When I’m stressed…

Can you recall a particularly chaotic or stressful time in your life? How did you manage the stress?

Losing Nitro recently was very stressful. I am still grieving and I still get stressed. To deal with the stress, I write. I write poetry about Nitro. I also talk to people about him.

Where is the one place in the world where all your troubles disappear – even if only for a moment?

When I read. When I read I escape into my book. I don’t think about my worries and stresses. I am just so involved in my book that nothing else matters at that moment.

Do you like for other people to try and raise your spirits or do you prefer to deal with things on your own?

I like when people are supportive, although sometimes people just say unhelpful things, but most of the time people in my life are kind, caring, compassionate, and supportive, and most times I like to receive the support.

What quote, song, book, or movie serves as an inspiration to you when things get tough?

The poem, still I rise, by Maya Angelou is a huge inspiration to me. Also the quote, this too shall pass, or, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.

Does solitude quiet your mind or do you need to pump up the volume?

When I want to quiet my mind, I need to be in complete silence, no music, nothing happening, no distraction, just peace and quiet.

In response to tranquil Thursday, hosted by Maggie at from cave walls.

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