A beautiful afternoon

Today was a beautiful day with family. We made wonderful memories that I will treasure forever. It was a simple day out, we did some shopping, well I didn’t, but mom and my sister did, mom bought shoes to go with her dress that she’s wearing to the wedding on Thursday, and my sister had to buy a jeans for her son Davin, and my niece Lauren also bought two dresses. While they shopped I sat in a coffee shop drinking a cappuccino, it was heaven. After we got done with our shopping, we went to MacDonalds, and I treated everyone to dinner, Mom and my sister had big mac meals, I had a quarter pounder with cheese meal, and a portion of chicken nuggets. My niece had a big mac meal and my nephew had a triple cheese burger with fries. The kids got desserts afterwards, but the rest of us didn’t because we were too full. My niece got two hot apple pies, and my nephew got an aero macflurry. We drove back to my parents’ house, all of us were really happy. Mom has been doing well today, too, which is awesome.