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My laptop is fixed

so my laptop is fixed!
i brought it in to a tech place today and they said it was nothing major, just that the charger was broken. it literally burnt out, which really surprised me.
i didnt think chargers did that! but it seems they do.
so i spent 40 euro on a new charger. to be totally honest i was very relieved to know it was something simple that could easily be fixed, and i didnt have to lose all of my files.
so now i have a working laptop again, and i dont have to type on a tiny netbook keyboard, which was driving me crazy because when I’d type sometimes the letters wouldnt come out, I think my fingers were too big lol!

Update on mom

so turns out mom is gonna be ok, thank goodness.
they ran tests in the ER, she had a chest x ray and some bloods taken to see if there was a clot in her lungs. there wasnt. and the doctor said the x ray showed no signs of infection in the lungs either.
he told her she shouldnt have tried to go out this afternoon to get groceries, that she should have stayed home and rested after seeing the gp.
anyway, he said he’d send her an apt to go to the COPD outreach clinic, that will take about a week to organise.
So in the meantime he told her to contine to religiously take her inhalers, and also she is to finish her course of steroids.
I’m so glad she’s ok. Thank you for all of the prayers and kind thoughts you sent earlier today. They were very appreciated.
carol anne

thursday thoughts

so i went back to bed and went back to sleep, and when I woke up I felt better.
I only woke up because my friend norma called.
we chatted for a while. then i said i had to go because I had to let nitro out. while I was letting him out I called mom. she was in bed but not asleep so that was good meant I got to talk to her.
I’m back inside now and just chilling out. went into my text messages, had six unread messages. the vet texted, he said nintros due for a booster vacination. so i will need to organise that soon.
my pa texted me to tell me her mom died on monday. she was ill for a while. she said she’ll be in work though on friday evening.
tomorrow i have volunteering to go to at the preschool. i’m excited for that. i’ve missed a few weeks though due mostly to weather or illness.
this weekend i need to work on my work experience diary. its only half completed.
we are meant to be going out this weekend, myself, my mom and my aunt. just to celebrate mothers day. i’m not sure if i will though, if i do i wont drink.
i probably will go.
anyway i’m going to leave it here and catch you all later…
carol anne

Saturday review

my saturday was pretty uneventful. i woke up early. i only got a couple hours of sleep. nitro woke me up at 6:40. he wanted to go out. so i let him out and then i just stayed up. i went on the computer for an hour. then i ate breakfast. mom called and i talked to her for a while. i lounged around the house in my pj’s all morning. i read for a while. i did email and caught up on a few blogs. i listened to the radio. i washed dishes. then i started feeling anxious. it came out of nowhere, i just started feeling anxious. i decided to call my mom back. then i groomed nitro and cleaned his ears, he was a good boy and let me clean them without any fuss. the anxiety lessened after a bit. but for a while there I thought it wouldnt go and was kinda getting really freaked out. i had lunch around noon. i had a salad with chick peas, roasted peppers, onion, and some sort of dressing on it. it was nice. i couldnt finish it though. i already wrote about my friend coming over. before she came i went on the treadmill for 10 minutes, i decided to run on it. i was puffed when i got done. it was hot in my house too as i had the heat on. after norma left i watched irelands got talent, and the voice UK. there was a deaf girl on irelands got talent. she was really good. i talked to my sister. she is gone to lansarote for a few days. we facetimed and she was drunk.i told her to go eat and get sobered up. she’s so funny when she’s drunk. she kept telling me she’d bring me back some perfume. so i hope she’ll stick to her word. what did you all do for the day today?
carol anne

friday update

so I’m doing really well on my diet. I had a nice dinner of lentil and quinoa salad, with fish cakes. I also had a fruit salad for dessert which had strawberries, blueberries, grapes, and mandarin oranges in it.
i dont even feel hungry. i am drinking tons of water too. i am feeling great overall.
the weather heres been crap today. lots of rain and wind. i had to go out in it because I had to go grocery shopping. I was not impressed.
i got what i needed though. i was a little pissy that my PA cant take me in her car, because it would save on taxi fares if she could. I had to take a taxi there and back, which was the best part of 15 euro.
but oh well it had to be done. i’m glad i went and got some food and stuff in for the weekend.
now i’m just watching some tv, i took a nap for an hour earlier this afternoon, that I needed, around 3 PM i got a kinda slump felt it coming on and just went to bed and napped.
whats everyone doing this afternoon or evening?
carol anne

health and fitness update

so i havent been doing great with my health and fitness lately.

i got out for a walk twice this week. i did two laps of the park next to the residential centre where my ILS course takes place. It takes around 10 minutes to walk 2 laps. i noticed my legs are quite sore, the fronts of them, like from your knee to your ankle. if they werent sore i’d say i’d be able to push myself further.

next week i am going to cut down to just one lap until i build up my fitness level. i would have walked on more days this week but i am not here on friday afternoon or tuesday afternoon due to work experience so i can only go mon tues and friday.

food wise i am doing relatively well. the only thing is i did eat dessert on most nights this week. its so hard to resist it. i really just need to put my mind to it and stick to my guns and say a firm no.

if i am good all week theni can treat myself at the weekend. cora, who works on cooking with me, is going to bring me in some slimming world recipes to try out. next week we’re going to make spaghetti bolognes. i am looking forward to that.

carol anne