Nominated for another award!

Dr. Tonya at salted caramel blog nominated me for a blogger recognition award!
Thanks, hun! I so appreciate it!
Check out her wonderful nomination post here

I love getting awards! Its so cool!
So what is this award?


  • Thank the nominator, and publish a post on your blog about receiving the Blogger Recognition Award. Make sure to provide a link to the nominators blog in your post.
  • Give a brief story of how your blog started.
  • Give two pieces of advice to new bloggers.
  • Nominate 10-15 other bloggers for this award, and inform them of their nomination.

How my blog started…well, I wanted to raise awareness of mental health, especially of dissociative identity disorder, which is my primary diagnosis. My blog also focuses on therapy and on my psychotherapy sessions. But over time it has evolved and now includes daily living, recipes, quotes, etc. I had an old blog under another name but I deleted it and restarted using this one about 5 years ago.
My two pieces of advice would be to be real, and honest. Write from the heart. And write what you know! Oh and write often and be engaging! Respond to comments! Ok thats way more than two pieces, lol!

And I nominate the following bloggers for this award!
trina of its good to be crazy sometimes
emilia of my inner mish mash
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angela of i am my own island
Bee of the bee writes
Enjoy and have fun!


Fathers day 2019

I’d like to wish all of you a very happy fathers day!

I hope everyone had a nice fathers day today, and if you still have your dad in your life, I hope he has a nice day too. For those who dont, I hope you can remember him with fondness and that you have many happy memories of spending time with him throughout the years.
As for me, my dad is still here with me, he had a nice day, I gave him a card with some money in it, and we had a family dinner with all of us myself, my sister, mom and my dad and my sisters two kids all together. It was very special.
I am very happy we got to make lots of happy memories today. It felt nice to be able to do that. My dad was very happy with his gifts, and I think he felt appreciated and special on his special day.


I had a Fantastic time today at the party!

The party was amazing! We had so much fun at it!
I am sure some of you saw my posts to my blog and on facebook with all of the photos and video and stuff!
It was a BBQ! There was lots of very yummy food! I ate way too much! I was sooo baaad!
I am surely going to be up at weigh in next wednesday! I hope I wont be but who knows!
There was burgers, potato wedges, chicken, sausages, and then things like salad, different types of salad, there was brishetta and dip, chips, cake, birthday cake and cupcakes.
It was amazing!
We had the music blaring, and were having lots of fun dancing and just enjoying the nice weather!
The party was a kids party, but the adults were able to drink alcohol too!
I didnt drink at all though, all I had was pepsi, and tea!
We got there at 3 Pm and didnt get home until midnight! What a blast though!
Really really enjoyed it!


Random saturday ramblings

I woke up early. Dad came in to the bedroom at 7 AM. He woke me up. I didn’t get up until after 8 though. I had a nice healthy breakfast and then I read blogs for a while. I’m having a very low key day today. Not doing a whole lot. Just relaxing. I rang my mom earlier. Its raining where they are. It has rained here too this morning but its dried up now. Im planning on finishing my book today. I need to finish it. There is about 3 hours of it left to read. I will get to it later after I’ve had dinner. The dogs are all hyped up. Dad went out for a while, he didn’t walk the dogs though. He’s back now and going to rest for an hour before making dinner. He’s still getting along well with me. He’s not driving me crazy which is good. My mood is good too today. I’ll take it. I love that I woke up feeling good. Beats feeling sad and low. I hope I continue to feel good for the rest of the day.

My sister almost killed a pig!

Well, I just got off the phone to my sister! She’s in shock!
She almost killed a piglet! No kidding, she did!
They were having a barbecue, and she had leftover food, including bones from ribs. She went to the piglet enclosure and threw the food in to the baby pigs. Well they started eating the food, and then a part of the bone got stuck in one of the piglets throats, and he was choking!
My sister panicked, and ran to get the farmer, but the farmer was only laughing, he told her not to worry, that pigs can eat anything, except teeth!
The pig was ok, he didn’t die, but my sister is not the better of it now!
She came back to where the rest of the family were and she was hysterical! She told me if she’d have killed the baby piglet that she wouldn’t have stayed there, she’d have come back home tomorrow!
I am so glad the little piggys ok!
Apparently the pigs are only a few weeks old!
My sis is a real animal lover, so I can imagine how terrified and panicked she was thinking the pig might die!
I’m just glad he didn’t die! That would have been devastating!

Carol annes update video!

Not sure how it turned out, but I made a video, which has some updates, most of you on here may already know these, but if you can, please subscribe to us on youtube. We’d really appreciate it.