Prayers for my dad

can yall send up a quick prayer for my dad?
he’s gone to the doctor. his eyes are giving him trouble.
since he cut the grass last week he’s been having eye issues.
we thought it was allergies. it doesnt seem to be though and he has eye issues anyway, so we thought its safer if he is checked out.
he did not want to go, but we all kinda forced him into it.
so begrudgingly he went. hopefully the doc can do something, give him drops or something.
that is if he tells the doctor the truth of course, that he’s in pain, and his eyes are watery, red and raw.
would appreciate any prayers or good vibes for him.
carol anne

update on nitro

my boy is doing fine. he’s resting now. he’s happy. i took the cone off of his head. it was making him so uncomfortable. i hated seeing him struggling to just lie down even so i took it off. and he hasnt been licking himself. so that is good. he ate his dinner. i hand fed him. because he still had the cone on while he was eating. but he did eat. so thats great. he’s been pretty quiet still but thats to be expected since he’s still recovering, i’m just glad i trusted my instincts when i knew he was not feeling good and got him to the vets. always trust your instincts. you’ll know when something is wrong with your pet. as i think i said earlier in the last post, i’m taking a week off the ILS course. actually i’ll have two weeks off. because my holiday is booked for the following week. but i’m taking next week off so nitro can recover fully. tomorrow he’ll start his medications. he has to take 2 tablets in the morning, and one at night. i also got this herbal remedy from the vet for him. you put a pinch of it on his food each day. she said it might help his digestive system. we’ll see. its not expensive so if it works i’ll keep using it. i’m happy with his progress though. he’s gonna be ok and i’m just so glad. thanks for all of the support and prayers. they are really appreciated.
carol anne

laptop update

well guys. my laptop is officially dead. thanks to all of you for your suggestions on how i could try to fixit. i tried everything. nothing worked. i think i’ll have to take it in somewhere to try and have it repaired. more money that i dont have sigh. luckily i have a win xp netbook and that will have to tide me over for a few days until i can see if i can get the laptop sorted. i hope it can be sorted as a lot of important files are on it. please pray it can be fixed. otherwise i dont know what i’ll do.

Update on mom

so turns out mom is gonna be ok, thank goodness.
they ran tests in the ER, she had a chest x ray and some bloods taken to see if there was a clot in her lungs. there wasnt. and the doctor said the x ray showed no signs of infection in the lungs either.
he told her she shouldnt have tried to go out this afternoon to get groceries, that she should have stayed home and rested after seeing the gp.
anyway, he said he’d send her an apt to go to the COPD outreach clinic, that will take about a week to organise.
So in the meantime he told her to contine to religiously take her inhalers, and also she is to finish her course of steroids.
I’m so glad she’s ok. Thank you for all of the prayers and kind thoughts you sent earlier today. They were very appreciated.
carol anne

Prayers guys

my mom is in the ER. She has COPD and she had a couple of breathing attacks today so she went to her gp and the gp gave her steroids. She’s had two courses of steroids over the last month. Anyway when she came home from the gp’s she went to try to do her grocery shopping with my sister. But when she got there she started to have another breathing attack. So my sister took her to the ER. I think she’ll be there a while, she said they are very busy. I’ll update as soon as I have news but would appreciate if you’d pray for her.
carol anne

Prayers neded

hi guys
if you pray can you please pray for my cousin, he’s a heroin addict and last night he was found unresponsive having overdosed on heroin.
he was rushed to hospital and the overdose was reversed. i am not sure how he’s doing now. a taxi driver found him on the street.
He is the cousin whose mom died of cancer a couple weeks back.
carol anne