No storm yet

nothing yet, but its on the way! The rain has started!
I’m a little bit nervous!
I hope we’ll be ok. We’re on our own. And our home help rang to say they got a message from their boss not to come to work today.
So looks like we’ll be preparing our own food. So I told the kids they could have chicken nuggets and amy wants onion rings and we’ll have hash browns too.
At least we slept ok last night. Went to bed at around 11 and its almost 4 AM now and we slept for all that time which is really unheard of for us.
I brought nitros bed out into the hall and shut my living room door. He seemed to like it in the hall, well the little bit of time he spent in the bed, because mostly he slept with me lol.
Anyway thats the update for now will keep yall posted as to how we do with the storm.
carol anne


A little update on my tuesday

tuesday went well. I was meant to have kristen come this morning, she is my PA. But I gave her the day off. Her daughter had a special leaving school celebration last night, and she had to pick her up in the middle of the night. Also, she fell down the stairs and hurt her back and neck, I didnt know that when I rang her to give her the day off though. She only told me that when I rang her to tell her. I told her to go to the doctor before thursday if things dont improve. She said she was going to take anti-inflamitories and painkillers and hope for the best. I ended up staying at my parents last night. I wasnt going to but well it was just easier because I was going to therapy early and so I could go rom their house. I went straight from therapy to the basement club to do my 2 hours of volunteering. It was quiet today. There were a few phone calls that I had to transfer and a couple of messages to take but nothing exciting. I did find out today though at catch up that we will be having a BBQ next thursday and I’m excited about it. The last one we had a couple weeks back was great. I’ll definitely be going to it next week. We were all told to bring something to share so I’ll probably bring biscuits and crisps. There is an outing to a beach later this week for members of the basement club but I am not going. I usually go on all of the outings but I will have kristen on thursday and will have to go se karen o my nutritionist so wont be able to do everything so will have to leave the outing be this time around. I’m very proud of myself today because I went on the treadmill for an hour. I couldnt believe I did it for that long. It was very easy though and I didnt feel the time fly by. I was watching tv and got lost in my show. So I did 5 miles on it. Tonight I’m just watching more tv and will read in a while. Seeing dr. barry in the morning…

My busy weekend

this weekends been so busy. On friday I went to my parents, as I usually do on Friday afternoons. We decided, well mom did, that we’d all that is myself, mom, my sister and the two kids go to a local wildlife park on Saturday if the weather stayed good. It was meant to be warm and dry, with only a little bit of light drizzle. Luckily the weather did stay dry, so off we went with our picnic. We’d never gone to this particular park before. It was called a wildlife park, but really there was only deer in it and some ducks and wild birds. There was a restaurant there too but we only looked at it from the outside, because we had our food. Having a picnic was nice. Before our picnic we went for a 45 minute walk. There was lots of trails to walk on in the park. Some were long and some were short. After our picnic we said we’d take another walk, and we ended up walking for 2 hours. Overall myphone said I walked 6.5 miles. I can tell you after that much walking I was totally exhausted. Before we drove home we decided to get ice cream. We all got big cones. They were delicious. Once I got back to mom and dads house I watched tv for a little while but I was too tired and just wanted to go to bed. I went to bed at around 8 PM and I fell right to sleep without even a little bit of trouble. And I slept right through until 5 AM this morning. Thats the best sleep I’ve had in a very long time. I felt so refreshed when I woke up, it felt good. Today was a more relaxed day. My sister came for dinner with the kids, and then afterwords I went to my friend normas for a couple hours. While I was there my mom rang me, she said they were going to have a BBQ in the garden and did I want to come join them, so I went back to their house and ate BBQ food, I had a burger and sausages. That, and the icecream was my treat for this week. I’d been being really good, my sister brought lemon drizzle cake for dessert today and I didnt even have any of it. As soon as I finish writing this I’m off to walk on the treadmill. Nitro had a great time in the garden playing with my niece and nephew. He was chasing sticks and a ball. The kids tired him out. We just got home to our own house about 20 minutes ago. It really has been a pretty good weekend. Eileen texted me earlier today while I was at normas house to ask me if I would be able to come at 12 PM tomorrow instead of at 1:45 PM. I said I would. Not sure why she wants to change the time but its ok with me for this week anyway. So yeah hoping for a good week ahead now after the weekend being so great.


Early start

Good morning everyone
I woke up at 8 so decided to get up. even tho i only went to bed at 3 AM. no point in staying in bed and sleeping on a hot day, it wastes the day in my opinion.
i have no plans for today. my dad just took nitro for a walk. he always does that when i am visiting. he has his own dog called biggie, a bullstaff, he walks him too his dog is his life he likes to walk him and so when nitros here he doesnt miss out and goes for walks too.
i intend on catching up on my blogs for the morning and then we’ll see after that.


A very good Friday

Things are a lot better for us today. A lot calmer. We had a terrific day. The weather here was beautiful today. I spent the day at my parents house out in their garden. Nitro was in his element, he really enjoyed being out in the garden running around. My sister came with the kids and we all had a fun time. Tomorrow mom and us and our sister and the kids are going to the beach and doing a BBQ on the beach. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also looking forward to a long walk on the beach, and a big 99 icecream cone on the way home. I promised the kids I’d get them an ice cream cone with a chocolate flake in it. The BBQ should be fun. We’re going to BBQ sausages. The weather for the rest of this weekend is supposed to be fabulous. Its my cousins birthday tomorrow, I got her a card and am giving her some money and a lottery ticket. Mom and me and my sister were going to go to my aunts today to drop her presents and cards off to her but then my sister was too tired so we never ended up going. My other aunt whose moms other sister called this evening and I spent some time chatting to her and mom which was cool. I’ve also been burning cd’s all day onto my computer. I am trying to rip all of my music and rip all of my movies and its going to take me forever lol. I have so many you see. My new dvd’s and cd’s i got on ebay havent arrived yet. I’m anxiously waiting for them to arrive. Maybe they’ll come on Monday. I hope you’ve all had a good day today. What are your plans for the weekend?


Enjoying the sunshine!

Me and Nitro are enjoying the sunshine today. Its roasting here. Yesterday was nice as well. One of the staff showed me an area outside where Nitro can go and its all walled in so he cant get out. I brought him out after his dinner for half an hour. I sat on the bench and he ran around and it was wonderful. Feeling the sun on my face was so refreshing. It made me feel so good. Its almost dinner time now. Its spaghetti bolognes tonight. I napped for a while in the afternoon today. I napped for longer than I thought I would. Hopefully I’ll still sleep tonight.