Sorted out nitros food query

So I rang the vets. Remember I said I was going to ask if they will take payment for dog food over the phone? Well they do. Thank god! Now I don’t have to give my visa debit card to mom, I can just ring them and buy nitros food over the phone! Yay! Problem solved! And nitro wont starve hahaha! Not that he would anyway, I’d never let him starve! I love him too much to see him be without food! So anyway, on Thursday morning I can now buy his food, and then my mom can collect it for me on Thursday afternoon when she’s out grocery shopping. I’m very pleased, ha, easily pleased aren’t I? This is good news though! I love having a visa debit card. It makes things so much simpler. Mostly I pay for everything with it nowadays. Its either do that, or else use my 24 hour online phone banking for paying bills etc. I love that too. I don’t love the bank charges though that I have to pay every 3 months. But anyway. Everything worked out in the end. And Nitro will have his monthly bag of food on Thursday.

Quiet morning

I’ve had a very quiet and chill morning. Very relaxed and not too busy. I’ve been watching tv, downloading books, and just messing around online. I decided that I wouldnt go to visit my friend Norma today. We talked on the phone instead. I also talked to mom. I might nap in the afternoon. I’ll see how I feel, whether I am tired enough to nap or not. I may not, I may just wait and go to bed early tonight. I had to call the vets surgery, that is where I get nitros food. I am almost out of dog food. I thought they’d be open today but I forgot its a bank holiday here so everywhere or almost everywhere is closed. I was going to ask them if I can pay for the food over the phone, as I need my visa card, and if I cant do it over the phone, then I will have to give my visa card to mom, so she can buy the food for me on thursday when she goes grocery shopping. But I need the card myself on Friday. So we’ll see. I’m thinking I should be able to pay over the phone. I’ll call them back tomorrow and check it out. I might read in a little while. I havent read any more of my book since yesterday morning. I just made myself some lunch. Im trying to be really mindful of my food choices this week so that I’ll be down a few pounds when I go to slimming world on Wednesday night. I hope I will be down. I am eating lots of fruit and I havent had any bread or very little bread. I havent had any crisps or chocolate either. No junk food. Im also trying to make my christmas present list, a list of who I need to buy for this year. I want to go into town on saturday and do a little shopping, both for christmas presents, and for some new clothes for myself, mainly jeans and tops. Mom said she’d take me so that will be cool. I like going with mom, she knows what I like to wear, and also, I like spending time with her just the two of us. She told me on the phone she’d try to call to me some day this week if she is able too. Well thats about it for now, catch ya’ll later peeps!


Goals update…

I’ve completed most of my goals for today so I am happy.

I showered, first thing when I woke up.

I saw my gp. That went well.

I read a little. My book is good and I think I will become addicted soon lol.

I ate lunch, a nice sandwich of chicken and stuffing and a big fruit salad.

I havent been to slimming world yet but I am going tonight and I am hoping I’ve lost weight.

carol anne


ER visit update

c So as you all know we were in the ER last night. We had already seen a doctor after the accident on sunday but we were still all very sore and feeling bad so we decided to go to A and E to be checked over. However we didnt end up being seen. We got there around 7:30. We were triaged and then they said there would be a 4 to 6 hour wait to be seen by a doctor. We were prepared to wait but then around 11:30 Lauren got cranky and very tired and was crying to go home. So mom went to reception and asked them where we were in the queue. The receptionist said there was still 10 people ahead of us. So then we decided not to wait and to just go home. We had an apt with our regular GP scheduled for wednesday morning. So yeah, after a four hour wait we just left. I wasnt happy about it but I had no choice but to go since my sister was leaving and she was the one who had a car to take us home. And still today things arent great. Still we’re feeling bad physically and also mentally. We’re all still very very sore and bruised. And we have pain in our heads and necks. Im still taking antiinflamitories and pain relief. The nurse did say we were categorised and we were being seen based on what was wrong with us so that is why there was such a long wait, because we werent classed as emergencies. So thats my ER update. I have another one about what we did this morning but I’ll write that one up later on today.
carol anne


happy saturday!

Saturday. I am feeling good. I woke up late today. Well when I say late it was just gone 9 AM. But thats late for me. Im usually up earlier than that.

I’m off to the gym in a little while. I plan on just doing the treadmill and the bike when there. Im leaving the weights alone today, as mom doesnt know how to set them up.

My niece stayed in mom and dads last night. You wouldnt even know she’s there. She’s so quiet. All she does is go on her ipad. Play games on there. She did go for a walk with my dad and the dogs this morning though. She’s 10.

Mood wise today we’re doing ok. We decided the best thing to do last night was have an early night. We started feeling anxious and kinda agitated, so we went to bed and tried to sleep. At first we werent able to fall asleep easily. Nitro was really unsettled. He was panting a lot and whimpering and I wasnt sure why.

Eventually he settled though. Thank goodness.

Well thats about it for this mornings update. Am off to check my email now. Catch ya’ll later!



Our mood is better the sadness is gone now. thank god!
I am so happy we feel better again!
I am chilling out here at mom and dads, have felt so lazy all day!
Did not get up to much! Off to watch x factor now though. Feeling all warm and cosy! 🙂
Loving it! I love my weekends!

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Not asleep ug!

well I am having no luck sleeping. I went to bed around 11 PM. Slept on and off for a few hours. Around 3 AM I woke, my phone woke me, I forgot to silence it. I couldnt get back to sleep. So I got up. No point in lying there awake and unable to sleep is there? So now I am up. And its so quiet around here! Even my dog is sleeping lol.

I wonder what I should do to pass the time! I don’t feel like watching tv. I don’t even feel like reading my book! Maybe I’ll catch up on peoples blogs! I am so far behind, that that may be a good idea!

I am planning on going to the basement club later this morning. I haven’t been in there all week. I don’t want to actually go today, but I kinda have too. I am hosting lunch time there today. I promised I would do it.

Other than that, no plans for today. At least the weather got better though!