My friend was tested last night for covid19

so my friend norma was tested for covid19 last night. the ambulance came to her house to test her. they arrived at 10:15 pm. thats pretty fucking late if you ask me, she was in bed and they rang her to say they were outside her door. so she had to get up and answer them and they came in all gowned up and did the test.  they also checked her blood pressure, blood sugar, oxygen levels, and temperature. all were normal. so they said it is likely that she doesnt have the virus, but they couldnt say for sure.  she should have her results either late tonight or  if not then it will be monday.  she rang me after they left because I told her to call me once she’d been tested.  she said she felt headachy and weak, but other than the headache and some pain in her legs she is feeling ok today.  the ambulance guy said she may have another virus, not corona, but some other one.  she was worried that I was mad at her, i told her I wasnt.  she didnt know she might have it, if she did know she wouldnt have let me come over.  I know that.  she is just not that type of person that she’d put others at risk of becoming sick.  anyway. i hope she will be ok. and that the test was negative.  fingers crossed for a positive result.

Moms health is worsening

My moms health is worsening. As you all know, she has COPD.
She was scheduled to have an X-ray to see how her lungs are doing, but she rang today and she was told the x-ray department is closed now due to the pandemic. They told her they’d send for her when the pandemic is over.
But she is now having trouble walking a short distance. She gets really out of breath.
I told her to call her GP and make an appointment. I advised her not to let it go. The doctors are still seeing patients and they’ll see her if she cals. She may need an increase in her inhalers.
I am worried. She has been struggling a lot lately and she’s definintely gotten worse.
If you pray, please pray for her. Or send me positivity. I could use it.

My Wednesday

I’ve had a great day. I didnt do much. Mom and my sister came over earlier, they spent about 2 hours here. Well mom did, my sister only spent an hour as she had to go to work. Mom hadnt been in my house in 8 weeks. She cleaned my yard for me, and she put on some laundry, and washed dishes and stuff. Me and my sister sorted out her phone, we had a job trying to unsubscribe her from those darn texts she’d been recieving. But my sis googled it and it looks like we were finally able to unsubscribe her. Thank god! She had gotten caught in some scam, as when we googled it it said it was a scam. I felt bad for her as she’d topped up her phone yesterday with 10 euro and the scammers took 7 euro of it. So I surprised her this afternoon and I sent her 10 euro so she’d be able to ring my dads sister in the UK. Sometimes its nice to just surprise someone. Plus it was a thank you for all she does for me. I had a phone apt with dr. barry that went very well. We got a lot off of our chest. Dr. barry didnt call until 1 PM. usually she calls at 10:30 or 11 but she said she was busy this morning. it didnt matter and I was able to talk to her when she did call. I had to ask her about some tests I am having, at the gyn hospital, its called a kolkoskopy, and she told me it is where they put a camera up and have a look around and take a biopsy. You see the last smear test I had I bled after it. So they are doing further investigations to see why I might have bled. I am dreading it but I wont worry too much yet as I dont have an appointment yet. I’ll worry when the appointment comes in. I am going to probably ask my mom to go with me. I am so nervous about it, due to my history of abuse, but I hope it’ll be ok. Dr. Bary said its more uncomfortable than painful. And I trust her as she’s a medical doctor and so she knows her stuff. After mom and my sis left I facetimed with sarah for a while, then I read for a while, and then I treated us to a chinese for dinner, we had sweet and sour chicken, and it was delicious. Now I am going to read again and I think I’ll have an early night. I am pretty wiped out and I feel exhausted tonight. But I am glad its been a good day.

Nitro’s gone in to surgery now

Nitro has gone in now for his surgery. He went in about an hour ago. He was stressed out this morning before I took him to the vets, but I think he was feeling my anxiety. Once he got there he was fine, and he went with the vet wagging his tail, fine and happy. I was more upset I think than he was. After I dropped him off I walked back home, for a bit of fresh air. I needed to clear my head a little bit. The vet said she’d call me when he wakes up and let me know how he is. She said she’d give him some food when he wakes up. I cant stop worrying about him. I hope he’s ok down there and everythings going smoothly. Please send prayers and positive vibes.

ireland coronavirus update

we now have 5709 cases of corona here in ireland.
We had 36 people die today frm the virus.
Our deaths total is now almost 300 people!
Its getting serious. Very serious.
We have been told there will be a spike in coronavirus cases over the next 2 weeks.
I am so nervous. My mom hasnt been out of her house in 5 weeks now.
Our government has said that restrictions wont be lifted this week, they were due to be lifted on sunday. Now they won’t be lifted until further notice.
Its still a very worrying time for all of us!
Our government has been encouraging people not to go to their holiday homes if they have them this weekend, but rather they should just stay home.
I hope people listen! Its imperative that people listen and follow the guidelines, to stop the spread of the virus.

You want some advice?

Don’t panic, at least, try noto.
This too shall pass. We will get through this pandemic. In a safe way, as long as we stay connected.
Connection, that’s what we all need. Someone to talk to, to help us feel ok when we aren’t. When we are panicking.
Stay strong, you will get through this. There will be an end to it.
I know it doesn’t seem that way now but honest we will all be ok, at least, that’s what I keep telling myself.
My advice to you is, have faith, stay strong, don’t panic.