Stormy weather

Its really muggy here tonight. Right now its 70 f. But the humidity is a lot higher.
We are supposed to get thunder storms later on tonight. I hope we dont. Nitro is so afraid of thunder. All day today we had temps of about 22 to 25 c about 77 f.
But the humidity was much, much higher.
I’ve had a bit of a weird day. Well the early morning and up to lunch time I was fine, then I got super tired and napped on and off all evening, so now I am wide awake and its 11:30.
Oh well, tomorrow I dont have much on. I have to go out in the morning with my PA to get money out of the ATM, and buy some fruit. But other than that I’m not doing anything.
I’m so glad its the weekend tomorrow. I am staying at home this weekend. I’ll have a check in from the weekend team, they are a mental health team of nurses who usually do home visits, but due to the pandemic they arent doing the home visits now, so I will have to go up to the hospital visit them.
I’m also going to my friend Normas this saturday for the afternoon.