Celebrating some birthdays!

Tomorrow my nephew turns 7! And on Sunday his dad turns 32.

My sister took both of them away for a weekend break to Killarney!

Killarney is like our second home! Its cool there. Its easy to get to its only an hour and a half drive from cork!

My nephew wants to go to the aquadome which is a huge swimming pool for his birthday so they are going to do that and then go bolling and at dinner that evening my sister is going to ask the restaurant to bring out a cake.

I gave him money for his birthday, I think my sis is going to take him to a toyshop in Killarney to spend it.

I got my sisters partner some lottery tickets, so I hope he wins on them!

She’s green!

Lol, thats my sister this morning!
She has a dreadful hangover! So glad that isnt me!
I am planning on having a few pink gins tonight, when we go to the concert, we’re going to see an irish group called the wolf tones!
But getting back to my sister, she is curled up on the couch in a blanket!
She didnt want breakfast when we made it, we had made a cooked breakfast, of bacon, sausage, eggs, beans etc etc. Mom saved her some and she struggled to eat it a little while ago.
I’m so glad when I drink, I never get hangovers, or rarely!
I’d hate to feel so bad after a night out!

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When I switch, how my family handle it?

Becky of beckys mental mess has asked me a question which I thought I would answer in a new post here on my blog, rather than in a comment.

She asked me how my family handle me switching…and if they recognise it.

In a nutshell, they arent really great with it. They know of my did, they see it play out every day, but they dont really accept it. I think my mom sorta does, she sometimes does nice things for the kids, but she never acknowledges the kids by name.

But occasionally, she does things that the kids really enjoy, and she’ll often say I’m very child like, or acting childish, but little does she know its actually a young insider whose out at the time.

When parts come out, they dont identify themselves to our family, because they have learned there really is no point. Some years back, dr. barry had a long talk to my mom, where she tried to explain did to her.

That went well, my mom seemed to get it well to the best of her ability she did.

Dr. Barry explained did as being like a puzzle, with many pieces, that fit in all different places, she also explained switching to her and how did happens.

Of course my mom doesnt like to talk about my abuse, so thats probably one reason why she really cant accept that I have parts.

My dad is another story entirely. I never talk to him about my mental health, as he’s anti meds, anti doctors, anti therapy you get the picture.

My alters dont get along with him either, especially liz, liz and him have a similar type personality and they clash.

Am I happy with how things are right now? Yes. I pretty much am. All I ever wanted was for my mom to acknowledge that I have did, and she does that, I know it would be nice if she acknowledged the alters and had a relationship with them, but really, I dont think she’s capable of that, because for her to do that would mean she’d really have to look at what happened to me in dublin, and I dont think its in her to be able to really do that.

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Me and my sister pranked our mom! We used an app, to do it.

The app rings the person. So mom got a phone call from an american lady pretending to be the pharmacy calling her. She told her that she had her prescription ready, but mom was smart. She didnt fall for it.

She asked the girl what name she had, and the girl just said oh I just was told to call this number, I have 3 months supply of genital wart cream for you to pick up.

Mom was like, no, you have the wrong number, and then she hung up on her.

After a few minutes my sister rang our mom and then we told her what we’d done. She took it well. She saw the funny side of it.

I never knew there were apps to do things like prank call people! Man there’s an app for everything nowadays isnt there?

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One liner wednesday

My sister has made me dinner! What an incredible sis I have!

She has made, from scratch, a spaghetti bolognes!

I love her! Now I have dinner for two days! Thanks to my sweet and oh so amazing sis!

And its a healthy dinner too!

Win, win!

Killarney this weekend!

This weekend mom and me and my sister are heading to killarney in county kerry. Its like our second home, we go there a lot. I booked this weekend for us a few months ago, I booked it for both of their birthdays as their present from me to them. I am excited to be going. We’ll be staying in the glen eagle hotel, we couldnt get an apartment because they were all booked up, so I booked two nights in the hotel instead. We’re going to see some tribute bands on each of the nights which should be very cool. We’ll have a ball I’m sure. My other aunt, moms sister is coming on saturday, and spending the night on saturday night, and we’ll all travel back together on sunday evening. So I wont be around much this weekend, but I will be around a little. I will post a lot of photos so stay tuned to see what fun we’re having. I’m sure there will be lots of cool pics. And if your on my facebook feed I’ll also be posting on there. Killarney here I come!

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she’s home tomorrow

My sister gets home from her holidays tomorrow! Late tomorrow night she flies back into cork.

She had a brilliant time! She enjoyed the break. The weather was lovely for them too! In the 30’s every day!

They did a lot of sight seeing! And swimming in the pool and going to the beach!
Dad and mom have her two pugs, they’ve been looking after them. The pugs are sooo cute! One is a barker though, she barks at everything that moves!
I’ll see my sister on Sunday, as she and her partner and kids are coming to mom and dads for dinner.
I wonder if she brought me back a present? We’ll see! I’d love a new bag, or some perfume!

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