Dinner is served!

Di AKA pensitivity101 is our host of the 3 things daily prompt. The prompt gives 3 unrelated words, the challenge is to use 1 or all 3 words, and write something, poetry, a story or whatever you fancy writing!
This one is from last week!
The three words were:


The knock at the door startled me. Nitro barked his head off. He recognised that there was someone strange at the door!
I went to open it, and there, stood mom and my sis!
“Why are you barking?” Mom said to Nitro!
“Dont you know us by now”?
She scratched him behind his ears.
Come in, come in, I said as I closed the door behind them!
They stood in the hall for a minute, then we all went to the kitchen!
They had cooked a sunday roast and I was so looking forward to it!
I sat down while mom heated up my food. We chatted as she worked.
Then I tucked in, and OMG it was delicious!