice.

Evening snack I had some more fruit, and two slimming world bars.

Drinks today were 3 litres of water, a couple mugs of tea, and a couple mugs of coffee.

Very pleased with my overall food intake today. I really should see a good result this coming week on the scales. I am hopeful about it anyway.

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#weekend coffee share!

If we were having a coffee today, or tomorrow, or any time this weekend, I’d tell you that I am at my parents house, and I am usually here every weekend! I normally come to my parents after my shift on friendly call which I do on Friday afternoons. Occasionally I will stay at home for the weekend, but normally I don’t.

I’d tell you that today I visited my friend Norma. She gave me a nice gift for my birthday, which is next Friday, I’m going to be 39! Omg! 39 guys! I am so old!

She gave me earrings! They are shaped like hearts and I love them!

I’d tell you that my dog is sleeping soundly by my feet. He is such a wimp. Tonight I was watching britains got talent on tv, and every time the buzzers went off to say that the judges didn’t like someone, he’d jump up and be all freaked out! He doesn’t like the noise of them! I had to take him out of the room until it was over, which also meant I couldn’t watch it either, boo!

I’d tell you that mom and me are going to Killarney in county Kerry next weekend, for a mother daughter weekend away for my birthday! And I cannot wait! I am so excited!

I’d tell you that mom is also going to come over to my house tomorrow when I am going home, and help me to do a few things, like clean my yard, there’s dog poop out there, yucky! And so she’ll clean it up for me since I cant, since I am blind!

And that’s about it for the weekend! I hope you all had a nice one! I hope whatever you did, you had fun!


Extra PA hours

So I have good news! This morning I got a call from my coordinator who runs the PA service I am recieving. She told me she’d managed to get me an extra hour a week, right now, I get six hours, but she managed to get me 1 extra hour. Its not much, but its better than nothing. So she told me to talk to Amanda, and ask her what we could do, and see how we wanted to progress with this and then get back to her when we’d decided how we want to use the hour. So I talked with Amanda, and we decided we’d split my hours, and do 2.5 hours on a tuesday morning, and 2.5 on Friday mornings. So thats our plan, amanda has to sort it out with her job, she works for an organisation that helps disabled people as well as working as a PA. So if she can sort it so they’ll give her Tuesday mornings off, then we’re all set. I am happy I got the extra hour. It will be good, it means I can do housework on one morning, and maybe grocery shopping on the other morning. I really do need more hours than I currently have, but one extra is better than no extra hours.

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