Frances is still sick

Hi everyone

Please send up some prayers and positive vibes for Frances. She is ill again.

She wasn’t feeling great this morning.

Her throat was sore, and she was extremely tired.

I told her I thought she might need something to build her up if she’s run down, a tonic or something.

She tried phoning her doctor but she would’ve had a long wait so she said rather than wait she’d walk down to the surgery after work.

She still cleaned for me, helped me cook some breakfast, went to the store for me etc.

She’s a real trooper.

I felt so bad for her!

Hoping that she gets seen and that it isn’t anything too serious.

She told me she’ll be at work on Thursday all going well, she’s hoping her GP will either do blood work, or give her something to take to combat the exhaustion.

I’d appreciate any prayers for her speedy recovery.