Who’d have thought!

I’ve been trying for the last 20 minutes to get a taxi to take me to the doctors in the morning, I tried 3 different taxi firms, everyone was either fully booked up or they were going to be on school runs in the morning. Eventually I got one company to take me which I am glad about, because I was thinking I might have to walk there, and its a half hours walk to get there! Now my next worry will be will the crowd I got be on time, my appointment is at 9 AM on the dot, and I have only a short span of time to be seen and get out the door as I have to make a 9:30 Appointment at the beauty salon for my waxing and nails.
Heres hoping they’ll get to me on time and we’ll make both apts! I am kinda nervous in case we wont!
I guess we shall see what happens!


Eileen is better, yay! We texted her this morning, and she texted back and said she’s doing better, feeling better.

The kids are thrilled! They’d wanted to send her a text last night, but I said no. I thought she was probably too sick to get a text, and I was thinking she might not be in the mood for the kids so I wouldn’t allow them to text her.

So this morning they were like, lets text her! So we did!

She offered us a session tomorrow, but I couldn’t take it, as I have college at the time she offered us. I texted her and said I could do Thursday, but I don’t know if she can, but if she cant, its ok.

I’m just happy she’s feeling better again!

Its such a relief to know she’s ok!

Tummy bug!

Well we aren’t going to therapy after all! Eileen is sick, She has a tummy bug! She texted me at 8 AM to tell me. She said she was really sorry, that she knew it was disappointing for us, and that she’d contact us once she was well again to reschedule for later this week!
Now the worry begins! I hate when she’s ill! I feel stressed that she’s sick, I worry about her.
She’d tell me not to, she’d tell me she’ll be ok, and I know she wouldn’t want me worrying, but I cant help it!
I hate missing therapy, but we aren’t really going to miss it, since she’s rescheduling us for later on in the week!
I’ll wait until tonight and send her a text then to see how she is! That’s all I can do!

Hurricane Lorrenzo what the hell!

Well, the storm wasn’t even that bad!
It wasn’t half as bad as we thought it would be! All those weather warnings for nothing! There was some rain and wind, but nothing substantial.
The coast got it worse than the city, but still it wasn’t even bad at all!
Its dry outside now, the rain fell this morning, and the wind was blowing and whipping up a little then too.
All the worry for nothing! And so many people were doing everything they could to get ready for this storm! We even had a yellow weather advisory in place.
Don’t get me wrong, of course I am very happy that it wasn’t bad and that my power didn’t go out. I am also happy that there was no thunder or lightning.
I’m just like meh! This is crazy! Worrying people and for what?
Just goes to show they can be wrong! The weather people aren’t always right!

Health update…May be TMI for all the men out there

So I got no sleep last night. I’ve been worrying about a rash I found. I found a rash underneath my breasts, its red and angry looking. Its itchy now too, which is wasnt last night. I asked on my did email group and some friends told me it could be yeast growing, or it could be the washing detergent I am using or who knows, but I guess it could be a million and one things. All I know is that underneath my breasts is sore, tender to the touch, and red and angry looking. I put medicated powder on it before bed last night, its called caldesine powder. It dried it out, but this morning its still there. So I asked mom, and she gave me the name of an antifungal cream used to treat bacterial infection in the skin. I’m not sure thats what it is, but it cant hurt to try it out. I cant go get it today, but I’ll have my PA Frances pick it up for me tomorrow. In the meantime I’ll put that medicated powder that I have on it. Has anyone ever had anything like this? What did you do to fix it and what did it end up being? I’m pretty sure its from a build up of sweat. I do shower every day, and I always dry myself well afterwords. So I am really not sure why this is happening. I was beginning to get really anxious, I thought I may have bed bugs, or some sort of illness, but its just in one small area and not spreading, so I dont think its anything like that. Alls I can say is thank god for mom! Mom helped alleviate my fears!

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I will not try to predict the future!

Well today Nova has given us the word vatic, google told me it meant describing or predicting what will happen in the future.
I do this a lot! I am forever trying to see into the future!
I know I shouldnt, I know I should live in the now. And actually, today in therapy we talked a little bit about that. We were discussing going for the smear test, and Eileen said to me, its a very present day thing, its happening now, and even though there are insiders in your system who are remembering things from the past, abuse from their past, that we need to live for now, be in the now, and having that test today was very much in the here and now!
It was my 39 year old self doing that!
I didnt try to predict what was going to happen after the test, eileen said we needed to break it down, into two parts. having the test today, and the results of it which I will get in a few months. No one knows what those results will tell me, there really is no point in trying to be vatic, I should just wait and see what happens!
I can do it! I am not going to think about it now! I will just go on with my life, and not try to foresee the future ahead of me!


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Worrying, worrying

I’m a little worried tonight. My periods got heavy again. They had lightened a little, but today they are heavy again. So I rang my gp. He was supposed to call me back, he never did. I want to ask him how come I am now getting a period, when my ovaries are gone, and all that’s left is a minute bit of ovary tissue.
Its very strange, I hope nothings wrong.
I just want to query it. Better safe than sorry, right?
Now I’ll have to wait until Tuesday to call again as Mondays a bank holiday here! I wish I didn’t have to wait all weekend. Maybe I can do a little googling.
Does anyone know anything about if your ovaries are gone and all you have is a tiny bit of ovary tissue, if that can still make you have a period?
After 5 years of no period?
It seems odd to me!