A bit of an update on my moms health

moms gp rang this afternoon.
she said mom needs to go for further investigations as one of her lungs has a part of it which is collapsed.
Also her heart is not placed right in her chest, but mom said she was born like that, but the gp said she might have underlying problems due to that so she is referring her to a lung and heart doctor.
His name is doctor Henry, and mom went to him about 2 years ago when she thought she might have lung cancer.
I told my mom I’d go with her if she needed me to when the referral for the lung and heart specialist comes through. The gp said she needs to have testing, and possibly may need to do a stress test, and some other lung tests but it will be up to doctor henry to decide what he wants her to have done.
Its a worrying time for her and for me as I worry a lot about her health and about her with her limited lung function.
Prayers and positive thoughts for her will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks, guys

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