Putting on makeup as a blind person

So earlier today I posted pics of myself with my makeup all done.

I did that makeup myself. I’ve never done that before. Every time I wear makeup I always get someone else to put it on for me.

For christmas my sister gave me really good makeup. It was an expensive brand. One she uses and one she’s used on me before as well.

Today I decided to try it out and I decided I’d do it myself. Its not easy being blind and applying makeup. I got my sister to sit with me while I attempted to apply it. I wanted her to tell me what I had to do to get it right.

It turned out nice. Of course my mom and sister did laugh a few times, because I was doing it wrong. I had to tell them to quit it as it was making me feel bad. They said though when I got done and was finished that I did good.

Even my 11 year old niece said, for a person who cant see what they are doing, you did well. That meant so much to me.

I am going to practice putting the make up on for a few days, and then if I keep getting it right, I will wear a little every day. Just a little foundation, powder and blush and maybe a little eye shadow as well. I’m not able to apply the lipstick too good by myself, so I think for now I’ll just use lip gloss.

I’m happy with how it all turned out. I’m happy too that I’ve got good makeup now that I can wear daily if I choose to do that.

A fun day out at christmas time

Mom and my sister and me are going to a local shopping centre this afternoon to do a little more christmas shopping. I dont really have to do much, I have everything taken care of, but I do need to change some x box games I got for my nephew, so I’ll do that, and I also need to pick up a few lottery tickets, christmas cards etc. My dad asked me to get him some chocolate, so I’ll also get that. My sister is going to buy a few things for Lauren for christmas, she doesnt know exactly what she is going to get her, so she wants to look around to see what she can find. Lauren is at that age where she doesnt play with toys, and she has most electronics, a phone etc. So what do you buy her? I got her the headset for the x box, and a gift voucher to a clothing store she likes to shop at, so I have her gift sorted. It will be nice to go out for the day. Not sure if we’ll eat out or not, we might, we’ll see how it goes. My nephew has a birthday party to go to, so my sister will drop him off there before we hit the shops. Mom wants to also have my sister pick out a jeans and top which will be her gift from mom and dad this christmas. Mom bought me a lovely top with a red roses pattern on it. She also bought me some nice checky leggings, and she said she’ll get me a black dress top to go with those. Those are my main christmas gifts, but I am sure she’s gotten me a few surprises as well, she always does. Now that its the 1st of December, I am excited. The christmas atmosphere is all around, and, I love it.

Yay its Friday!

Any morning where I can wake up feeling good is a good one! I woke up this morning feeling fab!
I will be going into work later on. My supervisor is in Dublin today, but she texted me and said she’d email me on my call list. She wants me to go in at 2 Pm today. She said she’d have one of the other girls pick me up, but I told her if its easier I’ll just book a taxi. So we’ll see, but either way I am going in to work.
I also gave my mom 120 euro to get me some dollars at the post office. My spending money for colorado is steadily growing and I am delighted about that.
My sisters bringing the kids over at 10:30 this morning. They dont have school today because there is an election here and voting takes place in the schools. So mom is babysitting them while my sister goes to work.
I can tell today is going to be a great day! I just love it when days go like this!

She’s down some hours

My sister works as a health care assistant. She works about 20 hours a week. She’s been doing this job for about 2 years now.

Recently one of her long term clients died. The lady had MS. My sister worked for her and her husband, her husband died a year ago from a brain tumour.

So now that this lady died, my sister is down about 6 hours a week, plus also, another one of her clients she goes to on Friday mornings is on holidays for the past two weeks, so she’s down those hours also.

Its coming up to Christmas, she needs money, so she’s hoping to get given a few extra hours but that can only happen if the right shifts come in. She can only work certain hours due to her kids going to school etc etc.

I really feel for her. After her client died last week, she went to the funeral to show her respect. My sister has a really kind heart and this shines through in her work every day.

Celebrating some birthdays!

Tomorrow my nephew turns 7! And on Sunday his dad turns 32.

My sister took both of them away for a weekend break to Killarney!

Killarney is like our second home! Its cool there. Its easy to get to its only an hour and a half drive from cork!

My nephew wants to go to the aquadome which is a huge swimming pool for his birthday so they are going to do that and then go bolling and at dinner that evening my sister is going to ask the restaurant to bring out a cake.

I gave him money for his birthday, I think my sis is going to take him to a toyshop in Killarney to spend it.

I got my sisters partner some lottery tickets, so I hope he wins on them!

She’s green!

Lol, thats my sister this morning!
She has a dreadful hangover! So glad that isnt me!
I am planning on having a few pink gins tonight, when we go to the concert, we’re going to see an irish group called the wolf tones!
But getting back to my sister, she is curled up on the couch in a blanket!
She didnt want breakfast when we made it, we had made a cooked breakfast, of bacon, sausage, eggs, beans etc etc. Mom saved her some and she struggled to eat it a little while ago.
I’m so glad when I drink, I never get hangovers, or rarely!
I’d hate to feel so bad after a night out!

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When I switch, how my family handle it?

Becky of beckys mental mess has asked me a question which I thought I would answer in a new post here on my blog, rather than in a comment.

She asked me how my family handle me switching…and if they recognise it.

In a nutshell, they arent really great with it. They know of my did, they see it play out every day, but they dont really accept it. I think my mom sorta does, she sometimes does nice things for the kids, but she never acknowledges the kids by name.

But occasionally, she does things that the kids really enjoy, and she’ll often say I’m very child like, or acting childish, but little does she know its actually a young insider whose out at the time.

When parts come out, they dont identify themselves to our family, because they have learned there really is no point. Some years back, dr. barry had a long talk to my mom, where she tried to explain did to her.

That went well, my mom seemed to get it well to the best of her ability she did.

Dr. Barry explained did as being like a puzzle, with many pieces, that fit in all different places, she also explained switching to her and how did happens.

Of course my mom doesnt like to talk about my abuse, so thats probably one reason why she really cant accept that I have parts.

My dad is another story entirely. I never talk to him about my mental health, as he’s anti meds, anti doctors, anti therapy you get the picture.

My alters dont get along with him either, especially liz, liz and him have a similar type personality and they clash.

Am I happy with how things are right now? Yes. I pretty much am. All I ever wanted was for my mom to acknowledge that I have did, and she does that, I know it would be nice if she acknowledged the alters and had a relationship with them, but really, I dont think she’s capable of that, because for her to do that would mean she’d really have to look at what happened to me in dublin, and I dont think its in her to be able to really do that.

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